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Son of Hibachi Combo with Snuff out Pouch

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Mr. Flame
  • Son of Hibachi is one of the most versatile charcoal barbecuing systems for home and travel. The ingenious blast furnace concept with the chimney effect enables you to be cooking in less than 10 minutes and assures consistent heat under the grills. With 170 sq. in. of cooking surface and a convertible roasting oven, this power house barbecue can cook anything from hamburgers and hot dogs to a Chateaubriand. Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, when you are finished cooking this grill folds into a self-cleaning oven and self-extinguishing barbecue. Then simply insert Son of Hibachi into the Snuff Out Pouch. This pouch has a flame-retardant lining, permitting you to pack up the barbecue immediately after eating and take it with you or store it for use at your next meal. On top of that, Son of Hibachi saves the unused charcoal for later use. This saves you time and money.
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    Lawn & Patio
    Mr. Flame
    Great for camping, fishing, hunting, tailgating, dorms and for picnics
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    Mr. Flame
    Son of Hibachi Combo with Snuff out Pouch

Recent User Reviews

  1. nolabel7
    "Awesome Hibachi/table top grill!"
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    Jun 29, 2010
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    Pros - built in chimney starter, portable, gets freaking hot, easy to use, doesn't need much charcoal to get and stay hot
    Cons - small learning curve (once filled with charcoal, close it to let coal settle and put more in, then start it)
    First, the price came with free shipping, and the snuff out bag.  I found several "lower" prices around the net, but once they attached shipping, basically everywhere was the same cost, so I just ordered it directly from the manufacturer so I know I've got no warranty or other issues, and they have my order record if anything happens, plus, when I order more accessories I already have an account (maybe they'll send me some coupons!).  

    I’ve now cooked on my “son of hibachi” grill twice, and I love it.  The other day, we cooked kabobs.  Nothing special, just eggplant, onion, pineapple, and mushrooms.  They turned out awesome.  I did make the skewers a little big as they hung off the sides of the grill, but that’s not terrible, I am used to having a giant grill so it’s an easy fix.  Yesterday, we fired it up and cooked sliced eggplant and sliced pineapple. 

    The grill held an entire eggplant, the black beauty type you find at the grocery store, and a tiny pickling eggplant from my container garden.  The eggplant was cut into half inch pieces.  After I cooked it for roughly three minutes on this side, I flipped it and it sat another two minutes and then I pulled it off.  The pineapple went on, as well as my two hotdogs.  I really like this grill because it gets so hot, it cooks very fast.  It’s not really for cooking a giant meal, it’s a hibachi grill.  It’s made for smaller cuts, that’s why I bought it.  We eat such a variety of stuff that I can make skewers, and small cuts of meat (because the wife and daughter are vegetarians) and I don’t have to fire up the propane grill.  I am not a grill fanatic of one type or another, I have used several grills, mostly I have a preference depending on what I’m cooking. 

    For example, I like the propane for chicken and veg, but I prefer hardwood charcoal for veg, steak, ham, and pork.  Burgers can go either way.  I simply prefer the convenience of propane for quick things, but again, it depends on what we’re cooking, how many are over, ect…  But this hibachi is awesome.  I can cook anything on it, and it cooks fast, and tastes good because I don’t use petroleum based charcoal, I only use hardwood or competition briquettes, and I never, never use lighter fluid.  This grill accommodates both those needs because it fires up easily because it's designed to be like a chimney starter, and gets friggin hot man!  The grill and grates are cast iron, with stainless legs.

    I’m going to order a solid grate, they have a few different ones, but I want a whole solid one because I could cook eggs and bacon on it without worrying about them falling into the coals.  And it’s small.  It folds up and has a carrying case.  When I’m done cooking, I can just fold it up, and stick it right into the case, it doesn’t need cooling time.  The manufacturer says to wait at least 30 minutes from packing up before you actually put it in your car or wherever you store it, and I agree.  But It’s nice that I can pack it up and be done with it and grab the bag later after it cools. 

    The grates are adjustable, so you can heat it and adjust it for different foods.  They have a small rotisserie, and they even make another grate that sits about 8 inches above the fire for buns or what not.  I’ll be getting that too.  All in all, I’m extremely satisfied with this, and if you are looking for a small charcoal grill, suck it up and get this one.  I’m not against other table top grills, I had a weber smokey joe for several years and it is an awesome grill too.  But this one has it’s own starter, is an easy clean up, has a bag so it’s more portable, besides, if you’re a sports fan, son of hibachi even has covers for many teams.  I am extremely happy with my hibachi, I'm looking forward to doing some serious experiments with new foods...

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