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Smokin-It Model 2 Electric Smoker

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Smokin-It LLC.
  • The "SMOKIN-IT" Model #2 all stainless steel electric smoker. This electric, stainless steel smoker was designed for ease of use and portability. Every "SMOKIN-IT" Model #2 smoker comes with heavy duty casters, 4 standard grilling racks, 1 seafood rack, 1 drip pan, smoke box and a thermostat for temperature controlfrom 100 to 250 degrees. The model# 2 Smoker is fully assembled and ready to go. Also included is a one pound bag of Hickory wood blocks so you can start using your new BBQ Electric Smoker immediately.
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    Casters and 5 removable shelves included
    Smokin-It LLC
    Smokin-It LLC
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    Smokin-It LLC
    Smokin-It LLC
    Smokin-It Model 2 Electric Smoker

Recent User Reviews

  1. mrsmoklestein
    "The best combination of value/good construction in"
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    May 20, 2015
    Pros - Nice construction, all stainless, holds temperature, EXCELLENT insulation, easy to operate, affordable
    Cons - No damper controls-leading to a heavy, choked smoke, built in China
    Now, I will write this review by saying I'm very biased against electric units and do not like them for anything but cold smoking (cheese and fish in particular)-even though the Smokin-it can do BBQ easily. However, I still managed to purchase a Smokin-it #2. At the time when I purchased mine, the digital controls were not available.

    The Smokin-it is basically a rip-off of a rip-off. You can debate that as much as you want, but it's true. The Cookshack smoker was the first that I had witnessed in an all stainless configuration and their design was replicated by Smokin-Tex. Smokin-it replicated the Smokin-Tex design with (undoubtedly) the goal of selling units at a cheaper price by offshoring the work to China. (Not a fan of companies that do this and stab the American pubic in the back by the way, but alas, I purchased the unit)

    With that being said, the Smokin-it is a very well built unit. The construction is excellent for the price and it will absolutely destroy the MES units as far as built quality is concerned. Everything from the racks, to the firebox, to the drip pan is well constructed. THIS THING IS WELL INSULATED!!! My unit on numerous occasions has held temperatures when the outside air is -10F! So as far as those factors, this unit is absolutely fantastic and can't be beat for the money.

    My biggest concern with the unit however (and I have used mine for a LONG time) is the lack of damper controls. So what you end up with is something called the "burp" when smoking with this unit. The "burp" is caused by your wood source demanding oxygen inside the cook chamber and not having enough-so as a result the burning wood attempts to draw it's oxygen from the exhaust hole in the top of the unit. The manufacturer most likely does not add a damper because they want to protect the electronics/burner in the unit from extreme temperature fluctuations.  This problem is well documented on the "smokin-it" forums.

    There are a few solutions. 1-You can ramp up the temperature of your smoker slowly and this will extend the burn time of your wood source causing a less oxygen demanding fire 2-You can wrap your wood pieces or chips in aluminum foil and poke a few holes around them-this serves the purpose of choking oxygen at the source of the fire.

    Either way you look at it, you cannot and WILL NOT get optimal smoke flow/quality with this unit. Those who cook on them are used to it. You only need anywhere from 2-5oz of wood depending on what you're cooking and regardless of what kind of wood or how much you ALWAYS END UP WITH THICK, WHITE SMOKE-NOT THE THIN, BLUE SMOKE needed for optimal BBQ. Sure, you can cook some good tasting BBQ but anyone with oxygen controls to their fire will have the upper hand over this unit.

    So, in summary....

    Will this unit cook some good tasting food? Yes

    Will this unit put out competition quality BBQ? No way, not by a long shot.

    I would say that a person should invest in this unit if they are cold smoking, and cold smoking only (and then you're going to need extra accessories). 
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  2. smokin pastor
    "Super Smoker!!!"
    Pros - Set it- forget it. Fast prep time. So easy to operate.
    Cons - Wished I could have afforded the #3!
    I just purchased the long awaited Smokin It model #2.  Steve was great to deal with and gave me a great deal.  I like to save $$$ whenever I can- and I got a scratch and dent unit.  It did not have any scratches nor any dents!  But Steve was not happy withy the way the top surface was on the unit- so he knocked off $50. I also drove the 2 hour drive myself here in Michigan to pick up the unit and saved the shipping costs.  Steve also threw in a long cover for free that fits over the cart and unit.  AND he gave me several bags of wood that will last me quite a while only using 2-3 oz for each smoke! After selling my old Brinkman Smoke King stick burner for $100- that I had to feed it wood and/or charcoal every 2-3 hours,, play the guessing game as to how much wood to add and hope the temp would regulate- my new Smokin It Smoker is incredible.  So I am now the proud owner of an awesome Smokin It Model 2, cart, cover and 2 rib racks- all for the incredible price of only $475.00!!! Best bargain going! 

  3. grimm5577
    "Love My Smokin-it #2"
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    Heat Control:
    Purchase Date:
    Dec 26, 2012
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Insulation, Construction, Materials, Ease of Use, Wood Consumption, Flavor, Power Usage
    Cons - It's Not Fire
    I love my smokin-it #2. I've had it for just about a month and have smoked about 40+lbs of meat through it so far. Everything has been great, with the exception of a brisket that I left while I was working on a car. Repairs took longer than expected and well, I over cooked it. No fault to the smoker, unless you want to fault it for being efficient and cooking it right.

    The smokin-it units don't require a lot of wood to get a good smokey flavor. They get to temp within about 20 minutes and sometimes I've turned it down after the initial warm up. (I've only used it in the winter so far) The construction of this unit is top notch, it's not built like a big box store unit, it's built with simplicity and strength. The all stainless steel construction coupled by a compression fit door, slide out drip tray and top vent which works great for getting your digital thermometers inside with out compromising a seal.

    This being an electric smoker you can set it and forget it, it cooks perfectly without needing to be monitored. Which is great. But that's it's only flaw to me. It's not fire. You can't replace the flavor the actual fire gives meat. Again I can't blame an electric smoker for not being a charcoal or wood smoker, but there is definitely a difference.

    The Smokin-it #2 is certainly my go to default smoker. It always gives me consistently good results, uses less wood, so far cooks great in freezing weather, and doesn't need monitoring every hour (like my charcoal smoker if i could ever get it up to temp in freezing weather). The Smokin-it looks great and fits in with my stainless out door kitchen.

    In Conclusion, the Smokin-it #2 is by far one of, if not, the best smoker in it's class in this price range. I'm really blown away with all the people that would drop so much money on a MES unit when they could get a Smokin-it unit that would out perform and out last the MES hands down. (Granted there is no window, Which I'm not sure you need anyway, but maybe I'm biased) Between the top notch quality, all stainless steel insulated construction, efficient wood consumption, exceptional customer service and ease of use, I'm not sure why you would want anything else.

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  1. 801driver
    I will have to agree that my Smoke-it #2 smokes might only be 98% of what I have accomplished with other type smokers, but the ease of load it up, set it and forget it until the beeper goes off, especially with 20-25 hour smokes makes it worth while to me. 
    On a 20 hour smoke I have a hard time keeping the 225 I prefer in a wood / charcoal smokers all the way through also, so the + or - 5 to 7 degree swings 50 or so times during a smoke in this electric does not bother me at all.  Mine is the pre-digital model.
    I have had mine about 3 years and use it about every couple weeks.  I have experienced the belching phenomena only one time on start up with some very green chunks of pecan.  I slice my own pecan and hickory to make my chunks, fits my local taste I presume.
    If this 96 pound SS box were to somehow go missing off my deck, I would definitely replace it ASAP.  Just my opinion, happy smoking to you.
  2. divotmaker
    Glad to have you on Team SI, Pastor!
  3. jpittssr
    Will it hold a rack of ribs without cutting in half?
  4. divotmaker
    The Master BBQ is more money, only has one door latch (the SI model 2 has 2 latches), has inferior casters, and is currently out of stock on your link.  I call "spam" on this review!!
  5. benjammn
    I too own this unit and love it. The door style is compression seal so it is going to shut rather tightly. At least you don't have to worry about replacing a seal over time. 
  6. benjammn
    It isn't a fair review at all and since it is his only review ever, I call shenanigans. Though both units look similar they are not the same and the Master BBQ is more money, shipping not included. 
  7. ruby6347
    Just got the model-2 and have smoked two loads of salmon. they both came out great. this was my first attempt at smoking anything.
  8. pete26
    You cannot truthfully comment on a product you do not own or have used. I hope you are intelligent enough not to continue rating products that you not own or have accurate knowledge of. This would be a great disservice to our community.
  9. darwin101
    How can you slam one product when you say it is the same as the other? Your review does not state that you own or have used both of these products. We should give honest objective information that is helpful to all.
  10. jimmybh
    I have the smokin-it-3, this is a great brand of smoker.