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Smoke Hollow Pro Series 44"

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  • The Smoke Hollow Pro Series 44" smoker is equipped with 2 - 12,000 BTU stainless steel burners which can be operated independently for optimum performance and temperature control. It also comes with 5 cooking grids (2 standard grids, 2 jerky style grids and 1 combination cooking grid/rib rack) and a sausage hanger.The Pro Series 44 also features 2 wood chip pans to provide just the right of amount of smoke flavor and a large porcelain-coated water pan. With over 6 cubic feet of capcity, the PS4400 can easliy handle enough food for large gatherings.

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  1. nabor25
    "Great smoker, Wood does not last long. my only com"
    Can you use wood pellets in a Smoke Hollow? If so how?
  2. renochief
    "Best $350.00 Ive spent for a smoker"
    Pros - KILLER smoker, Easy to use..... Easy to clean, ......... Huge smoking area. Has not failed to produce amazing meats and jerky
    Cons - Needed a heat resistant gasket on the door, thats the only negative I can think of.....
    Christmas Gift

    I received this from my wife on Christmas.

    I currently own an electric smoker. Its a good unit, but will not heat up durning the colder months.


    The package is huge, so its a good idea to have someone help. My unit was severely damaged out of the box. I immediately returned it to SAM's CLUB, and they didn't blink. They exchanged the unit - no questions asked.

    ​The second unit was a breeze to assemble. All in all it took about 45 minutes to assemble.  Once assembled - I "cured" the smoker for three hours. It removed the "industrial" smell from the inside. (Three hours, full heat setting and used both trays with wood chips. This is when I noticed that the smoker "seeps smoke from the doors. I adjusted the clamp, but it still seeped smoke out of the front door.

    Once the unit cooled, I caulked the door with RED HEAT RESISTANT SILICONE - purchased from Home depot ($4.00) Problem fixed.

    On New Years Eve, I loaded the unit

    * Two full racks of baby back ribs

    * one large tri-tip

    * Two roaster chickens

    * one small brisket

    ​* and both racks filled with sirloin beef jerky meat

    I cooked at the low setting using only one burner. (about 220 degrees) Cooking times: Beef jerky was ready after 8 hours, Tri tip was cooked for 12 hours, chickens were juicy ready after after 8 hours,  brisket was ready after 12 hours and the ribs were tasty after 10 hours (meat fell off the bone)

    Fuel used was about half a cylinder of Propane. Less than expected.

    I alternated the burners and re-filled the wood chip trays about every 2 / 3 hours - NOTE: I soak my chips in in water and liquid smoke over night in a large metal bowl.

    ALSO - I inject my brisket and tri-tip with seasoning prior to smoking - Rub with your favorite spice.

    We live in Reno Nevada, the temps durning the winter hover around 20 to 30 degrees. This smoker had NO problems keeping a consistent heat even with a moderate wind.

    Needless to say my New Years Eve party was a smash.


    Since I move my smoker from one side of my patio to another, I modified the legs with casters.

    Total cost was $24.00 from Home depot. Now moving my smoker is a breeze.

    Over all - I highly recommend this smoker. This is my 5th unit, and by far the best one Ive used.
  3. mcgregormx
    "Great Smoker, still getting used to it though"
    Pros - Propane/Gas, much more "set it and forget it" than stick or coal burners.
    Cons - Never thought I'd miss the charcoal smell, but I do. Can't think of another right now.
    Got this from the wife for Christmas. So far I've only done the initial seasoning and 4 whole chickens. Hands down the best smoker I've had to date (granted it's only my third), but the ease of use has me really liking the experience versus my charcoal smoker. Here are some of the questions I had about this smoker when looking at it, and what I have answered since owning it:

    Question: How much propane does it use?

    Answer: From my experience, with both burners on medium settings for 4 hours, this unit used about 5# of propane. I have heard of other units using a lot, which leads me to think that Smoke Hollow has improved the efficiency.

    Question: How well does it apply the smoke flavor. Is there a noticeable difference in flavor without the charcoal?

    Answer: It applies smoke very well. I actually saw what, TBS (thin blue smoke) looks like. I couldn't really see the smoke, but I could smell it. As a side note, this was the best smoked chicken I have made to date, and the propane didn't give any hints of a taste difference in relation to charcoal vs propane flavors.

    Question: How long do the smoke chips last in the chip trays?

    Answer: I'm not sure there is a definitive time on this, because it will vary with quantity, and the amount of heat under them. I used about 3 cups of wood chips per tray fill (only 1 tray at a time), the first tray lasted over an hour, and I was still smelling the 2nd tray 2 hours after filling it. I tried using my chunk wood from my apple tree I cut down, but with the smoke tray lids on, the chunks wouldn't fit, and there wasn't an easy way to add them without opening the main smoking chamber, so I scrapped using them for this smoke. My solution is going to be to chip them down (either rent a wood chipper, or use a saw to cut them) and use them later, which is probably the only downside to this smoker, but hardly the smokers fault.

    I modified the smoker right away by adding nomex high heat felt to the door and the smoke chip trays. Here is a link to the felt I purchased: 

    It was a bit wide for the smoke trays, but I made it work by taking them apart, adding the felt, and putting them back together. It fit perfectly when added to the door, but wouldn't fit if you put it on the smoker directly.

    If I can think of any more questions I wanted to know, that I have answers to, I'll edit this post.

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  1. big woot
  2. nabor25
  3. gmiller7018
    Also are you using chips or chunks? I use chunks with a little bit of chips, burn one tray at a time. I get about hour and 20 minutes out of each tray on med. heat. If I want more then that I'll pull one of them or both trays and load them up again.
  4. gmiller7018
    I have both the AMNPS and AMNTS, I haven't been able to get either one to burn-the propane burners use up all the oxygen. I do use them for cold smoking and the work great. Some folks have done a "Mailbox Mod " to the Smoke Hollows and that's works from what I hear.
  5. mebeanfarmer
    I just this same smoker this christmas. Live in north central Maine. Holds temps great, held 120 deg for 4 hours making jerky in 10 degree temps and used so little fuel it was awesome 
  6. mebeanfarmer
    I just got one of these for Christmas as well, last smoker was a small Masterbuilt liked it but really like the Smoke Hollow.  Being winter in the Northeast I am smoking when temps are in the teens.  This smoker is wicked good.  Holds temp and can be dialed down to low 100's for slow smoking jerky and snack snicks.  I just cut some apple firewood about an inch thick to put in the smoke trays.
  7. chris lo
    Enjoyed the article which answered some of my questions and also put my mind at ease. Wife just got me the exact smoker , which is my first , and was wandering if it was a good choice.
    Going to do some smoking this weekend for the first time.
  8. jimmy1957
  9. bigdaddysmoke
     I too was missing that charcoal  flavor and adding some lump charcoal (Royal Oak in my case) to your chips/chunks will solve that issue for ya.
    I have the Smoke Hallow 36" and love it!
  10. jimmy1957
    Good luck with the smoker, I just got my first smoker for XMAS, It is a Masterbuilt 44" propane gas, I'm still modifying mine also, hope to have it done so I can smoke cheese this coming weekend.