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Santa Maria Attachment for Weber Kettles

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  1. ah64d mtp
    "Amazing quality at a more than reasonable price!"
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    Feb 11, 2018
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    Pros - Well Made and fun to use. Everyone that comes to my feasts love it because it is a foreign method to the south :)
    Amazing and so happy I picked this one.

    I watched this attachment for a long time and did a lot of research to the ends of the internet and finally decided to pull the trigger on the Junior's Gabby. I must say I absolutely love it for several reasons. 1. It is WELL hand made, not to mention the obvious he is capitalizing on his skill, imagination, and most importantly... not price gouging people. (Junior has 2 options and prices that he offers. Local pick up price and shipping. I had mine sent across the country to South Carolina) 2. It is great conversation piece that really works, and I am intrigued with that grilling process that is so easy/versatile to control. 3. You can actually call and talk to him!
  2. ammaturesmoker
    "Santa Maria Attachment for Weber Kettle"
    Pros - Well made and heavy steel!!
    Cons - Was not invented 20 years ago.
    This device offers the greatest kind of grilling possible. Recently a man from Oklahoma rolled into a major BBQ competition with one of these grills on top of a Weber Kettle and took first place in ribs beating out the pros and their expensive equipment.