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Royal Oak Charcoal Briquettes 20 lb Bag

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  • Available in Natural Glo Old Hickory Briquettes or Royal Oak Premium. NATURAL GLO Offering the best traditional charcoal flavor and consistent performance. It is made from selected hardwoods and is a durable even burning briquette. With a 60 larger size it burns longer and hotter. ROYAL OAK Long burning hardwood charcoal that delivers a great taste the foodservice industry demands. A significantly larger briquette it is made with only hardwood char for outstanding flavor and higher cooking temperature. Please Note If you would like to order a large quantity of this item please contact us before placing your order for a common carrier shipping quote. Due to the manufacturer s filling process weight variations up to 4 lbs. plus or minus are possible. 192294018
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    22.46 pounds
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    Lawn & Patio
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    Royal Oak Charcoal Briquettes 20 lb Bag

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  1. james1970
    "Good Charcoal."
    Pros - Burns hot and clean, and lightes up fast.
    Cons - Burns a little too fast for low and slow
    I use this charcoal all of the time! It has a good flavor ,and burns hot and clean. The only thing that I have a problem with is that it burns too fast for low and slow cooks that last over about 3or 4 hours. On the positive side of things it burns clean, and does not  leave a fowl taste or smell in the food like some other name brand charcoals do!!  
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  2. floorman
    "Do you know what they add to it?"
    Pros - It's cheap
    Cons - They add saw dust to it.
    I work at a flooring mill. To get rid of the waiste it's ground up and the saw dust is trucked out. It's bought by Royal Oak to be added to the slurry that makes the briquets. But here is where it get's interesting. Our red and white oak we use is all soaked in a tank of bug killer before it dries for use in flooring.  I know that there is no problem keeping weeds down around that tank....there are none! So do you really want to cook over that  coal? I won't cook over that wood in a smoker. The only wood I'll use is the Hickory.....because it doesn't get soaked in that stuff.
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  3. bdskelly
    "The one to use..."
    Pros - Burns hotter and longer than the King brand. Great flavor for grilling
    Cons - Not as easy to find as Kingsford. So when you find it, buy more than one bag.
    This is now my go to charcoal. I tried it once and never went back Not so easy to find in my area. So when I see it I'll pick up more than one sack. b

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  1. oakie
    Cman, do you know that 90% of all RO lump charcoal comes from the hardwoods (hickory, oak) of Missouri? Perhaps you got a batch that wasn't up to your standards that one time use, but I surely wouldn't give up on trying it again. It's damn good stuff overall!
  2. oakie
    Wow! Anyone reading floorman's comment should definitely call him for BS! I can't say much because I am a mixer operator for RO, but let me just say these few words... Slurry is the additive that holds a briquette together. It's vegetable based, like corn or pea starch mixed with water. It's a necessity unless we're talking about lump charcoal which is basically 100% hardwood pure. It's completely harmless! What he is talking about is sawdust that is burned for the outdoor burners that fuel the industrial dryer ( where the briquettes dry out) before entering the finished product silos. Numerous exhaust fans suck all and any possible harmfuls up and outside the building before the briquettes leave the dryer and are ready to bag. Sawdust and slurry isn't a mixture for making briquettes. Please disregard his nonsensical comments.
  3. cman55
    I'll stick with Rockwood lump. Some folks have better luck with RO Lump than others. Rockwood has very little trash in it and comes from Mo. RO? No thanks. 
  4. brazosbrian
    I've burned many bags worth of the RO lump and have not found a single spec of anything artificial or accidental, e.g. no plywood or oriented strand board, no rocks or concrete etc.  It may be an issue with one of the foreign-made RO lump charcoals ...RO has several types of 'all natural lump charcoal'.  I believe there are 3 made in South America and just 1 made in America.  I always buy the Made in America version ...and it's been nearly perfect.  My only complaint is that about 5% of the bag typically has large-ish pieces that I have to whack with a hatchet to break them up before using.  These larger pieces are 6 to 8 inches long, maybe 2 to 3 inches wide (typ).  No problem... I use RO American lump charcoal exclusively now.
  5. thomas phillips
    I'm calling BS also, and btw once the coals are ready for use all that crap you say they are using has burned away. PULL ur head out of your ASS....
  6. floorman
    Cliffcarter, it's a very strong bug killer the wood is dunked in. Tell you what, next time you have those coals ready......soak your wood of choice for a day in bug killer. And smoke your meat on it. You want to beleive that your RO is a pure burning fuel, and you don't want to believe that in corporate America they will do whatever they have to; to make a sale.
  7. cman55
    Last time I used RO lump, I found concrete chunks in the ash. Now I realize that all lump has some leftovers, RO seems to have more than their share so, RO is the choice of last resort for me. I don't use briquettes anymore so I can't say much about their quality but stay far away from the lump unless you have no other choice period..
  8. cliffcarter
    So is it a pesticide or an herbicide in that tank with no weeds around it? I say again... sounds like you have an ax to grind and are posting BS
  9. floorman
    I work near Branson, Missouri where the saw dust get's trucked to.  Feel free to use the coal  if you like, cliffcarter. I have read the the toxiclogy paper. I need my job, so I'm not going to make waves. I just know I won't use it. I'm not here to upset people, people can do what they want with the information.
  10. cliffcarter