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REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill - Featuring Smart Grill TechnologyTM

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Rec Tec Industries, LLC
  • With the push of a button, your REC TEC Grill will automatically light and heat up to temperature you have selected. Once your REC TEC has heated up it will maintain its temperature throughout the cooking process. This precise temperature control allows you to grill, smoke, sear and bake. Since all of the heat comes from real wood, you get the benefit of all that wood flavor. Cooking over a real wood fire on a computer controlled REC TEC will make your next cookout the talk of your neighborhood. At REC TEC Grills we strive to produce the highest quality, most convenient and most versatile Grill on the market. This is why every REC TEC is back by our unmatched six year limited warranty. We want you to be able to wow your friends and family with delicious food for years to come. Our promise to you is that owning a REC TEC Grill will change the way you eat. Every REC TEC Grill is precisely calibrated to produce accurate reliable cooking temperatures when used with REC TEC Premium Hardwood Pellets. Your REC TEC is a precision cooking instrument that will increase the repeatability of your favorite recipes by removing the variable of temperature fluctuation that plagues backyard enthusiasts and pit masters alike.
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    REC TEC Wood Pellet Grills
    Smart Grill TechnologyTM Controller - Maintains precise temperature from 200ºF to 500ºF in 5º increments
    Proprietary PID algorithm maintains temperature precisely
    200ºF to 500ºF in 5º increments
    Automatic lighting feature
    High temperature durable textured powder coat finish
    Micro polished stainless steel bull horn handles
    Stainless steel towel ring
    4 tool hooks
    Large side and bottom shelves
    40 pound hopper capacity
    Hopper lid doubles as a warming surface
    Fail proof lid stoppers
    Rollerblade style wheels and locking casters
    Stainless steel logo that won't fade or crack
    680 sq/in cooking area and 9" of "headroom"
    Interior light with easily removed dishwasher safe glass lens
    Grill grates made from ¼ inch stainless steel rod
    10 gauge stainless steel fire pot
    12 gauge stainless steel heat deflector and drip pan
    Seams are welded, powder coated, and caulked for triple redundant weather protection.
    Stainless steel hardware
    Rubber grommets at all wire through holes to prevent chaffing
    Heat vents to protect electronics
    Modular construction allows for individual component replacement
    Top tier customer service.
    Six year limited warranty.
    Rec Tec Industries, LLC
    Rec Tec Industries, LLC
    Rec Tec Industries, LLC
    Rec Tec Industries, LLC
    REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill - Featuring Smart Grill TechnologyTM
    Lawn & Patio
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Recent User Reviews

  1. JK47TheWeapon
    "Terrible Quality control and shipping"
    Ease of Use:
    Heat Control:
    Purchase Date:
    May 31, 2017
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - It's red. That's about it
    Cons - Quality Control is horrible
    Shipping method is bad
    Rectec #1: Showed up with bent legs. RT would not replace it. They sent a shelf "so it would not fall over".

    Within 4 months the paint inside was flaking off.

    They sent a replacement

    Replacement RecTec #2: Welds inside so terrible the shelf arm fell off in transit, scratched up the paint inside. Rubber sealant was all over the place, and missing in other parts. [​IMG]
  2. biz302
    "Worth every penny"
    Pros - smart controller, 40lb hopper, built heavy
    Cons - leg mounts could be better
    I've had my RecTec 680 for about three weeks or so. I've already cooked on it about 10 times I imagine. I've got baby backs smoking on it right now. This smoker is worth every penny you'll pay for it. I had an issue when I first got it, it ended up being me, not the grill, but Ben, the GM of RecTec called me to explain my issue. If every company had customer service like RecTec, the world would be a far better place. This grill holds temp really well. It's really heavy, even the grates. Everything is made out of stainless. Everything I've cooked on it so far has been the best version of whatever it is that I've ever done. Once you do your research and compare this one to all the other smokers, you're going to pay the grand and get the best pellet smoker on the market right now. The only negative thing I can say about this grill is how the legs mount to the barrel, it could be designed a little better. I put shims in between the legs and sockets on mine to make it tight. If you're like me and really like the smoke flavor, get a 12" smoker tube and put in there. The RecTec makes plenty of smoke, but why not add to it? At higher temps, it doesn't smoke as much so that's when I use the tube. It's not the grill, it's just science. It has to burn the pellets rather than smoke them. Bottom line, this thing is top of the line. Spend the money and don't look back. 
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  3. dan clements
    "Outstanding Unit"
    Purchase Date:
    Jan 2, 2015
    Pros - Ability to Hold Temperature | Grill Bars | Quality Material | Customer Support
    Cons - Cover
    We have been using this unit for a year and a half, several times per week, year round in the Seattle area. Cook everything from pork shoulder to rack of lamb to salmon to blackened sword fish. This replaced a Traeger Lil Tex that we had nothing but problems with in the year we owned it.

    The unit comes up to temperature very quickly, since it is started with the hood down. The front shelf and grill bars are necessities, from my perspective. Since the temperature will maintain at 500 degrees, steaks come out great on the grill bars. Flip the bars over and use the flat surface for blackened fish & meats and burgers.

    Only negatives are the cover and the tendency to knock the grease bucket off when removing or replacing the cover. I fixed this issue by drilling a small hole in the drain, and passing a wire through that is then fastened around the bucket handle. I also shortened the cover by about 20", and it is much easier to take off and remove.

    This is the best BBQ we have ever owned. Not only was it a far superior unit than our Traeger, I recently surplussed my Weber gas grill, as I no longer need it to sear food.

User Comments

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  1. RNMike
    I absolutely LOVE my RecTec 700 Bull and the extra cash for the competition cart is a must! The build quality is great, the functionality is amazing and the customer service is excellent. I’ve smoked everything from a packer brisket to cashews and The Bull just keeps cranking!
  2. biz302
    I'm sure you've already done this, since it was 18 months ago, but I'll write this for others with the same problem. Watch the youtube video from RecTec about how to lower the minimum speed of the auger on the controller. It's really easy to do, then you'll be able to smoke at low temps even when it's 100+ outside.
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  3. renron
  4. obmitch
    I fully agree with you. I've had my RT-680 for 5 weeks now and have cooked on it 3-4 times a week. I'm very fortunate, I was able to purchase any smoker I wanted. I researched for well over a year and chose the RecTec based on ease of use, consistency, temperature control, build quality and cook quality. 
    I fully believe that I made the right choice. From the first time I hit the on button it has performed perfectly. I could have spent more money, but but this is the perfect smoker for me.
    I am not a handyman at all. Fixing things is just not what I do. Customer service is, therefore, very important to me. I called RecTec and told the gentleman that answered the phone that I had a problem with my new RecTec grill. His exact response was, "My name is Ashley and we're going to fix any problem you have right now."
    I thanked him and told him I really didn't have a problem. Within 5 minutes I completed my order online. I knew I had found the right company.
  5. thebigsizzle
    Love my Rec Tec. We entered our first cooking competition last month, cooking ribs and pork butt on my smoker. We finished 4th in ribs, 10th in pulled pork and an overall 2nd.... Chicken was done on a big green egg. Love it
  6. bunnyq
    We love our RT 680! We are BBQ newbs but this smoker has yielded some excellent meals for us.
  7. socal
    Even though I have not purchased one yet, I too have done much research on various pellet smokers and Rec Tec scored very high vs. other pellet smokers. 
  8. leebrews
    I had the same issue with the temp running a high at the lower settings. I live in AZ and it was in the middle of the summer.  I called customer service, and he walked me through an easy re-program that changed the minimum pellet feed rate and it fixed the issue.
  9. flubyu
    i have one to and i absalutly love it ,,, i make everything you have tried ,, but im one up in you ,, i did a 50 lbs hog on it ,,it turned out awesome
  10. flubyu
    i have one to and i absalutly love it ,,, i make everything you have tried ,, but im one up in you ,, i did a 50 lbs hog on it ,,it turned out awesome