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ProAccurate Folding Thermocouple Thermometer Color: Red

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  1. daricksta
    "Cheaper Than Thermopen And Just As Good"
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    Jul 12, 2014
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    Pros - Fast and accurate, nice size. I like the red color. Minimum and Maximum temp modes. Backlit display. Auto shut-off.
    Cons - None so far.
     I bought this at BBQ class I attended in Seattle. The BBQ school owner/instructor apparently likes CDN products because that line of therms was the only one he sold other than the Maverick ET-732. Being a thermocouple model, this thing is the fastest therm I've ever used. Instant read is right! I've also calibrated it to verify its accuracy. To be honest, this is my kitchen and my grilling therm since I use the ET-733 for smoking. However, I had a problem with a boneless chuck roast I was smoking last week where it got stuck on 160* for something like three hours. I wasn't sure if the Maverick, although brand new, had gotten stuck as well. I checked the IT with the CDN and it's reading matched the Maverick which let me know what I was seeing was indeed accurate.

    It can also measure the temp of meat as thin as 1/8", and it has MIN and MAX temp modes, which I haven't used it. It also has a backlit display.

    Many guys like the Thermapens because they're made in England and highly accurate.  Yes, the CDNs are made in China which is why the model I have is less expensive than the same type Thermapen. Still, had I seen the ad for the $19 Thermoworks RT600C Super-Fast ® Pocket Thermometer I might have bought that instead. But, I'm very happy with this CDN because I can finally get instant and accurate temp readings for meats that I'm cooking and no longer have to guess if the meat is done or cut into it to find out.