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Primo Oval XL Ceramic Grill

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  • Primo Oval XL Charcoal GrillThe Primo Oval XLBBQ may have you rethink how your barbecue in you routdoor kitchen. With an Oval design designed foricreased cooking surface. The Primo Oval XL BBQ Ceramic Grill allows you to cook directly or indirectly with optional accessories provided by Primo directly. With a unique charcoal design you are able to smoke at 180°F or sear at more than 500°F. This eays to use oval grill is like the big green egg and it is fun to use, with an easy to use designthat will have you cooking in 15 minutes or less!The Oval XL is the largets of the Primo Oval Ceramic Grills offering 400-680 square inches of cooking surface. Add the optional table or cradle for added storage and convenience around your oval BBQ.
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    This eays to use oval grill is like the big green egg and it is fun to use
    200 pounds
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    Lawn & Patio
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    Pimo Oval XL Ceramic Grill
    Patio and Garden
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Recent User Reviews

  1. zombiekitty
    "Best grill / smoker that you'll ever own"
    Pros - American made, lifetime grill, highest quality
    Cons - On the high end of price (but worth it)
    Simply the best. The Bentley of all grills and it's the only ceramic grill made in the USA. The 400XL will smoke two 20 pound turkeys.
  2. pkimer
    "I love this smoker"
    Pros - Large, durable, easy to use and clean, spacious, versatile
    Cons - Heavy, Lid issues
    I won my Primo Oval XL from a drawing in a smoking/grilling class at Antique Brick Outdoors in Little Rock, AR.  At the time I owned a BGE XL, which I promptly sold to my neighbor.  I like the Primo it is American made and so much larger and more versatile.  I has been perfect.  I am a single dad since my wife passed away over 9 years ago and I took over the cooking duty for my three young children.  I have use my Primo 99% of the time over my oven.  I use it year around in this ever-changing Arkansas weather, hot/cold/wet/dry, and it never lets me down.  Every Thanksgiving now for 9 years we have the family over for Thanksgiving, and I cook the turkey on my Primo.  It is always juicy and perfect, using only injection and smoke.  The Primo has never let me down.  When my firebox cracked and It was replaced immediately, no charge.  I have had some trouble with looseness and alignment on the lid, but as stated before, adjust your bolts and if you have any trouble just call Primo for great service.
  3. rogerfromco
    "Great ceramic cooker and the oval grill surface ro"
    Purchase Date:
    Jul 10, 2015
    Pros - very versitile with the fire box divider, holds steady temps
    Cons - price
    I've had my XL for a few months now and have grilled steaks, chicken, and pork chops; and smoked chickens, turkeys, salmon, ribs, ABTs and pork shoulders. The grill gets up to temp easily in 20-30 minutes, and once at temp, I let it hold steady for another 10 just to make sure the smoke goes from white to thin blue smoke to avoid that acrid taste from the white smoke. The XL works as advertised and makes great food.

    The fire box divider works great when doing smaller cooks and helps conserve charcoal. The dome temperature probe was spot on from the factory when I did the boiling water calibration check. I did follow the instructions and checked all the bolts when I set it up and again after a few cooks. Serveral were loose both times and a few turns of the wrench tightened them right up. Primo now as How To videos on their website - they call it Primo University - that help you get to know your cooker, get started, show you maintenance things to check, and of course offer great cooking tips. They also have thier own dedicated forum and Derald from the factory answers questions in the "Ask Primo" section.

    For the smoking, I added a Flame Boss 200 system to keep the temps spot on and be able to monitor it while I'm away from the house - it's like setting the oven temp and having a meat probe that you can monitor on your phone.

    The ONLY downside I see is cost, but that is a common issue across all quality cermic cookers.

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  1. Rob Meier
    I got the large but I should have gotten the XL. 300.00 more but worth it. Get the XL.
  2. lhedrick
    $1269.00?  Costco now has the large pit boss grill for 600.   The primo may be a bit larger but could someone please help me understand what makes the primo worth an additional 669 dollars?   If there is a reason please help us understand what it is.?  669 seems to be a big premium for a primo.
  3. pkimer
    Wish I had checked from grammar and punctuation before I hit "post"!
  4. jamiebones

    Thank you. Oddly, i was JUST about to post about this. So I purchased this "new" from a company in Ottawa, Canada. They ended up replacing it yesturday. The first thing we noticed was that the replacement was all nice and wrapped. The stainless steel was coated with a protective wrapper. Also, we noticed the thermometer looked different. THEN, we noticed that exact thing, the bolts on the front as well as that verticle bar on each side. 

    We think either (1) they sold us an old floor model that was not set up properly and did not disclose that to us (2) It was refurbished old model. 

    Does this make sense to people who know this BBQ? You can imagine how frustrating that is. Pretty sketchy stuff if that is the case. 
  5. rogerfromco
    I don't see the bolts that hold the lid ring to the lower ceramic part of the cooker? Is that an older model? The new ones have two verticle tabs from that lower ring to bolt it directly to the cooer too. Did you tighten all the bolts after the first couple of cooks? Either way, Primo has great customer service, so if your retailer doesn't work with you, call the factory directly.
  6. one eyed jack
    I am sure discouraged to read of this problem.  I have been thinking that this would be the next cooker that I would buy.
    Sure have second thoughts now.
    I hope you get a satisfying resolution.
  7. mdlnb
    Wow, that's one expensive pressure cooker!  Hope you aren't in Boston, or the Feds might be investigating you.  Seriously, I am glad that no one got hurt. 
  8. jamiebones
    I should also say, it wasn't a "Burping" issue, literally as I started to open the lid the second time ( after the felty material came off the edges) the whole thing just separated into two peices and the top flew back. There wasn't an explosion or anything like that. 
  9. jamiebones
    It was "Dragon's Breath" charcoal and used the standard lighters that Primo recommends. No lighter fluid was used. This worked fine the first 5 times, but all those times I kept it at low heat (<300) and this was the first time going above 450 to about 500. 
    I am waiting on the company I bought it from to see if it can be repaired, but my worry is the fire department used a chemical extinguisher in it, so obviously don't want to go heating that up and eating it!
  10. giterdun