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Perfect Mix pellets by Cookinpellets.com

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  • Our Perfect Mix is just that. A perfect mix of Hickory, Cherry, Hard Maple and Apple to make a great smoke flavor for long and short cooks! No fillers added just as described.

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  1. tjdcorona
    "Great mix - Good Flavor"
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    Oct 3, 2016
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    Pros - Good smoke, consistant thru out and adds a good flavor to the top of the meat
    Cons - If it penetrated more, itd be better -
    MAybe its just me but I don't seem to get a lot of smoke ring, or a ton of internal flavor to the meats. The smoke smells good, burns clean and when sauced the smoke flavor on top is very good. I love the pellets, and this is my go-to brand!

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  1. chef jimmyj
    If you are using these in your MES, you won't get much of a smoke ring if at all. The Pellets just don't generate enough Nitrogen Dioxide to effect more than a surface change. Just the nature of the beast. As far as Smoke Flavor, Ginny is correct. A low temp for a longer time. Also add a cup or two of water to your pan but let it evaporate dry. This give extra moisture on the surface in the beginning of the cook. This allows the smoke to penetrate a bit longer...JJ
  2. ginny larson
    you might try cooking at lower temps and longer times to get a better smoke of course the meat will probably be falling apart tender but you will have the flavor. also depending on the cooker your using to.maybe 250 temps