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New Braunfels Hondo Smoker

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New Braunfels
  1. daffster13
    "My First Smoker"
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    May 1, 2001
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    Pros - Smokes my meat, handles high temps.
    Cons - Wood handle burned off
    My wife allowed me to buy a "grill" back when we first got married and were in a place where we could have a grill. I eyeballed this job in a Home Depot in Marietta, GA, went home told the missus about it and begged her to let me get it. She said yes but only if I smoked a turkey in it. Lemme tell you what, the tom we put in that smoker looked small, we could have put two in that cooking area and had room for taters. I have owned this one for 9 years, still holding strong, yeah sure I need to repaint it every year, but I like doing that. I also need to replace the wood handle because when I was grilling for a friends outing once I got the grill so hot while preheating it, the handle smoldered off, there's a blued look in the back of the cooking area where the heat got quite intense. We have brought this grill to Maine where we live now and my neighbors that see it are kinda jealous, because I have more cooking room than they do and I have it with charcoal not gas. I love my wife. So far I have cooked meatloaf, smoked cheese, baked bread, grilled countless MEATS (no soy on my grills), reheated soups for ice hockey tourneys, this grill has done all I needed and more. Now I just want to go bigger, homemade 250 gal heating oil tank smoker. WOOHOO