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Meco 9309W Deluxe Tabletop Electric Grill

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  1. pulsar
    "Peace of JUNK !"
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    Jun 1, 2010
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    Pros - Modestly priced
    Cons - Impossible to clean, elements burn out quickly
    I do a lot of Smoking and BBQing and own expensive to moderately priced equipment.  I am about to throw my 2 year old Meco in the dumpster.  It is the worst piece of BBQ equipment I have ever purchased.  It is impossible to clean and in two years,  I have replaced a burned out electrical heating element twice.  Never again. What is worse is,  I hardly used the grill as I have others I use more often.  The Meco was only used a few times each of two years when wanting to do simple grilling for only one or two people.   I wrote Meco an e-mail telling them of my feelings and how dissappointed I was with their product.  I got a reply saying thanks for my input.  It's too bad, as they are an American company making the product in the US which I highly favor.  It is just too bad they make such a poorly designed and manufactured product.  I would never again buy another one of their products.  Do yourself a favor and buy anything but one of these.