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Digital Instant Read

Maverick Pro-Temp Commercial Thermometer PT-100

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  1. percysbbq
    "Can't beat this Thermometer function and price"
    Purchase Date:
    Dec 1, 2013
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    Pros - Back-lite large easy to read digital read out fast and accurate
    Cons - none
    Started to by a Thermo Pen realized it was not made in USA and cost double 

    did some research the PT-100 seemed to be just as accurate and fast definitely more heavy duty

    I've dropped mine on concrete more than once with no damage.

    Would recommend to anyone 
  2. shooterrick
    "Maverick Pro Temp Commercial Thermometer Review"
    Purchase Date:
    Jun 14, 2010
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    Pros - Large Backlit Display-Ease of Use-Price Point
    Cons - No Reading Hold Feature- Little Track Record

    Maverick ProTemp PT 100 Insta Read Pen Thermometer

    While this review is not intended to be a comparison of the Mav Pro Temp Thermo to the Thermo Pen most of us are familiar with, some comparisons are inevitable. The Pro Temp seems to be a good alternative to other Instant Read thermos at a market price point of around 70.00 on average. The Thermo Pen as an example is about 90.00.  I have handled the Thermo Pen and my subjective feeling is the Thermo Pen may be tougher built.

    Construction is of the same plastic as the wireless probes in the Maverick line with additional rubber grip pads at corners and other strategic locations.  The company claims it is shock proof but I have not tested this claim as of yet.  It is water resistant to IP44 standards and has a very large back lit display of 0.5 inches.  The makes reading this unit easy for old eyes like mine and during those late night smokes.

    Temps can be set for either Fahrenheit or Celsius via a small set point activated by a ball point pen on the back of the unit.  There seems to be little risk of an accidental switch between the two temp standards.  Temp range is -40F to 450F.  It is factory calibrated with a certification for accuracy of +- 2F.  I am as close to sea level without being wet as you can get and during the boiling water test the Pro Temp was on the money at 212F.  The read stabilized at 212F within 3 seconds. 

    There is a auto off feature set at 3 minutes if you leave it powered on.  On and off is accomplished by simply folding and unfolding the probe.  A nice scale for various meats is printed on the side with suggested internal temps of Rare, Medium, and Well done.  It is powered by 3 AAA batteries included.  The battery compartment is easy to access via a thumb slide. The Pro Temp warrantee is one year on materials and workmanship defects.

    I further tested this unit along side my wireless Maverick thermos on a stuffed tenderloin I did in the oven to assure temps were as stable as possible.  All three units were within 3 degrees of each other.  I chose to go with the Pro Temp reading at 165F and pulled the loin and rested.  The internal color and texture of the tenderloin was as expected and I was content with the purchase.  A plus in my mind is only the last 1/4 inch of the probe does the reading.

    Because I would never make a buy recommendation for any product I had not used for a significant time I cannot do so at this time here.  If the Maverick Pro Temp thermo serves well for an extended time I believe you should consider it as a possible buy in the future.     

    On Edit:  Tonight grilled NY Strip steak to 135F one inch thick.  Was perfect Medium Rare.     

    As of November of 2010 I have used this unit for some time now and it has continued to perform well.  It has been dropped on hard surfaces twice with no ill effects.  I am reasonably confident I could recommend this as a buy now and would purchase it again myself.