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Maverick ET-732 Remote Check Wireless Thermometer With 2 Probes

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Maverick Industries, Inc
  • · Monitor internal temperature of meat from 300 feet away!!· Wireless receiver with LCD beeps and flashes when meat temperature goes above your programmed temperature.· Monitor barbecue temperature. Receiver beeps and flashes if temperature falls above or below your programmed range.· Count up and Count down timer.· LCD of receiver has back light for use at night.· Receiver displays barbecue temperature up to 572 F· Receiver has belt clip and built in stand.· Transmitter has removable wire stand that also becomes a hanger.· Food probe wire can be inserted 6” into meat.· Both probe wires are heat resistant to 716 F· Can be used in oven or smoker too!· Lost like alert warns you if your transmitter is out of range or has lost the radio frequency signal.· Your meat, barbecue, and timer settings are stored even if the unit is turned off.

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  1. myownidaho
    "Very happy"
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    Jan 6, 2017
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Reilable, accurate, probe wires are heavy duty
    Cons - There is a learning curve on how to program the unit but it's not difficult. Came with only one probe.
    I bought this unit because I was tired of the cheap thermometers at the store. Little did I realize what an improvement this was going to be. The oven probe showed that my smoker was 23 degrees hotter than what the display showed. When I compared the Maverick to the temperature probe on my oven, it showed the same temperature, so it was the smoker.

    I've had problems with albumin leakage on hot smoked salmon and rendering out fat on smoked sausage, now I know why. I don't need a lot of bells and whistles, so this unit delivers everything I need.

    One downside is that the unit only came with one probe, instead of two. The company I purchased it from promptly sent me two new probes, so now I have a spare. In addition, the batteries that came with it were dead.
  2. typojoe
    "Worth the Money"
    Pros - Dual probes (smoker/meat)
    Cons - UI could use improvements
    I've used this a couple times now.  Once for a boston butt and once for some chicken breasts.  Somewhere around 14 hours total.  I don't have any complaints really.  I mentioned the UI (user interface) but that's only because like someone else mentioned, you have to go all the way up and round robin if you mess up and go past your temp when setting min/max temps. I'll be honest, I haven't read the instructions... maybe theres a better way, idk.

    Regardless, I'm happy with the purchase. Are there better, probably, does this work, yep... works for me.  And for those who worry about meat settings, they have an upgraded version (et-733) of this thermo and it has the presets.  The may have been nice, but I'd rather save the $10.
  3. ischon
    Pros - None
    Cons - none of the button headings make sense. To decrease the set temperature you have to go all the way around. You have to set the temperature required
    none of the button headings make sense. To decrease the set temperature you have to go all the way around. You have to set the temperature required instead of just dialling up the meat and the taste you want.

    Not very practical for a high price

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  1. typojoe
    BTW, got this from amazon and I found a bundle deal that included a pair of bear paws... for the same price... awesome!
  2. mlstanley1956
    Disappointed.  I have taken good care of this thing because it was an expensive purchase.  Within five months I am now getting an intermittent "LLL" error code, indicating that one of the probes is likely shorting out. I noticed that the meat probe was giving a reading 40 degrees above my digital flip thermometer.  I put both probes from the ET-732 in a pan of boiling water along with my digital flip thermometer.  The grill and meat probe thermometers were off 20 and 40 degrees, respectively, and the digital flip thermometer is off 1 degree.  The instructions that come with the ET-732 do not provide for calibration of the unit, and I have been unable to find this information on line.  Since new probes now cost at between $15 - $20 each, I am throwing good money after bad to salvage my initial $60 investment. 
  3. docdog
    I really like mine. Don't let it dangle againt the Q.... They melt!!
  4. matt22556
    Your way off on this one, read the instructions and we it. Great product, maybe it user error.
  5. djbrady33
    I just bought my second one from Todd at A-Maze-N with his 20% off sale. These work great and I bought a 2nd one for backup and as extra one for when I have 2 different meats smoking on my Horizon Smoker. If you were thinking of getting one, you might want to take advantage of Todd's sale before it ends.
  6. awel475
    I purchased this dual probe Maverick almost two months ago, and I am very pleased with it. I have had only one instance where the receiver and the transmitter lost contact and it was due to my placement of the receiver in my den not anywhere near a window. Moving it 8 feet corrected the glitch. I don't even look at the thermometer on my Smoke Hollow electric, no need
  7. themole
    Today is Wednesday, May 1st 2013.
    Sunday night, I decided to order the Maverick ET 732 from Todd Johnson @ A-MAZ-N Products. Today, at 11:AM, I checked my mail and discovered my Maverick had arrived. It took only three days for me to receive my order via the USPS, no less.
    I haven't had time to verify the accuracy yet using the boiling water method but will do so this afternoon after work.
    This is more a testimonial to Todd and A-MAZE-N PRODUCTS than the Maverick, but I'm confident the Maverick will perform as advertised.
    Thanks for the good service Todd!
  8. onewondershow
    I've had my maverick for 5 months now and the alarm just stopped working. The screen flashes but there is no audible alarm. I called up maverick industries and the woman on the phone was very nice and in less than 5 minutes was sending me a replacement unit. She asked me a coup,le questions just to verify the alarm was on but not making any sound asked for my information apologized and said she was sending a new one out right away. The level of customer service was outstanding and far exceeded what i expected.
  9. tstalafuse
    I guess I just got a lemon. I don't know. The last grill temp I remember was it was holding nice and steady around 225. The only thing I can think of is one of the probes line some how started transmitting the heat to the unit and that is what caused it to melt. I must have not gotten a large temp spike, because the brisket and boston butt's were still perfect. The batteries don't have enough juice to have done this kind of damage. I don't know. Given my troubles with the probes and it not being able to stay connected, I think I am just going to move on. It looks like thermoworks has a nice one (kinda pricey).
  10. teebob2000
    WOW, that's... um... bizarre to say the least!!?? I've used my units regularly for over a year with a WSM and have kept the transmitter unit within a foot of the smoker's body on several occasions with no problem. And it melted??? Geez!! Did you try calling Maverick? I mean, just for the heck of it, can't hurt.