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Maverick ET 73 Remote-Check Wireless Thermometer With 2 Probes

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Maverick Industries, Inc
  • The Maverick ET-73 Redi-Chek® Wireless Remote Smoker Thermometer is a programmable radio-frequency food thermometer and timer specially designed for use in smokers. A remote sensor/transmitter monitors the temperatures of both the meat and the smoking chamber and transmits them up to 100 feet to the displaying receiver so that you can view them from virtually anywhere in your home. Smoking meat, poultry, and fish properly can take a long time. Instead of going out to the smoker to check the temperature over and over, just use the Redi-Chek ET-73. If the temperature of the smoking chamber drops too low or rises too high, the receiver sounds an alert and its alarm icon and probe temperatures flash. The alert also sounds and the icon and temperatures flash when the temperature of the meat being smoked exceeds your preset food temperature. Because both smoker and meat temperatures are monitored, chances are your food will be smoked to perfection every time. The ET-73 can also be used with an oven or grill while baking or barbecuing, which means fewer trips to the kitchen or grill

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  1. jslay
    "Useful tool"
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    Pros - Nice to be able to monitor the temperature of both the food and smoker.
    Cons - Location of the on/off switch is beneath the battery cover. It is a pain to get to.
    Mine worked great for the first year or so. However, I can no longer get the remote display to work. It powers up, but just shows dashes across the screen instead of temperatures. The base still works just fine. I just have to go to the smoker to check it now.
  2. iggythump
    "Easy Therm"
    Pros - Easy to use, Cost Effective
    Cons - Not exact on temps
    Testing the therm with the boiling water test yeilded 209 degree instead of the 212 I was looking for.  Made a mental note of the small difference in temp when using the food probe for the IT.  Overall a great unit for the price on Amazon.  I would def purchase again and refer to a friend.
  3. shannont
    "Great for the money"
    Purchase Date:
    Dec 24, 2013
    Pros - Good range of wireless use in my house - less than 5 degree of difference between this unit and mini handheld thermo - display is great
    Cons - Probes and Chords get black from smoker - 90 day warranty
    I got this for Christmas and immediately used it for Breakfast Fatty's. Set up took a few minutes because I wanted to follow the instructions and once I got it I was off and ready to get smokin.  I kept testing with my tiny manual meat thermometer and the two were so close that I could very easily learn to trust the Maverick over my trusty manual thermo.  I'm going to do some other types of meats just to make sure I get the same accuracy but so far this device has been great!

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  1. testcrash
    Very true, an ice bath is more accurate for verifying thermometer temps. Ice water should not be above 32f degrees.
  2. supplysergeant
    The thermometer is most likely accurate, altitude above sea level causes water to boil at lower temps. Try putting the probe in a glass filled with ice and then water. The icewater should read at 33 degrees.
  3. shannont
    Exactly year later the food probe stopped working during a smoke and then the smoker probe stopped as well. I put in new batteries and reset the device multiple times and it just no longer works and I dont know why.   
  4. uwdawgfan
    i'm on my third one, great idea, not the greatest quality
  5. chiefusn
    I didn't go call them when the probe went out. I did order the new probes from their website because it was cheaper than going through Amazon. I got both replacement probes as a set for $20 if I remember correctly. The temps being off is not a big deal right now. It's only 5°. Next time I have an issue where I can't use it though, I'll call them first. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. onewondershow
    Did you try calling maverick because mine stopped beeping, and with no info other than me saying I ordered it on amazon a few months ago they didn't even ask for proof. They sent me a whole new maverick with new probes and all. Now I have 2 one of them 1 just doesn't beep.
  7. double rr
    jesse i got the same one about six months ago mine are about 1 degree off in ice water reading 33 degrees both read the same i use the 6 foot probes instead of the orig. most of what i have read is that they are pretty accurate
  8. flier
    have not seen one of these here in the st.louis area. how about cabellas?
  9. luvnmt
    My thoughts exactly! I like it a lot except for the on/off button on the sending unit. In my opinion it's a serious design flaw. Having dual probes on one unit would make me buy it again.