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Masterbuilt Two Door Propane Smoker

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  • Heat saving, two door propane smoker design 717 square inches of cooking space Four movable chrome-plated cooking racks Replenish wood and water without opening the cooking chamber Great temperature control—adjustable air damper, temperature gauge, and precise burner control knob Long lasting 15,400 BTU stainless steel burner Heavy-duty, cold rolled, powder coated steel construction

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  1. jasinil2006
    "Decent smoker for the money"
    Pros - Easy to assemble, well made
    Cons - Needs some mods to improve usage, racks not too wide
    I received this smoker as a gift - it's the 30" model. I read in the forums here about some mods to improve functionality and I did them: installed a base and casters, added some insulation around the exterior, made a windshield for the base to protect the burner, installed a gasket around the door openings, replaced the regulator with one that includes a needle valve, and bought a Maverick 732 remote thermometer. I also added a cast iron skillet to hold the wood chips.

    This smoker works quite well. I produces a nice thin blue smoke that yields really tasty smoked food. It holds quite a bit of meat, although it's not sufficiently wide to hold an entire rack of St. Louis ribs unless they are cut up. The four racks are spaced such that I can have a Boston butt or two on each rack with just enough room.

    I really like this little smoker, and aside from the width issue, the only other criticism I have is that, even with the needle valve, I have a hard time maintaining a constant 225 degrees temp. My only use of it has been in the winter, though, so it may hold temps more consistently in warmer weather.

    Overall, I a very happy with this as an entry level smoker.
  2. jarheadengineer
    "mechnically a very nice design, assembly easy"
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    Jul 2, 2016
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    Pros - well built
    Cons - runs too hot for smoking, chip tray is a poor design
    The worst problem is that it runs too hot.  With the temp set for low the temperature settles at 330 degrees.  The only way this can be fixed is with a smaller burner.  If you adjust the venturi for a yellow flame instead of blue the temp drops about 50 degrees; however, that is not the correct way to adjust the flame and 275 degrees is too high for smoking.  If you reduce the gas flow, the smoker will be more apt to go out in the wind.  A friend of mine has a two burner model of the Masterbuilt and to get the smoker down to 225 degrees he has to turn one burner off and put the other one on low.  

    When you put chips in the chip tray, the chips fall down in the burner area.  The chips should be in a container that restricts the air to the chips.   Even if you put them in the 8 inch cast iron pan they will burn too fast and/or catch on fire.  If you see the temperature gauge soar over 400 degrees, your chips are probably on fire.  If you cover the chips in the cast iron pan with a couple of layers of heavy duty foil and punch 5 or 6 pencil sized holes in the foil to restrict the air flow, the chips will smoke rather than catch on fire.  The cast iron pan is convenient for adding chips.

    I was looking forward to trying out the new gas smoker on the 4th of July, but will use my charbroil electric instead.  Will call Masterbuilt on the 5th and see if they have a smaller burner available....probably not.  If they don't, I will try plugging up every other hole on the burner with ????  I don't know ...maybe JB Weld.  
  3. 4nap
    "Ok smoker but..."
    Pros - Two door, cheap price
    Cons - You are buying a smoker that doesn't work out of the box!!
    When buying tools, I was taught to buy the best tool you could afford (majority of the time it ends up being the most expensive) it always ends up being an investment in value. I purchased this smoker to try my hand at smoking- not knowing if I would enjoy trying different recipes including smoking. This was a cheaper smoker and I considered this a potential "throw away" tool. After a few wrecks at smoking I started reading blogs and found the mod issues related to this smoker. Issues were temperature control, wood catching fire and ruining the $$ meat, leaking smoke etc... I fixed the problem with mods to correct those issues, I live in California in a mild part of the state, not windy, no snow etc... My list of mods: wind dam around smoker, fabricated a wind dam around burner at the bottom of smoker, gasket kit for upper and lower doors, upgraded to bigger water pan, purchased a cast iron skillet for wood chunks, fabricated grill to elevate cast iron skillet from burner, purchased needle valve kit to regulate better temperatures.
    I had to purchase and fabricate 7 things to make this smoker work! I purchased a smoker that didn't work when brand new?! #%[email protected]**%. This turned out to be a bad tool. Nice job MB, designing and selling a smoker that doesn't work.
    I love smoking food and enjoy sharing the food. If I would do it over again I would just buy a better smoker, and yes it would cost more, but would be money well spent.
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  1. hillbilly jim
    I bought the 44 inch propane model about a year ago. Major mods include door gasket, 6 inch X 4ft. stove pipe stack with damper and 0-300 Weiss thermometer.
  2. needinfo
    It looks like a nice smoker.
    I cut up a rack of ribs too! to put in my smoker, and my smoker is 18.54 cubic feet with racks of 26'' x 14''.
    Why cut, you may ask!..... cross contamination.
    When I fire up my smoker I'll smoke more than one thing, I normally do 30 kg chicken at a time.
    I'm going to make one or two smaller smokers.
  3. jasinil2006
    I agree, cutting up a rack of ribs is not a terribly inconvenient thing to have to do.
  4. skootchnc
    I loved my masterbuilt, for the 3 years I used it.... cutting ribs, and even brisket, before smoking, was a small price to pay, for such great results... and the brisket yielded a lot more bark, thanks to the cut.
    Enjoy your unit, it IS a good unit, and once you're hooked... and buy a larger unit, the masterbuilt, still comes in handy for those smaller smoke
  5. rockoteer
    I just picked up the sportsman elite model and had the temp issue.  Called techsupt and they are sending me out the temp regulator mod.  so far so good.  I think I will do the cast iron skilled also as we have at least 4 maybe more that will work.  A rack of ribs are in right now so we will see.
  6. hillbilly jim
    I haven't had that problem yet and I have run it on a coupla' windy days.
    Generally speaking, I do like this smoker. However, I've made 5 modifications so far.
    I stripped and trashed the chip pan and bracket and installed a section of meat rack from an old smoker in the opening in the bottom over the two burners. This allows me to place my AMNPS at the lowest possible position.
    The door is not tight and leaks, so I put a gasket on it.
    I installed the needle valve I mentioned to regulate fuel flow below that which the control knobs will deliver.
    The vents are much too small, so I installed a 6 inch wood stove pipe and damper to provide for more exhaust.
    And last, I blocked the side vents because with the 8" X 14" opening in the bottom, the side vents are useless as brakes on a boat.
    My smoker came with brackets for four meat racks. I like that. I like the glass door, but I have to clean it after every use.
  7. jimmy1957
  8. hillbilly jim
    I have the same smoker except mine has the window.There is a solvent to the problem of the smoker running too hot at minimum. You can buy an adjustable regulator which allows you to lower the gas delivery or a regulator that comes with a needle valve. I have the type that has the needle valve. I can set the two control knobs at low, light both burners and turn the needle valve down until I get such a low delivery that the fire almost goes out.
  9. skootchnc
    Right out of the box my MB worked properly. YES... I did the cast iron skillet tweak (I had one laying around). but even that... was more to improve, than to correct. I filled the existing water pan, with sand (a better heat sink). It has been a wonderful unit, and has been used often, with outstanding results. Each smoke, has been a learning experience, and each smoke was better than the last. Yes, I have had to "fiddle" with the temp (less so now that I have the sand mod)... but that is what smoking IS...(to me) a personal involvement.... if I wanted to "set it, and forget it" I'd bake it in an oven
  10. sigbigot
    I am sorry that you had this negative experience. I researched a good bit before I bought a smoker and settled on the Smokin-It unit, the small one. This has been wonderful and all of the things for which you corrected are non-issues in this smoker. Yes, it is more money, but this baby is great out-of-the-box. I am also sure you will adapt to the MB as you already have and your bad smokes will be replaced by your successful ones in much greater percentages!