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Masterbuilt Gas Smokehouse

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  • # Features: High performance, easy to use, propane smoker# 15,400 BTU burner# Heavy duty construction for years of use# 716 square inches of cooking space# Four chrome smoking racks# Adjustable gas control# Built-in, full range, door thermometer# Patented flame disk bowl# Porcelain water bowl# Full size door with cool grip chrome spring door handle# Dimensions: 18.1'' x 16.9'' x 36''# 2.825 cubic feet of smoking space

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  1. dion dowell
    "Don't know"
    It's my 1st time using this smoker, and I'm trying to figure out where to put the wood chips at? I'm reading the review and look on the manual, but it doesn't give you directions on where to put them at.
  2. smokinrev
    "Just Starting"
    Pros - Price, adjustable racks
    Cons - Chip tray, seal around door
    I bought the Masterbuilt Smoker (model 20050611) about a year ago and only recently assembled and attempted a first use. I had similar issues as other users - the chips/chunks caught fire and I eventually wrapped the chunks in foil and had better success. Still had billowing smoke coming from the vent on the back and around the door. I'm going to attempt a Boston Butt for the 4th. I purchased an 8" cast iron skillet for the chunk tray. I'm going to place directly on the provided chip tray and see how this works. I never properly seasoned the smoker and plan to do this before using this week. I'm worried about the odor in the smoker after the first use. With the wood catching fire and the billowing smoke it smells more like a fireplace than a smoker. Any suggestions would be appreciated. With time and more use, I expect this unit to be a great investment. Looking forward to becoming a successful smoker!
  3. john valenton
    Ease of Use:
    Heat Control:
    Purchase Date:
    May 27, 2012
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Easy to use, Nice design, Makes the neighbors jealous with the smell
    Cons - You need to seal the door with felt, small water pan, the rack mounts are cheap
    I love this thing! I've smoked this entire week to make sure it was consistant with temps and taste.  This smoker delivers every time.  I've had to do some simple mods to keep the smoke inside the box and a few adjustments with the propane valve and now this thing is ready for the summer!   I can't complain!  

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  1. joe cosmo
    Don't know if you got your answer yet but I have the Electric Masterbuilt where the wood chip box is inside but on the digital one you appear to have, the box is on the right side at the bottom. It will pull out for you to add wood and then shove back in. GL
  2. kiwi biker
    Just as Brandon said.
    Post a pic of the inside so we can see if you have it set up right.
  3. brandon palmer
    Wood chip box should be on the bottom near the source. Then the water/sand pan followed by the meat. 
  4. mike johnson
    I have the large masterbuilt and have never had an issue with chips catching fire. This is my first smoker and I love the ease of use. As for smoke leaking through the door you dont have an adiquit seal and need to adjust the door closure to fit better ( I had to do the same ). Its an easy fix.
  5. schmitzmoke
    I would suggest that you fire up the smoker and turn to high (no wood chips) and let it run full bore for an hour to burn off any residue. I have the same smoker, and did the following mods. Use some angle iron or someting to lift your cast iron pan off the original chip pan. You will find the setting the cast pan directly on the other pan places it to close to the burner. After a good burn, lower the temp, add one or two wood chunks to your pan to test to see if its stll to hot and needs to be raised higher away from the burner. You will find a sweet spot when the chunks smolder nice and slow. Thin Blue Smoke!
  6. no peek n
    I don't even use the water pan, never have, I still love the cast iron pan, doesn't get to hot and burn up the wood to fast. I get a TBS for almost 2hrs with a big chunk of Hickory, and my temp control is Spot on" a pork butt went in to a stall, so I took a nap, woke up 4rs later and the butt was at198* and the smoker was sitting at 227*.....sweet..Love the ET-732..
  7. duke smoker
    I have the MB XL wide. I use the water pan that came with it as my chip pan. It works fine for oak & hickory logs (I live in the woods) that I use for smoke. It does leak smoke around the door, but not enough to make a mod like others. Matter of fact, I have trouble keeping it at 225 as it wants to creep higher. So a bit of a leak is fine by me. Have done ribs, chicken roasters & breasts, beef roasts, a couple of fatties and all came out awesome. I think I am going to invest in a needle valve to help with the temperature control. Other than that absolutely no complaints.
  8. daricksta
    Wonder why the MB propane smoker with legs looks just like the Master Forge smoker and the Smoke Hollow smokehouse looks like both of the them. It's like the same factory is churning them out under different name plates. Are there differences between the brands? My MB smokehouse has no legs and I set it atop a small table.
  9. daricksta
    I have the electric version. Used it twice and I just love it. I've scheduled a rematch with spareribs in a couple of weeks to try a wet rib and wood chips instead of the AMNPS just to taste the differences. I also had MB send me the free, larger wood chip tray.
  10. no peek n
    I got the MB XL wide, a few mths ago, Ive done brisket,pork butts, turkey, tritips, chicken, bb ribs, Fattie, Sammie, Snoshages, smoked rum brind salmon, and I have it so it wont budge over 225* with the Mavrick et-732, I get very little smoke leak around the door, not much of any at all, temp gauge is way Off. don't care, about it. " MisterDK go get a 10" cast iron skilletand place it on top of the ash tray and you will never get a wood flare up again..Ever..! and it helps hold the heat in the smoker when you have to open the door to add wood or baste the meat. forget the foil, and you can use (2) foil disposable cookie sheet tray from Wally world to set side by side at the bottom of the rack to hel keep the bottom of the smoker clean , that how I roll.....Love my XL