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Masterbuilt Cookmaster Electric Smoker Model # 20070111

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  • The Cookmaster Electric Smoker is a safe and easy way to enjoy the rich, full flavor of slow-smoked foods right in your own backyard! Featuring 357 square inches of cooking space on 2 chrome cooking racks, it has plenty of room to smoke a small feast. Set the desired temperature with the easy-to-use knob, and when you're all done cooking, the water bowl, chip tray, and drip pan can all be removed for easier clean-up.

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  1. yamafx4dude
    "Terrible Start to Smoking"
    Pros - Lightweight and easy to move around
    Cons - Not insulated, flimsy thermo, drip cup under unit
    I got a pretty sweet deal on this unit for $100 from sears. When it arrived, I noticed the door look warped a little and the wood chip bowl was resting on the heating element causing the bowl to tilt to one side. I figured once seasoned, it might correct the bowl tilt with the heating of the element but this unit didn't stay on for more than 5 minutes before my GFC popped. After my GFC popped, as soon as I tried starting it after that, the GFC would immediately pop. So unit was basically DOA. Sears wanted me to pay $50 in shipping to exchange this so I had to just bring it back. I didnt give masterbuilt a try, however, with so many issues from the get, I declared this unit and model a lemon.  

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  1. scorchy725
    I have this model and seasoned at temp easily, please note it was a warmer day and no breeze. Smoked ribs the next day and had to wrap it in hot water heater foil wrap due to breezy and lower outside temps. After wrapping easily reached a temp of 300 before wrap was only hovering around 190 degrees. will be building a simple hinged smoke house for it with scrap wood and insulation.This unit is not double walled and needs no breeezeand warmer temps to function without insulating:(
  2. froaensmoke81
    I just bought this same model and am looking forward to finally getting to smoking this weekend, I have noticed that other smokers have "Vents". Last night when I put together this smoker I noticed that it had no vent, can anyone who has this particular model, do I need to be concerned about this ? I have heard that if you are not circulating new smoke with the old that it can become stale and leave a not so good taste in the meat you are smoking.   
  3. yamafx4dude
  4. jaime88
    I have a buddy that wants to sell me his weber smoky mountain charcoal smoker  for 150 as he wants to get a pellet fed electric smoker instead.. ive heard decent reviews on these models and hes only had it for a year .. would you recommend buying this unit
  5. yamafx4dude
    Really you should ask masterbuilt. I wont buy any more electric smokers. Throwing water soaked chips on hot charcoal works 10X better than these electric smokers. 
  6. jaime88
    Hey guys, I have this same model and it has worked pretty good for me so far except that lately it hasn't been getting up to temp properly and has been wanting to sit at around 150F, even when its on high , so it takes longer for everything to cook, now i know the thermometers that come on these units arent always reliable but from the amount of extra time it takes to cook i know its not working properly. I was wondering if anyone has had this issue or knows what the problem is wethor its the element or what?  Thanks
  7. yamafx4dude
    I got the 20070907 Digital model in today. No blown circuits and the door lines up perfectly. They obviously went through a lot more care to package this newer more expensive unit better.  
  8. snaphook
    I had a Masterbilt 2 door gasser that was junk from day one. Their customer "service" was non-existent. After owning a couple MES my experience with the gasser convinced me never to buy another Masterbilt product EVER!
  9. oldmisterbill
    You may have had a lemon,however don't underestimate Masterbuilts costomer service. I had a "lemon" that as soon as I called MB cust service - all I dad to do was cut off the plug & Id plate mail it to them ,then call them with a postal tracking numbe, # days later I had a new one. Unbelievabls service   no shipping fees ,just good ole customer service. I've been using master builtfor around 5years now. Luv it and when I say luv I mean love it - L U V  :-)