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Masterbuilt 40" Electric Smoker with Window

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  • Enjoy precise, push button, digital temperature and time control with this professional-grade smoker from Masterbuilt. This smoker features a digital thermostat-controlled heating element that adjusts up to 275% for even, consistent cooking. Four smoking racks in 3.4 cubic feet of cooking space give you lots of room to smoke large quantities of food. This unit also features a powder-coated body and a stainless steel door with an extra large viewing window. The intelligent design includes side-loading wood chip holder, removable drip pan, rear-mounted grease pan and a top air damper to make smoking easier

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  1. plimtuna
    "Easy to set up and go"
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    Dec 5, 2014
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    Pros - Easy to use, not hot to touch
    Cons - temp probes not accurate
    NOTE this if for Masterbuilt 20070512 40-Inch Front Controller Electric Smoker  I bought this through Amazon in the run up to Christmas.  Got a great deal on it.  It arrived in less than 48 hours and took less than an hour to assemble.

    PROBE:  Has worked consistently for the month I have had it.  But, I am now realizing that it has worked consistently cooler than expected.  I have come to believe that both the cabinet probe and the meat probe are estimate the temp by 25F over.  Items have been taking longer than expected.  Meat is not as tender as expected.  I proceeded to use another meat probe thermometer and found out what was happening.  When the unit said my brisket was at 190 F, it was actually at 165 F.  Until I figured this out, I would sit and wait and wait and wait (Yes, I knew about the wall).  I would then kick up the temp of the unit and finish things off in desperation.  And it worked.  

    Lesson learned -- confirm the accuracy of the unit.  Use alternative temp measuring devices.

    But besides the temp monitoring the unit is great.  

    Build:  Sturdy and solid. The unit is a bit low when it sits on the patio, i think I will build a platform (refuse to pay for one).  Really glad I got the 40" and not the 30"  I have put whole slabs of ribs on rack, no problem.  Whole brisket, no problem, whole salmon filet, no prob.

    Cleaning:  I have had little issue cleaning.  Mostly I take all the parts out, remove large obvious stains/clumps/ grease and then put them in the dish washer on pots and pans.  Wiping down the other parts with soapy sponge works great.  Remember, it is a smoker, so I am not expecting spotless clean.

    Remote control:  Remote works as advertised.  It is a replica of the control panel.  My only complaint and warning is that if you start it up at the smoker itself and then go pick up the remote and it on/off, you will turn the grill off and will need to reprogram cook temp and time.  I try to remember to not hit on/off but the light button which then seems to synch the two controllers.

    Cooked so far: 2 briskets, 2 beef jerky, i pork butt, pork sausage (2), cheese, olives, salt, ribs (2), ham  

    Overall : I love my new toy.  It produces much better product that I could ever do on my propane grill.  I only wish I had a bigger family to share all the goodness.
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  2. green1320
    "Good Smoker"
    Ease of Use:
    Heat Control:
    Purchase Date:
    Dec 30, 2014
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Easy to start up, Takes normal chips, and does a good quality job with little effort
    Cons - heat element wont keep up temperature in cold weather
     Overall I am very pleased with this smoker. It is very easy to use and smokes great food. The heating element does have problems keeping up in cold weather but gets the job done.
  3. chris2011
    Ease of Use:
    Heat Control:
    Purchase Date:
    Nov 28, 2014
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - none so far
    Cons - Doesnt Work
    I bought this smoker on black Friday at Academy on sale for 199.99. I couldn't pass up such a deal. After starting up the prep phase, i set it at 275 for 3 hours like the book said. I walked inside the house came back out 10 minutes later and the LCD screen was off. I clicked a button on the control pad and it beeped and flashed 468. I called masterbuilt and they sent me a new control panel. 2 weeks later the panel finally came in and I started up the prep phase again. after 5 minutes the smoker shut of and would not come back on. I unplugged it and tried everything... NOTHING. I called masterbuilt and they told me to return it to Academy and exchange it for another. I got my new one last night and am planning on trying the prep phase on it this evening. Hopefully it will work and I can use the smoker.

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  1. bbqforge
  2. Little_chief
    Okay I have a question. I am lookijg to purchase a masterbuilt electric smoker.. I am not sure where model to get as I have done research after research with reviews but I have yet to have anyone help with which model would be best and for longevity and hopefully there customer service from which I have read has had a split decision on they are good and helpful to they don't care and do not buy masterbuilt products.. so I am looking for some input on which one would be best
  3. terryblackwell8
    This is an excellent smoker but for some reason Amazon's pricing is not competitive. I read electric smoker reviews and I buy a lot from Amazon, but pricing on this item baffles me. Check around at the warehouse clubs and outdoor/fishing-hunting places.

    The remote control, a new feature, was not well thought out. It gives you only limited functionality. It can't even display the current temperature of the smoker. And it's easy to "think" your smoker is still on by looking at the remote, but it's off. The range of the remote is quite limited too.
  4. kjolly
    Seeing same problem with the 30". Masterbuilt is shipping replacement.
  5. kjolly
  6. mromj
    That 70lbs probably includes some the packing and shipping materials.  That's not too bad.
    I'll keep my eye out for a sale and if the price is right I think I'm getting it!
  7. plimtuna
    Amazon list the shipping weight of 70 lbs.  It is heavy, however there are two wheels on the back and a handle on the top rear.  It moves great with that.  Note the wheels are only a few inches in diameter, so they may or may not work on the stair.  
    I cooked an 8  lb packer no problem.
    What i do know though is that when I want to use a full tray aluminum  pan for juices, it is exactly the same size as the unit's interior.  that is a problem as I was concerned about smoke and heat movement.  I kind of bent the alum. tray in in the middle and sides to let more air around.  Ultimately, I decided to not use the large trays any more, I will use the 1/2 size, center it as best I can and clean up what is not caught.
    Full racks of ribs and cojo salmon filets worked great.
  8. mromj
    Thanks for this review.  I have the 30" and now that I am doing more smoking and starting to smoke for other people I am considering getting the bigger unit so I can fit more inside.  Right now an 8lb packer is barely fitting on a rack before the shrinkage.
    Can you tell me how heavy (weight) this unit is?  I have to lift mine up the height of one step whenever I use it.
    Thanks again!
  9. waterdogscbr
    I own the mes 40.
    Love it for precise cooking.
    Have no problem in cold temps and love using the amps pellets in it. Took out the wood tray and hooked a tube to it for my mailbox mod.
    Love it.
  10. green1320
       I did have to contact Masterbuilts customer service and they were great!!! It was fast and they got the parts I needed shipped out and I received them in 3 days. They were great people to deal with and covered all the parts under warranty. I called and spoke to a real person in under 1 min and was done with my whole problem with parts being shipped in under 5 min. Best experience I have had with a companys customer Service.