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Cabinet Style

Masterbuilt 40" Electric Smokehouse (2nd Gen.) 20070512

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  • Black Body, S/S Door

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  1. uncle eddie
    "This review is after 15 months of heavy use - Way"
    Pros - Set it and forget it, bluetooth control, most everything fits in the dishwasher, lots of space for big smokes
    Cons - smoked flavor can be a bit weak if not using an AMNPS - this reduced my overall rating by 1/2 star
    I have owned an MES 40 - 2.5 for about 15 months now.  I have smoked many briskets, racks and racks of ribs, numerous turkeys, pulled pork, salmon, prime rib, etc.  I also own a traditional wood/charcoal Brinkmann offset smoker (serial #1126) made of boilerplate - a real heavy thing and have had this smoker for about 15 years.

    I own two smokers an MES 40-2.5 and a traditional Brinkmann wood/charcoal offset smoker.  I find I now use my MES 40 about 5 or 6 times for every time I use my Brinkmann.  I actually use my Brinkmann more for higher-temp smokes (chicken wings, pork steaks, rib-eye, etc.)
    • I read through the reviews and I have not experienced any of the problems with huge temperature swings.  My temperature swings are maybe +/- 5 degrees using a calibrated thermometer.
    • I do not like the new MES app for controlling the smoker via Bluetooth...to many graphics and you can accidentally mess up a setting if you are not careful - the old app was perfectly easy to use, simple, clear, concise, etc.  I am now used to the new app. but miss the old one terribly.  DO NOT UPGRADE THE APP IF YOU ARE STILL USING THE OLD ONE (red screen).
    • Once I started using an AMNPS 5x8 to help generate smoke, bigger items like brisket, pulled pork, turkeys had a better smoked flavor than just using the chip tray that comes with the smoker...although I can still get a great smoke if I babysit the chip-tray and add a few chips at a time to maintain a great smoke.  But if I am going to do that, I should just fire up my Brinkmann.
    • With the AMNPS - I can set it and forget it - so overnight smokes are a cinch
    • I had to modify the AMNPS with spring clips to raise it from the floor of the smoker and had to open the chip feeder 1/2 way yo keep the AMNPS lit.  (Thanks for your help with this Todd!)
    • The 40" smoker can easily do two-12 pound turkeys at a time and many racks of ribs if you use rib racks.
    • I once left the meat thermometer ouy of the smoker after a smoke - and it rained - ruining the meat thermometer (totally my fault).  I could not find a replacement on the MB website so I emailed them, told them what I did, and asked them to point me in the direction so I could buy a replacement...they sent me a new one for free even though the smoker was about a year old and it was my fault.  So that is great customer service!
    • I would totally buy this smoker again.
    It lost 1/2 star due to the weak smoke flavor on big meats without the use of an AMNPS.
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  2. gifted tulip
    "good smoke house now after upgrade"
    Pros - holds temp well
    Cons - probe not accurate
    I upgraded the wiring to 12G using "range" wire obtained at local electric supply store. Now the heating element (1200w) is much more responsive

    and the wood chips burn down completely in 30 to 45 min. at a temperature setting of 225 deg. if you are interested, in upgrade, send me email at [email protected]
  3. jrranch
    "This is a great smoker"
    Ease of Use:
    Heat Control:
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    Jul 17, 2015
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    Pros - Ease of use
    Cons - Haven't found any yet
    I have had 2 of the 30" smokers and found them to be very good. I had trouble with one at my vacation home after a year or more and they sent me a new heating element no problem.

    My first 30" quit after many years use and it didn't have the replaceable element so I got the 40"

    I have read lots of negative stuff about this unit but I haven't had a problem. I find it is a solid smoker just like my two 30' ones.

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  1. telman2
    Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting the upgrade you preformed on your Masterbuilt smoker. I sent you a PM asking your advice and a request for any information you can supply about doing it.
  2. sbpaducah
    As I said, this smoker looks good!  I still have the 2 units but I recently bought a Vision, kamado style cooker and I think I am really gonna like it!  I use lump charcoal and big chunks of hickory and cherry wood.  This cooker will maintain 250 for at least 20 hours without restoking.  I bought this cooker at Sam's Club at end of season price and saved a couple hundred bucks.  The MES 40 Bluetooth digital smoker is out in stores and may be a better unit than the 2 I have, may read a review on the newer one before you decide not to buy one.
  3. brazosbrian
    Another great product of China... I swear, if some company somewhere decided to build All American (as in 'United States') and did it with the quality that we knew and loved up through the late 60s/early 70s before manufacturing went overseas in droves (thank you, fed gov't) ...they'd make billions!
  4. giterdun
  5. paris401
    I too have the 40'' model... so far (finger crossed) after 1 year still working well... BUT... I find the meats we have smoked (pork shoulder and brisket), have not gotten that bark I see on tv ... maybe u need a offset smoker , not sure...
  6. garymaxx
    I have a MES 40" Gen2 model# 20072612 bought 02/14/2014 and love it except for problems with the element which melted the left contact off 13 months after purchase. I bought new element and had to extend the wires and put new clips on and it worked fine for five months and melted the wire on left side of element again. I was able to fix by replacing wire and putting on new clip but don't know how long it will last. 
    Everything else works just fine. the temp is about five Degrees hotter than the control says but that is fine and as far as the chip tray it works great and i get all of the smoke i want. As for the grease trap i have used a large foil pan on the bottom shelf since day one and have no problems with grease on patio.
    I think it is a great smoker but i would have to give it only three stars because of the element problems.
  7. shakinbakin
    Cman good to hear! TexasBull, I'll have to check the number on it. Sorry for such a late response, I never got an indications someone commented on my post. 
  8. cman55
    Masterbuilt came thru! Will ship my replacement heating element free of charge. I was pleasantly surprised that I would be getting the heating element free. They certainly know how to treat their customers. 
  9. cman55
    My heating element went out a month ago. Called Masterbuilt and they have them on back order. Since my unit is out of warranty, I cannot pre-order. They told me to check with them at the end of Jan. 2015. 
  10. geerock
    The next generation mes is just coming to stores now. It has some of the good design features of the gen 1..... including top vent.