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Masterbuilt 30" Black 20070511

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  • Masterbuilt 30" Electric Smoker with Meat ProbePrecise digital controls640 sq. in. of cooking spaceInsulated walls trap heat and eliminate dryingPrecise digital controls assist you in making culinary masterpieces. The heating element adjusts up to 275°F and is regulated by a digital thermostat. The wood of your choice smolders in the electrically heated, easy-to-clean, removable wood chute. Insulated walls trap heat and eliminate drying. Four racks provide 640 sq. in. of cooking space. Includes meat temperature probe. 25-lb. capacity. Imported. Dimensions: 30"H x 15-3/4"W x 17"D. Weight: 48 lbs.Color: Black.

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  1. tjdcorona
    "Masterbuilt - with mailbox mod"
    Ease of Use:
    Heat Control:
    Pros - ive had it for 3 yrs - no issues
    Cons - needs a bigger heat element
    Ive been smoking on this thing almost every weekend for 3 yrs, and have had the best meat ever!
    Needs to come with the kit for mailbox mod - once i did that - it was a game changer. DEFINATELY do that AND get the A-mazen pellet smoker (The knockoffs dont hold up). smokes for about 8-10 hrs.
  2. garyw121
    "Great Smoker for the price"
    Pros - insulated, set and forget
    Cons - 275 max temp
    This is a great smoker for the price. I bought it from Home Depot online for $149. 2 day shipping. So glad I spent the money. My only negative about this smoker is that I cannot set it above 275. now I know "low and slow", BUT sometimes you need a high heat to get a chicken skin to crisp. I will probably buy a second one just to host more people!
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  3. smokingmax
    "Very simple smoker,works great! Digital window is"
    Pros - Dependable
    Cons - Digital screen hard to see
    Nice unit forget the digital screen window and I would give it a 5 star
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  1. smokingmax
  2. miked
    I must agree, its certainly nowhere near perfect, and not the set it and forget it smoker this is advertised to be.  One way I've overcome the the lack of smoke is by putting my meat in when I turn it on during the warm up process. This way the the heating element is constantly on and burning the wood chips until it reaches temp. That will give me about 20-30 minutes of constant smoke before the hit or miss smoke begins. Then I empty the ash tray so the future chips sit directly on the pan.
  3. jetson
    Ditto for me...  Works great, but compared to you guys, mine ain't even broke in yet...  I'll get back with you guys if things change.
  4. shovelheadsteve
  5. dh66010
    Mine works well too. I did learn quickly that the box has to be 40 degrees or the electronics will not turn on. Once I learned that I have had no other problems with mine for about 4 years. Ya it is about wore out an I need a new one now.
  6. vajinyan
     Ha! I'm shocked that you’re shocked at this review.  
    I'm glad yours works well for you and you obviously have a good one and a keeper.  Congrats my friend...  However don't be surprised if that second unit you buy doesn't come close to the performance you’re getting out of your present one.  
    The internet is a buzz with dissatisfied users.  Sure there are lots of 5 star reviews of this unit but the vast majority are reviews of people who have had them for only a short time (a season or two).  It was about 18 months when mine started acting up.  Long after the short warranty period is up.   Before then I loved my Masterbuilt 30, but if it don’t heat it ain’t no damn good to anyone.  
  7. smokedstanley
    I am really shocked by your experience with this smoker. I have the same unit since beginning of 2013 and I am nothing but pleased with it. I do a lot of shoulders in it, 2 at a time since that is all that will fit. about 16-18 hours and it has worked great from day one. Plenty of smoke, too much if you over load the tray before the old chips have burned off. I use it all year round, rain, snow. I just put a something over the little controller and go. My only complaint is I wish it held more. I would definitely recommend this smoker to a beginner and would even buy a second one if the price was right.
  8. bigtexun
    I have an insulated smoker that is really efficient, one 6 pound load of lump charcoal will burn over 36 hours for a low-slow ~220* cook.  This does not produce a lot of smoke, so while I could go with a smoke generator for best results, my work-around is to mix wood chips into the charcoal load.  The chips burn with the charcoal evenly, and produce better smoke than trying to put chips on top, or in a chip holder.  Being able to have the smoker running the whole weekend without tending the fire is nice for when you are trying to get things like brisket table ready on-time without having to constantly babysit the smoker.  A completely different experience as compared to the offset.  But not enough smoke till you figure out how.
  9. daricksta
    This is what I love about Masterbuilts (I own the MES 30 Gen 1 20070910); you produce real BBQ restaurant quality 'Q" at home. We just had some ribs at the new Dickey's BBQ Pit in town and I'll put the pork ribs I've smoked in my MES against theirs any day.
    I also own an AMNPS and it's made a world of difference. You insert it with burning wood pellets and that's typically all she wrote until you finish the smoke. No more adding wood chips every 20-30 minutes. The AMNPS generates more than adequate smoke.
  10. benson56
    Sounds great. Warning....after  you start smoking your own meat, you'll find it hard to enjoy eating at a restaurant anymore.
    When we go to friends' houses and they pull out the store-bought salami and summer sausage, how does one politely tell them it tastes like puke?