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Masterbuilt 20070213 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, Front Controller

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  • The rich, full flavor of slow-cooked food has been a staple of outdoor cookouts. The Master built 30-inch Electric Digital Smokehouse delivers smokehouse flavor as easy as grilling. Not only does this electric, digital smoker come fully equipped with a blue LED display for easy viewing in direct sunlight, but it also has over 700 square inches of total cooking space on four chrome cooking racks. This smokehouse also has a NEW drip deflector and front access drip pan along with a locking door with an inner liner help to keep the heat and smoky flavor inside. The smooth operating wood chip loading system allows better smoke control allowing you to have as much or as little smoky flavor you would like for your foods. Whether you're cooking pork, chicken, beef or seafood, the delightfully smoky aroma that permeates from the Master built 30-inch Electric Digital Smokehouse has a way of making friends and family flock around the smoker in the spirit of good times and good food.
  • Binding:
    Lawn & Patio
    730 sq. inches of cooking space with 4 chrome-coated racks and 800 watt heating element
    Blue LED display makes reading temperatures and cooking time in direct sunlight easy
    Thermostat temperature control for even cooking from 100 to 275 degrees F
    Redesigned front access drip pan, smoother operating wood chip loading system and side/top air damper
    FULL foam insulation keeps the heat in, making for consistent smoking
    Masterbuilt 20070213 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, Front Controller
    20" L x 33.50" H x 17" W
    Lawn & Patio
    Package Height:
    18 inches
    Package Length:
    34 inches
    Package Weight:
    60 pounds
    Package Width:
    19 inches
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    Item Height:
    33.5 inches
    Item Length:
    20 inches
    Item Weight:
    59.31 pounds
    Item Width:
    17 inches

Recent User Reviews

  1. wilkesctywildma
    "Don't waste your money"
    Pros - .?
    Cons - Electronics are junk
    i feel like I got burnt on this one. Electronics are junk. Unrealible...couldn't get it to come on at all this time. Buying another brand right away.
  2. gamblin9511
    ""set it and forget it""
    Ease of Use:
    Heat Control:
    Purchase Date:
    Jul 4, 2013
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - easy to use, easy to clean,
    Cons - none
    makes smoking easy. keeps a constant even temperature.has never failed me in the 2 years i've owned it.i liked it so much i bought both of my sons one and they love it.
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  3. yankeejoe1911
    "First Impressions at Unboxing and Assembly Only"
    Purchase Date:
    Jan 24, 2015
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Unit intact with no shipping damage, good fit and finish, easy assembly of parts.
    Cons - Wheels would be nice.
    I have not seasoned this unit yet so this review is only my first impressions at unboxing and assembly. I found this unit on Craiglist for $100 and it was new and still packed in the box, so for $100 I gave it a high mark for value. The box had a small hole in one side (about 1") but there was no apparent damage to the smoker body at all. Unboxing was tedious due to everything being wrapped and secured with MANY cable ties which prohibited damage so I'm not complaining. All parts assembled with relative ease and all hardware was present and accounted for in the packaging. All parts that were mounted permanently with screws aligned up with mounting holes without having to insert the screws at wild angles to get them started. This unit is gen 2 so I will follow up with another review once I've had opportunity to season then cook with it. I also plan on purchasing the Masterbuilt Cold Smoke Generator and will review it once I've used it as well. I suppose my greatest concern is how the electronics are going to hold up once in use, I base this concern on research done prior to my purchase. I've read good things about Masterbuilt's Customer Service but I hope not to have to include that in any future reviews.

    Pics of unboxing and assembly:

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  1. seeker005
    I have had this unit (or one that looks very much like it) for the past 3+years.  initially, I noticed the vent wouldn't close called masterbuilt, they replace it via courier . After the 1st year the heating element went, called masterbuilt they sent a new one without any arguing ( they are very helpful people). that was one or 2 years back. hopefully will not have any need to contact them for parts again for many years to come.  BTW., it works great I have smoked several hundred different cuts on it  only need to get a cold generator for it. (tis is my 2nd smoker the "little chief" was my 1st)
  2. cflbob
    I have the top rear mounted controller, but it sure seems like it would be the same electronics.  I don't keep count of how often I've used it, but since I got it last Christmas, probably twice a month on average, so around 20 times sounds right.  No issues with the controller.  Have you contacted Masterbuilt about warranty service? 
    By the way, this was to replace the "analog" controller version, 30" MES I had, and probably used 50 times.  If you're not really fussy about adjusting the controller to keep the temperature centered, the analog version has the advantage of smoking longer on a load of chips. 
  3. dwdunlap
    I'm sorry to hear you had troubles with your  MES.  So far (4-5 smokes) Mine has worked very well does everything I want. Mine is digital and keeps temp pretty close to setting. Perfect no, but pretty close. Of course I can always up the temp setting but really, It's electric so there will naturally be a lag time discrepancy. But over over a several hour smoke I don't see that as any real problem. I used a Weber Grill for years and every 40 minutes required opening the lid to add charcoal and wood and lost all the heat. But still made great smoked Que.  Just my 2¢
    Richardson, TX  
  4. dwdunlap
  5. joeski
    I love the set it and forget it cooking.  I can watch the IT and not be chained to the smoker/grill. Some days I can't hang out by the smoker for hours. I've set the smoker up and left the house  for hours without a worry.  Highly recommended if you want the easiest possible smoked BBQ.
  6. smokin shawn
    I have the same exact one. Only because I have no place to put a large wood smoker on my patio in my apartments. My dad gives me grief over it because he taught me to smoke meats the traditional way. However, I'm pleased with my investment. Great post!