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Masterbuilt 20070210 30-Inch Electric Analog Smoker

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  1. bobtheump
    "Masterbuilt 20070210 Electric Smoker"
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    Dec 20, 2011
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    Pros - Simple to set up and use. Easy to store and clean. Adequate space for home use.
    Cons - Water tray and smoke box not accessible without opening door. Thermostat wanders a little. No adjustable vents.
    This is my first electric smoker after a few years of indirect smoking on a gas grill. I know, I know but it was what I had.  Got this as a gift for Christmas and it has been running a lot since then.  Smoke starts quick and easy but the rheostat is a little sensitive in the sweet spot around 225 deg.  Only real complaint is having to open the door to add water and chips.  Thermometer on door is as bad as all the rest but as an old gas grill-er I would never dream of trusting it anyway. Runs about 5 degrees low at 225 but the error is not linear so a couple of digitals are a must.  I have done a couple of butts, several racks of spares, turkey wings and a tray of about 30 marinated skinless chicken breasts over the last month.  So far the product has come out fine.  I use an aluminum tray to baffle the direct heat from the element on delicates like the chicken breasts but each of the shoulder cuts turned out great after a 8 and 7 hour smoke respectively.  (Cold enough here that I finish in the oven.)  All in all, for an inexpensive unit I am very pleased,