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Master Forge Electric Cabinet Smoker

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Master Forge

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  1. bobur7
    "Having problem today"
    Pros - Integrated meat thermometer great smoke retention
    Have owned this for 2 years and have loved it. However getting ready to do a brisket and 3 racks of ribs this AM and when I turn it on its tripping the GFI. Its drizzling out but am under cover even tried getting a different dry extension cord. Moved unit close enough to outlet to eliminate extension cord - same result. Any ideas or other who have had same problem?
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  2. heubrewer
    "Very Easy to use"
    Pros - Easy to use, set the temperature and go
    Cons - Seems like it could use a larger chip tray....
    While mine is built by Masterbuilt for Bass Pro Shops it looks identical to this one.

    Purchased around Memorial Day weekend (May 18, 2014) with stand for around $210 or so.

    The stand is a nice addition as it raises the smoker up a bit from the ground.  I also went to my local hardware

    store and added 4 rubber castors/wheels so I can roll it around.  It is little top heavy and will tip if you roll over a

    concrete divider if you are not careful, but it beats having to pickup the unit and move it from place to place.  Rolling

    it around works perfectly.

    So far I have smoked ribs, pork loin, salmon,  and beer can chicken all came out great.

    The chip hopper seems a bit small but it does produce the smoke.   Will give it a test on smoked pork shoulder and pastrami this weekend

    Mine seals tight and does not leak smoke around the seal even when using an external temp probe.

    Cleanup is easy

    I would recommend to anyone wanting a "no hassle" smoker.
  3. bob frank
    "Mine is labeled as a Masterbuilt"
    Pros - masterbuilt quality insulated cabinet
    Cons - Im confused is it not a Masterbuilt? or is this the wrong picture?
    Mine came from lowes and the box gives it as a Masterbuilt 20071514, 1100 watt. If the door leaks a little bit you can adjust the latch to hold it closer in. they will also replace the seal.

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  1. bob frank
    Now the cabinet actual (green egg dual) temp reads 25 degrees lower than set temp on the dial. Sent me another control panel no charge...I think it's the BBQ temp probe (not the wired meat temp) as it's not right yet. No way to calibrate it. Making me a calibration chart...I love the extra wattage (800 in 30" 1100 in 40") in the winter!
  2. heubrewer
    Update after 6 months.... My MES (same as the model shown) is working great. Really puts out the smoke at ~235F and above. I have smoked several shoulders, full packer briskets, pork loins, salmon, chicken, etc. Would definatley recommend to others. I would change my review to 5 stars if I could. You can not ask for a more easy to use smoker that really produces outstanding flavor!
  3. bobur7
    Let it dry out and tried again. Set temp at 225 and popped again. Tried again this time set temp for 100, let come to temp moved to 125; moved up at 25 degree intervals and come to temp til I got to 225. Got up this AM and set right away at 225 and no problem.
  4. bearbrew
    Had the same problem with my previous electric smoker.  Determined it was the GFI going bad.  Replaced and solved the problem.
    Some homes were built with the GFI in the circuit breaker box.  This circuit setup usually ran the garage outlet, the exterior outlet and the bathroom outlet.  They were really easy to overload the circuit.
  5. smitty911
    Yes I have only mine was the new revision 40 in. model.
    I called customer service and they sent me a new box..with new electronic guts in it at no charge. They said that they have had problems with some of the circuit boards in the units.
    Call them I know they will help you out.
  6. smitty911
    Same thing has happened to me... but mine was with the new 40 model.
    I called customer service and hey told me they have had problems with the units.
    They sent me a brand new box with new electronic guts at no charge and told me to swap out the door and racks etc.
    Call them they did pretty well for me!
  7. bbq pit vulture
    Try drying the electricals inside the smoker. 
  8. we-r-smokin
  9. daricksta
    You chose the wrong pic. There are existing Masterbuilt threads here since a ton of us have them. Can't find anything on your model #. Maybe some of the experts here can help you out.
  10. jfoote