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Master Forge Charcoal Smoker

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Master Forge
  • Master Forge Vertical Charcoal Smoker

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  1. pnkn
    "not for a full bowl of charcoal"
    Cons - catches on fire

  2. snowave
    "pretty darn good"
    Pros - steady temp
    Cons - little flexibility for higher or lower temps.
    This is a very good smoker... especially for the price and size. I was skeptical with the limitations for temperature control with limited air vents, etc... but it surprisingly held the temp around 225 jsut fine. So... if you're wanting to do most of your smoking around 225, this unit works just fine for that.
  3. chilbolt
    "with $20 in mods, this smoker is PERFECT"
    Pros - accessable fire box, tall lid, two well spaced grill grates
    Cons - requires $20 in mods to be efficient
    I have had this smoker for a year and a half and I love it.  I did the "day-tripper" mods before i ever fired it up and it has been the most easy-to-use smoker ever.  I know what to expect every time I use it.  My results are dependable and consistent.  I would certainly buy this unit again and recommend it to friends; as long as they raise the charcoal grate, add a damper to the lower intake and drill two 1" holes in the lid for exhaust.  This smoker is great.

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  1. bbq pit vulture
    Just how much charcoal did you use.
    That's what is meant by burning in.
    My son has a WSM never had that happen.
  2. moonwolf
  3. jpsciacca
    Poor design for air intake. I found that the ashes always clogged up the bottom vents and smothered the fire partway through the smoke. Using large pieces of lump will help keep temps up while not blocking the vents. I agree that a grate to keep the coals up might be your best bet for increasing your temps. I did the Weber WSM upgrade so if you try some mods and mess something up you can come to CT and have mine! Good luck
  4. slc godfather
    Thank you all for your input! Very appreciated! I found another link with mods http://www.smoking-meat.com/modify-brinkmann-ecb-smoker.html I havent' tried them yet and have used the smoker since, just found myself finishing things off in the oven.
    Thinking about upgrading to a bigger smoker this summer... All the mods seem excessive for a cheap starter piece!
  5. woodcrv01
  6. buttburner
    I have this smoker. I put a weber style damper in the top and another one in the bottom. I also put a grate in the charcoal pan to get the colas out of the ashes. I cooked ribs on it last weekend at 225f
    worked great.
  7. salgd
    It should be all fuel and air flow. If you have plenty of fuel you must need more air flow. When it is cold out I use a lot of fuel because I have the vent pretty open but it works if I keep the wood coming.
  8. pastorgadget
    Read the forums on this type of smoker, each is unigue and alot of the bullet style water smokers need mods to make them work well. Airflow is always an issue. Need more oxygen to create more heat. Another issue I had with my ECB is water leverl. The lower the water level the higher i could get the temp. It is a heat sync.
  9. bambam2613
    Did you ever figure out how to keep it hotter? I was pre smoking mine yesterday to get all the oils out and I was able to keep it above 300 for a while but then I was never able to keep it higher than 180-200.
  10. squidsmoke
    The one at Lowes (master forge) is a better design and construction than the one at Home Depot (brinkmann) and the difference in price isnt that much.