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LEM® #22 Stainless Steel Grinder 1 HP

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  1. woodcutter
    "LEM #22 Grinder W/Big Bite Auger"
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    Mar 17, 2014
    Pros - All Stainless for easy cleaning. The Big Bite Augar is really amazing. The large meat tray is very nice.
    Cons - The meat stomper is hollow plastic.
    I purchased the LEM #22 Grinder late last fall and have been very happy with it. I have run about 800 lbs of meat through it so far and have not had any issues. It is very strong and very fast. The Big Bite Auger works as advertised and is a big improvement over my standard #22 open throat grinder. The meat pieces do not bounce on the auger threads until pushed. The threads grab the meat and immediately start pushing it forward to the knife and plate. When feeding meat it is more like pushing meat into a drain than stuffing meat into the throat. For the first grind I do not need the meat pusher. I do need the meat pusher when doing a second grind. The meat sometimes sticks to the side of the throat on the 2nd grind. The height of the grinder plate is very nice. I use 6" steam pans and they fit very well.


    I have not tried stuffing with the stuffer tubes but I think the Big Bite Auger would do better than a conventional auger.

    The meat pusher is hollow plastic and has a cheap feel to it. It would be handy if the unit would have a cord holder of some type.

    Overall this is a very nice and very well built unit.
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