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Propane Smokers

Landmann Smokey Mountain 2-Drawer Propane Smoker

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Landmann USA
  • Heat saving, two drawer propane smoker design 698 square inches of cooking area Four movable chrome plated cooking racks Sliding drawer design—replenish wood and water without opening the cooking chamber Great temperature control—adjustable damper, temperature gauge, and precise burner control knob Long lasting 13,500 BTU cast brass burner—won't rust, 10-year manufacturer's warranty Heavy-duty, fully welded steel constructionWith its long lasting, cast brass burner and a heat saving two drawer design, the Landmann Smokey Mountain 2-Drawer Propane Smoker makes it easy to cook delicious smoked foods. Enjoy 698 square inches of cooking area over four movable chrome plated cooking racks, giving you the ability to cook large food and lots of it. This smoker features sliding drawers for wood and water beneath the smoking chamber, allowing you to maintain a more constant temperature by adding wood and water without opening the cooking chamber. Adjustable damper, temperature gauge, and precise burner control knob give you great temperature control to help you maintain optimum cooking temperature in the smoking chamber. The smoker's long lasting 13,500 BTU cast brass burner won't rust, distributes heat more evenly, and carries a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. Porcelain coated water pan and smoker box. Heavy-duty, fully welded steel construction. Cool grip wood handle on main door and coil spring handles on drawers. Heavy duty side carrying handles. Wide stance legs for stability. Smoking chamber dimensions: 34'' x 16'' x 14''. Overall dimensions: 18'' x 21'' x 43.2''.

Recent User Reviews

  1. vtmecheng
    "Good overall smoker"
    Ease of Use:
    Heat Control:
    Pros - Easy to use, constant temp in nice weather
    Cons - Door leaks too much heat, heat is not constant with a little wind
    I got this as a present and so far it has helped make some great smoked meat.  Using quality wood chunks I can get about an hour to two hours of smoke before having to add more wood.  It has lots of room for tons of meat but it should be noted that it's not wide enough for a full rack of pork ribs, you will need to cut them in half to fit.  There are two cons I have with this smoker. First, the propane control is really sensitive. This isn't too bad but means you need a soft touch to obtain a desired temp. Second, the door leaks way too much smoke and heat, with the latter being an issue if you smoke in non-perfect weather. I had a problem with this over thanksgiving when it was cooler and a little windy. My smoker temp kept going down with each wind gust and as the temp outside dropped I began having a hard time maintaining the higher 325 degF temp I use for smoking turkey.  Hopefully this problem is now fixed as I made a seal out of high temp wood stove RTV.  Hopefully I will never have that happen again.  Overall it's a great smoker for the money and I love using propane over coal.
  2. boilerman
    "Christmas putin it together"
    Purchase Date:
    Dec 14, 2012
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - just finished assembly
    Cons - am smoking a 10# ham this weekend,wait and see
    piece of cake to put together. well marked bags and parts with good instructions. I'll let you know next week.
  3. hrlyridr77
    "great bang for the buck"
    Ease of Use:
    Heat Control:
    Purchase Date:
    Dec 25, 2012
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - features, drawers, room, easy to use, steady heat
    Cons - temp gauge
    Had a charcoal smoker years ago. This is a serious upgrade from that. Initial temperature setting was a bit twitchy, but once I dialed it in, it held for about 6 hours no problem. Ambient temp 28, smoker temp - 225. Temp gauge reads about 25 deg high. Smoked a pork roast and a chicken, and several bulbs of garlic. All came out great. Looking forward to a long relationship with my Christmas present...

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  1. boilerman
    I got my Smoky Mountain 2 drawer LP for Christmas. It's been so bloody cold and snowy, last weekend was the first over 35 degrees. I put in a 13# pork shoulder. I'm used to my Weber 22" smoker. This thing ran for 7 hours ,little variation in temp. I still went out every half hour to check it.Beautiful crust with mustard and Jeffs Rub. The meat was fantastic. I see why Jeff calls these the lazy smoker but when it's cold it lets you still smoke.
  2. vtmecheng
    I got a product from Rutland called "600 RTV Hi Heat Silicone Sealant - Black" and it only cost like $5 for a calking gun tube which was more than enough.
    -Take the door off and clean the surface that contacts the smoker box with some alcohol.
    -Now with a calking gun you squeeze a bead of the Silicon RTV on that cleaned surface. Where you want to put the Silicon RTV is at the right angled lip (http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/g/i/200652/a/125537/random/sort/display_order/). The amount you put in there is tough to judge so look at the gap when the door is on your smoker and closed. Putting a little more on there than needed is recommended, you can always cut off excess once dry.
    -With the wet silicon on your smoker door and door still off your smoker take strips of wax paper maybe 4" wide and cover the silicon RTV. Don't push this paper to the silicon RTV, just touch it so the paper stays in place. Make sure the wax paper more than covers the silicon RTV so it keeps things from oozing onto places you don't want.
    -Put the door back on your smoker and carefully close it making sure the paper doesn't catch on something (helps to have the drawers out for this so they don't interfere). There will be resistance in closing the door so just provide some pressure until the magnets on the door are against the smoker body and door is as closed as it can be.
    -Leave everything like this for 24 hours.
    -Open the door and peel off the wax paper.
    -Cut of any excess that oozed where you don't want it with a razor blade. Now you have a custom fit seal for your smoker.
    -I also cut a little section of the RTV out for the wire of my remote meat thermometer to pass through.
    Hope this helps and wasn't too confusing.
  3. nymjk
    For all my bowl party friends, I smoked wings a few weeks ago. The crowd went crazy for them! So much so that there were NO leftovers!
  4. nymjk
    I have the same smoker and similar experiences, especially regarding heat loss and difficulty keeping constant temperature under wind conditions.
    As far as tweeking the flame, I will put a need valve in when the weather warms.
    However, can you please describe more fully how you created a door seal. What is RTV?
  5. davew478
    Smoked Chicken leg quarters. Brined the chicken overnight, Used Memphis style rub. Turned out Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. davew478
  7. splitshot
  8. splitshot
    Yes you can, the wood box is deep enough for both. I am happy, the only complaint would be the width (16") and had to cut the rib racks in 1/2. It does come with a hanger bracket that bolts to the roof of the unit, hmmm, might be an alternative.
  9. budster
    $250 and free shipping is hard to pass up. I think I'm going to order one. I'm saving up for a for a gravity feed smoker. The smokey mountain should keep me happy until then.
    My question about the SM is "can you use wood chunks instead of wood chips?
    Good luck with your SM and get smoking.:-)
  10. splitshot
    Ours arrived yesterday, assembled last night, seasoned am today and enough time to do 2 pork ribs over oak (5 hours). It took some time to dial in the temp, but once it got there, walk away, drink a beer and find something else to do. Nummy stuff.