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Propane Smokers

Landman USA 3605GD 36" Gas One Door Vertical Smoker

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Landmann USA
  • Premium features include:Easy Access Door Cool grip wire handles 4 cooking grates Push Button ignition Porcelain coated steel water pan Cast Iron Chip box Dimensions: 45.2'' H x 29'' W x 21'' D. Weight: 91.3 lbs. Cooking Chamber: 36''H x 24''W x 16''D Cooking Area: 1257 sq. inches

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  1. hatch505
    "First time smoker"
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    Sep 2, 2011
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    Pros - Large,adjustable dampers, good assembly instructions, AWESOME CUSTOMER SUPPORT
    Cons - some parts arrived broken
    First of all, I love the food that this thing turns out. It's a propane smoker, so there's no charcoal management involved. For the most part it's set-and-forget.

    If you don't read anything else in this review, I want to make sure everyone knows that Landmann customer service is the best!

    There are 4 square food grates, that look like they could each hold a chicken or a small-ish turkey. If you want to do ribs, you'll probably have to cut them in half. Not to say that it's small, because it definitely isn't. Unless you're feeding more than 8 people, you'd be hard pressed to fill it up completely and not have leftovers, so don't worry about running out of space. 

    There are some nice features that I'd like to point out.

    The water pan is porcelain coated, which makes it dead-easy to clean. 

    The smoke box is cast iron, so it hold plenty of heat, and does a great job of smoking the wood and not igniting it outright.

    There are 3 built-in dampers, and they are well placed for controlling heat and smoke.

    Overall, the interior is well sorted, the bottom featuring a flange to keep grease out of the burner.

    The individual components fit together just fine.

    The door does leak a small amount of smoke, but it's minor. The welds holding everything together are good and tight, I have only seen smoke coming from the seal around the door (which is minor) and out of the top damper.  Assembly was dead-simple. You basically attach the feet and the burner and you're good to go.

    However, there are somethings that I don't like so much. UPS damaged my unit in transit, so when it arrived, it had a broken grate and both grate holders were also broken.

    The steel ring that holds the burner in place was also dented and needed to be hammered back into shape before I could finish putting it all back together.

    One of the nuts that holds on the side handles was bad and stripped out a bolt when I was putting it together. However, nothing showed up warped or ill-fitting due to manufacturing.

    Also, in my opinion the steel used for construction is too thin (except for the steel used for the feet, which is just fine). Because it's a one-door design, every time I want to add wood or water, or mop, I lose lots of heat. If the steel walls were thicker, it would definitely recover faster. More thermal mass would be appreciated. 

    As you would find on any website dedicated to smoking food, I would recommend that you purchase a digital probe for checking internal temperatures, and a thermometer for measuring the temperature inside the smoker. Bottom line: don't rely on the thermometer that came with the smoker.

    And as I said earlier, Landmann has great customer service!

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  1. fishwrestler
    Great review, Landmann has recently redesigned their packaging to prevent shipping damage. The last shipment of smokers I received form them have more foam around the edges and 4 sheet metal corner two across the edges and two across the bottom edge. They are making great efforts to prevent the damage that occurred in the past during shipping.As to the single door issue and heat, They have designed a mutlidoor unit that allows you to check the water pan and chip pan with out having to open up the cooking chamber. Your purchased a great unit and I can't agree more their customer service is outstanding.