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Landman 3895Gwla Smoky MountainVertical Gas Smoker, 38-Inch

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Landmann USA
  • The Landmann Smoky Mountain 38-inch Vertical Gas Smoker with two Heat Saving Drawers and Wide Chamber provides 1576-square inch of cooking area to smoke your favorite meats, fowl and fish. Features heat saving EASY ACCESS drawers with handle to access wood chip box and water pan without opening main chamber door. Magnetic door closing system efficiently latches door. Fully adjustable heat control with front door temperature gauge. adjustable top chimney and side damper vents with plastic tab guards for optimum temperature control. Large Nylon plastic door handle, 5 adjustable chrome plated cooking grates and meat hanger. Includes porcelain coated steel water pan and heavy duty steel wood chip box with lid. Square, wide stance legs for stability. Rotary igniter, heavy duty steel construction with easy assembly. Cast brass burner for long life. Will not rust. 10-year warranty.
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    Lawn & Patio
    Cast brass burner for long life. will not rust; 10-year warranty
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    47.25 inches
    26 inches
    92.6 pounds
    21 inches
    Landmann USA
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    Landmann USA
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    Lawn & Patio
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    Landmann USA
    Landmann USA
    Landman 3895Gwla Smoky MountainVertical Gas Smoker, 38-Inch
    26" Wide Chamber

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  1. jarrinjack
    "Initial 2 smokes were fantastic"
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    Pros - plentiful room, sturdy construction
    Cons - temp control a little touchy
    I'm a rookie and this product made things pretty easy for me on the first two attempts.  Both my brisket one day, as well as 2 split chickens a few days later were delicious and relatively easy.   Resist the temptation to keep micro-adjusting the temp gauge.  It is touchy and can fluctuate with too much of a turn.  But, on the second attempt, things went well and it kept the temp well.   The chickens with apple wood chips were probably the best tasting chicken ever !   I would not hesitate to recommend this smoker and cannot wait till Thanksgiving.......I'll probably put my turkey fryer up for sale on Craig's List!   Just got a recipe for meatloaf and can't wait to try it.
  2. jmccleave
    "Sandman Makes a Very Nice Gas Smoker"
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    Purchase Date:
    Jan 22, 2015
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    Pros - solid construction, nice vents, lots of room, much nicer chip pan
    Cons - Door latch isn't great
    I replaced my well worn $150 Masterbuilt extra wide smoker from Bass Pro Shop with this more expensive $350 smoker from Landmann. I noticed immediately it was much heavier coming in at almost 100 lbs. This is a good thing in my opinion since the old smoker was too thin and cheaply made in my opinion. The Landmann works great and although the door latch which is two magnetic latches, isn't the greatest design. I lost a little smoke from the door seal but really, how much does this really matter. One thing I noticed that was very impressive to me was that at 240 degrees I could touch the side of the smoker and not get burnt! I also thought the cast bronze burner was MUCH nicer. The design also made it much less trouble to keep clean since the water pan spans almost the entire bottom of the smoker catching the drippings pretty well. For what gets past the pan, the smoker has a drip pan that is removable that straddles the burner on the very bottom. While we are talking about the pan, I love the fact that it is MUCH bigger making my job a little easier in terms of keeping up with the water.

    I highly recommend it. I have been smoking for 5 years now with lower quality gear and frankly I have been turning out great food but this makes it a lot easier.

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  1. stxbrisket
    I have used chunks, charcoal, but not tried nuggets. The lump charcoal was recommended by a friend, and I have found this to work best along with wood chips for more flavor. Always open to new ideas and suggestions. I'm thinking of building a thicker metal wood box (same size) to act similar to a tuning plate to help retain heat and get the temp up a little. Summer time is usually no issue and we don't have many cold winters here, but I really like smoking foods in the winter time. 
  2. jarrinjack
    Question...........how much luck have you had with nuggets or hunks of wood vs. chips ?  Does it make a difference, as I would think the hunks might burn longer and more evenly?
  3. stxbrisket
    I have owned my Landman smoker for over 2 years. Overall pretty satisfied with. I added a latch for the door after I put insulation around the door to help hold the temperature, mainly in the winter months. The temp does not get above 300 for me even after using lump charcoal which is a little disappointing. For the price well worth it.  
  4. carlnjpn
    I bought one last year through the military BX and it is working GREAT!!  Glad to hear you are having the same experience.  I'm just a beginner but the three of four items I've smoked can out great and I received many good comments.