Kingsford 71714 Matchlight Briquette

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  1. mcloven1t
    "Lighter Fluid Charcoal, gross"
    Pros - Lights Quick
    Cons - Bad Smell, Bad Flavor, Overall Just A Bad Product For Grillers
    I refuse to use this lighter fluid soaked charcoal.......if you're at a tailgate just making burgers n hot dogs, sure you can use it. But personally, it goes against everything I stand for when it comes to grilling and smoking.  All natural lump charcoal or even just your standard Kingsford briquettes are the only way to go. (Stubbs Charcoal also top notch)
  2. skypilot
    "OK if you use it for what it works for"
    Pros - starts very easy
    Cons - saturated with starter fluid that takes forever to burn off
    I like to use this as a base to start other charcoal. I'll take 6-8 brickettes and use them to start a fire that I'll then add something (either charcoal or wood) to cook over. If, for some reason, I don't have good coals for the top of a dutch oven I'll put a layer of these on and light it.  just don't ever use it to cook directly over and please don't add it to an already burning bed of coals, it can explode