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Kingsford 30520 Competition Briquets, 11.1-Pound Bag

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Kingsford/Matchlite - G Supply- L&G
  • Kingsford 30520 Competition Briquets bring the tastes and the experience of barbecue competition to your own backyard. This charcoal combines the performance needed for competition level results with the convenience needed for backyard barbecue. You get the best of both worlds-the high heat associated with lump charcoal plus the unique briquet shape that provides the consistent burn you need for perfect results every time. The higher heat provided by Kingsford Competition Briquets delivers the wattage you need for extreme flexibility in grilling methods. by controlling the airflow in your grill, you can dial the temperature up or down for every occasion-from a quick grill, to expert-level searing or even slow-cooking. To get the most authentic experience and flavor, Kingsford Competition Briquets are made with 100-Percent all-natural ingredients. These all natural ingredients make the coals burn hotter and provide the best taste for grilling. They also result in less ash at the end of your competition quality burn. Safety information: Never use gasoline to light Kingsford Competition Briquets. Do not add lighter fluid directly to burning or hot briquets. Make sure ashes are cold before discarding. Never barbecue indoors. Grill should be placed on a flat and level surface away from flammable items, overhangs and trees. Store briquets in a cool, dry place. California Proposition 65 Warning: Combustion (burning) of this product, like other cooking methods, produces carbon monoxide and other substances known by the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. 11.1-pound bag.
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    Lawn & Patio
    Brings the taste and the experience of barbecue competition to your own backyard
    Combines the performance needed for competition level results with the convenience needed for backyard barbecue
    High heat associated with lump charcoal plus the unique briquet shape provides the consistent burn you need for perfect results every time
    Made with 100-Percent all-natural ingredients
    11.1-pound bag
    Kingsford/Matchlite - G Supply- L&G
    Kingsford/Matchlite - G Supply- L&G
    Kingsford/Matchlite - G Supply- L&G
    Kingsford/Matchlite - G Supply- L&G
    Kingsford 30520 Competition Briquets, 11.1-Pound Bag
    Lawn & Patio
    Package Height:
    5 inches
    Package Length:
    21.4 inches
    Package Weight:
    11.4 pounds
    Package Width:
    10.6 inches
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    CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement:
    Item Height:
    7.5 inches
    Item Length:
    12 inches
    Item Weight:
    11.1 pounds
    Item Width:
    4 inches

Recent User Reviews

  1. senseirogue
    "Great Price if you catch it on sale"
    Purchase Date:
    Jun 30, 2017
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Top quality, great price
    Cons - Expensive when not on sale.
    I bought a couple of bags, on sale, for about $3.99 a bag, for use on the 4th of July.  Unfortunately, as I bought it to take over to my brother's house, as part of my contribution to the effort, it didn't get used, so I don't know how this stuff cooks.  My brother, unexpectedly, had other plans, and got up early to get the barbecue done before I even got over there.  However, since I know it's a good product, and Labor Day is only a few weeks off, I know it will keep in the trunk of my car until we do use it.  I had some regular Kingsford charcoal in my trunk for about a year before we got around to using it, on Memorial Day, and the barbecue was awesome as usual, so I have no worries about this keeping until it gets used.  The regular price for this charcoal, where I bought it, is about $7.99 a bag; so I can't wait for it to go on sale again.  [​IMG]  
  2. daricksta
    "I Buy These In The Two-Pack At Costco"
    Pros - Burns Hot
    Cons - Expensive, Coals Start "Shrinking" Before I Dump Them Out Of Chimney
    Kingsford's changed the name of this from Competition to Professional. These have been my go-to charcoal briquettes for a few years since, as the title states, Costco sells this in a 2-pack. If you wait for the sale, you're now buying outstanding charcoal at a great price. They burn really hot, but I notices that the briquettes are noticeably smaller if I wait a bit too long before dumping them out of the chimney starter. They also don't stay hot enough long enough to get very far when cooking low and slow. But recently I cooked steaks a couple of nights in a row. After I pulled the steaks there was plenty of heat left to cook asparagus spears for one dinner and then corn on the cob on the 2nd night.

    I used to buy original Kingsford charcoal in the blue and white bag. After each winter I'd open the bag and see the briquettes covered in green mold. This year, after experiencing among the wettest and snowiest winters the Puget Sound area has ever had, I looked in my the Kingsford charcoal caddy that houses the charcoal leftover from last year. They all like look like I just poured them out of a fresh bag. I'll continue to buy the Professional charcoal when Costco has them on sale. Otherwise, I buy Stubb's Charcoal. 
  3. rkonrad45
    "Excellent, Consistent Product!"
    Purchase Date:
    Oct 28, 2015
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Excellent, consistent, totally usuable contents. No strange odors, quick lighting
    Cons - none
    I had been using lump charcoal, but I got tired of the small broken unusable pieces in every bag. Not to even mention the occasional rock that I PAID for in the weight of the bag!!!

    These competition briquettes give me a very hot, consistent burn with ash amounts very similar to Royal Oak lump. No wasted small particles in the bag. EVERYTHING I paid for can be used in my grill!

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  1. rkonrad45
    I haven't tried an overnight cook yet. But I did go about ten hours on a pork butt and the firebox was still over half  full of unburned briquettes. The usage seems to be about the same a lump.
  2. ragilmore
  3. ragilmore
    Do you get about the same amount of cook time with the briquets vs lump?  Or  are you using a greater volume of briguets for an all night run for a beef brisket.
  4. cliffcarter
    Over $20 for an 11 pound bag on Amazon or $10 at WalMart, why would you buy from Amazon?
    Kingsford did try to market lump a few years ago but it was NFG apparently. Made in Argentina.
  5. cman55
    When will Kingsford come out with lump charcoal? I don't use briquettes anymore because of the ash.