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Kamado Joe ClassicJoe

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Kamado Joe
  • Kamado Joe is one of the newest but fastest growing Kamado cookers on the market. They were started buy a couple of guys that had been cooking on BGE's for a decade and they decided to create their own Kamado. They took everything they liked about the BGE's and added to it with everything they lacked.The ClassicJoe is comparable to the Large Egg at 18" of cooking grate. They also make a BigJoe with a 24" cooking grate. There are tons of accessories that enable you to convert them from amazing grills to excellent smokers even to an awesome pizza oven. When looking at a ceramic Kamado, they can feasibly last a life time and the warranty should reflect that. Most of the cheaper imitations out there that can be found at Costco, Lowes, Bass Pro Shops, Menards ect... only come with a one year warranty on the ceramic. Kamado Joe comes with a LIFE TIME WARRANTY on the ceramic parts. That is a company that stands behind it's product.The 18" ClassicJoe without stand usually runs around $659. With a stand and flip up side tables they are around $799.I can honestly say this is the best grill/smoker I have ever owned.

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  1. greencat
    "Great Versatile Grill"
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    Jun 16, 2013
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    Pros - Temp control, quality, easy to use, 225-1000 deg range
    Cons - Heavy, expensive
    The Kamado Joe classic is expensive but I feel it is the best value for money on the ceramic kamado market. I'm still amazed every time I do a low-slow cook how little charcoal it uses. And the temperature control is as close to set and forget as you can get without an auto controller. While I love doing pork shoulders, brisket, ribs, etc the thing my family enjoys most from the grill is thin crust pizza. At 600deg it only takes 5-6 min and they come out perfect every time. Seared ribeye steak at 900deg is also a favorite of mine. The two accessories that are a must are the grill expander and pizza stone. The grill expander almost doubles the amount of rack space and still leaves room for the heat and smoke to reach the upper rack. 
  2. mmundy81
    "Fantastic home smoker and grill"
    Pros - ease of temp control, flavor, versatility, fuel efficiency, range of heat (about 200f- about 900f), durability, customer service
    Cons - Heavy (tough to transport)
  3. byteme
    "Expensive, yes. However, ease of use and outstand"
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    Jun 15, 2013
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    Pros - Ease of use. Consistently holds temp for hours. Amazingly efficient use of lump charcoal. Excellent retention of humidity within smoker.
    Cons - Expensive. Heavy. 18" rack limits how much meat you can cook at once. May not be good for competitive smoking.
    I LOVE this ceramic smoker!  It allows me to produce professional quality results with minimal experience or effort.  I'll expand on this more when I get a chance, but for now just a quick pro/con list.

    • Beautiful and quality construction.  Very high quality.  Will last a lifetime if cared for properly.
    • Air only gets in & out using vents that you control.  No air gaps anywhere else.
    • Easy to light a fire in.  Has lots of holes for oxygen to reach lump charcoal.
    • Outstanding ability to control flow of oxygen using vents.  I can easily aim-for and hit a target temp using the vents.
    • No ash in the air.  Even if there are left-over ashes in the bottom, you won't find them flying in the air and getting on your food.
    • Holds a temperature consistently for hours. 1" thick ceramic walls hold heat and radiate it consistently, so very little fluctuation in temperature.
    • Can hold a temperature as low as 225 and as high as 700.  So you can smoke, grill and sear using just one smoker!
    • Retains humidity incredibly well.  For cooks under 4 hours, you don't even need a water pan. Humidity from meat is enough.
    • Amazingly efficient.  A single pile of lump charcoal will easily give me a 10-12 hour cook. 
    • 18" grill holds just enough meat for my family of 4.  I can smoke 3 racks of ribs, a 9 lb. brisket, 6-8 chicken thighs or pork chops.
    • Temp gauge is accurate to 5 degrees.  Even so, I still use a Maverick ET-732 thermometer for measuring temperature at the grill level.
    • OUTSTANDING RESULTS!  Every recipe I follow turns-out like I was a pro at this. It makes smoking expert-quality BBQ easy and fun!
    • On short cooks, you can quickly suffocate the smoker to kill the fire and save the remaining lump charcoal.  You can then re-use it for later cooks.
    • Easy to clean.  Ashes fall through holes in bottom plate and are easily scraped-out into trash.  Free tool included for this task.
    • Great design.  Optional heat deflector fits nicely and does an amazing job.  302 stainless steel grill grate for durability and is easy to clean. 
    • Made in China.  I didn't know this until after I purchased it.   :(
    • Expensive - but worth it.
    • HEAVY.  You're not going to be taking this to tailgate at the football game.  Once you set it up, you'll want to leave it where it is.
    • Once the heat deflector and grill are in-place, its extremely difficult to add more charcoal or wood.  I don't usually need to, but if I do, I have to remove the racks in order to do it.
    • Limited space on the 18" circular grill grate.  I can only do about 2-3 slabs of ribs or a 9 lb. brisket. 
    • People interested in competitive smoking may find it doesn't cook enough meat at once to make it worthwhile.
    The first time I used this smoker, I was amazed at the results.  In particular, how much better they were compared to my last Brinkman gas-powered tower smoker.  The meat was moist and had an amazing smoke flavor. The COLOR of the meat was amazing. Other than set the temperature and put the meat on, I didn't do much of anything and got amazing results.  Ditto with my ribs, my brisket, my chicken thighs and steaks.   Its so good, I now smoke my steaks first at 225, raise the temp up to 600 degrees, and THEN sear them on the Kamodo Joe.  This is called a "reverse sear" or "finney method".  No need for a separate grill!

    I would HIGHLY recommend this ceramic smoker to anyone doing BBQ at home for 4-6 people at a time.

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