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Full Circle All Natural, All Hardwood Lump Charcoal 8.8 Lbs.

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Full Circle
  • Found this at a local market on sale. $5.00 for 8.8#/bag and gave it a try. Many large pieces of lump which with a burn grate works well for me. I was very impressed at the low odor and low smoke this puts out which is important to me. I did not notice much "fireworks" with it either. Can't say it burns hotter than other lump, in fact I would say it does not. I would say normal ash and fairly easy to light with Weber cubes. I like it so much I hope to find it on sale tomorrow and get a bunch more bags of it.Distributed from Topco Assoc. Skokie, IL. Don't know where it is produced. -MountainHawg

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  1. magnus
    "Best lump to date."
    Pros - Little ash. Good amt. of large chunks. Lights up quick. long life. inexpensive.
    Cons - Hard to find in some parts
    Rockstar of the lump coal choices.  Served my needs very well.  

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