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FireBoard - Cloud Connected Smart Thermometer

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    FireBoard - Cloud Connected Smart Thermometer
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  1. gnarlykaw
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    Oct 12, 2018
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    Pros - small size, multiple probe inputs, wireless, bluetooth, graphing, rechargeable, can save my cooks. just to name a few!
    Cons - its NOT waterproof, or shock proof. theirs no probe containment setup
    I couldn't wait to replace my wally world WIFI single probe units! the thought of being able to monitor my temp from my phone anywhere was just too much to bear!
    I love the graphing feature, so i can see my average temps,
    I love being able to set temp alarms, and have them sent to my phone via SMS!
    I love the SIX temp inputs!
    I love that I can name and save my six inputs,
    The unit has a rechargeable battery, that till ANY cook!

    did I mention the unit is red in color?
  2. lovethemeats
    "Great Smart Thermometer"
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    Mar 22, 2017
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    Pros - Cloud connected, Keeps track of all of sessions in the cloud. Easy to use, Wifi and Bluetooth connected. Sealed probes can be fully submerged in liquid. Several different styles of probes to choose from.
    Cons - Issues with dropping WiFi if the link quality is below 50%. Main unit is not waterproof but they do offer a case for it making it completely waterproof. otherwise just put it in a zip lock bag to keep it dry.
    I have used my unit many times for several different smokes and testing. The rating for Heat Control I did not do as I have not used my unit for it. Durability I could not give 5 stars for as the unit is still in its 1st year of use. Love the graphs that are incorporated in with the sessions. Able to go back and view any one of my smokes and view the notes that I had one that particular cook. Great unit for testing the hot spots in my MES30 and 40. Able to see what the average temp is on any given shelf. Love everything about the unit. The graphs, cloud based storage of sessions, WiFi and Bluetooth make this a very attractive unit. Since my WiFi router is a distance away from my smokers and my Link quality was low. I since purchased a WiFi range extender and have not had any other issues with the WiFi dropping out.
    Graph.jpg Pork butts.jpg
  3. SmokinAl
    "Fireboard has upped the ante with their new remote"
    Pros - 6 probe capability, cloud based, 100% waterproof probes, WiFi or Bluetooth, Real time data on smart phone, tablet, or computer
    Cons - The only con I found was the unit itself isn't waterproof, but that is easily fixed with a zip lock bag.
    If you want a serious thermometer, this is for you. It comes with 2 meat probes & one air probe, also included is a USB charger. It also has an auxiliary plug that I don't know what it is for, but a pit controller fan was mentioned. It will run 24/7 with the charger hooked up, or it will run 24 hours on just battery power. It will accommodate 6 probes & it is cloud based. Meaning that all the data is there no matter how you access it. Every session is also stored on their servers, so you can look back at any smoke for the details of the smoke. For instance I haven't smoked a brisket in a while & I wonder how long the last one took & what temp was the smoker running at? No problem, just look up that session, which by the way you can give a name to. So I look for "6-15-16 Brisket", and all the details of that smoke come right up. You don't need to be on your own device to access the info either. I could sign into my acct on your computer & access all my smoking sessions. To get started is extremely easy. You just set up an account with Fireboard, turn on your unit & it will look for your WiFi connection. All you have to do is put in your WiFi password & it will hook right up. Then every time you start the unit up it will automatically hook up to your network. My smoker is in the backyard & in most cases where it is located my iPhone won't hook up to my network, but the Fireboard had no problems hooking up & never dropped the connection. If your network goes down for some reason you can still get the data from Bluetooth. Although the Bluetooth only has a 100' range. The free app that you can download will allow you to set the temp parameters, & determine how you want to be notified when the temp goes out of the parameters.  The probes are extremely accurate, I tested them in ice water & boiling water & they were right on the money.

    Also these probes are the best made probes I have ever seen. And they are 100% water resistant.

    You can name each probe, & name the session. For instance I'm smoking a meatloaf here & also playing on SMF. I have the 2 food probes inserted, one on each side of the meatloaf. So they are labeled meatloaf R, meatloaf L, & the pit probe is labeled Pit temp. I have the Fireboard site on one side of my computer screen & SMF on the other.

    So I'm getting real time updates on the temp right on my computer screen. It's also on my iPhone & iPad.

    It doesn't matter which device I choose all the info is right there.

    Here is a closer look at the screen on my iPad. You can either look at just the active channels, or all 6 of them.


    It also shows the session in graph form.

    The first few drops in temp were from me opening the smoker up & letting heat out so I could see how well the alarms worked.

    When the temp dropped below 200 degrees, I got a text message in about 30 seconds.

    Then you can see the temp stayed pretty steady until the last 45 minutes or so, when I cranked up the temp to get the meatloaf done, so we could eat.

    The unit is a little pricey, but what you get for your money is well worth it.

    The kit I got included the meter, 3 probes(2 food & 1 pit), and a USB charger. The price for it was $189.

    They also have an Extreme kit for $249, which includes 8 probes (6 meat & 2 pit).

    I'm really excited to see what they come up with for that extra plug in the side of the unit.

    These guys really took the thermometer business to a new level.

    This definitely deserves a 5 star rating!

    I would highly recommend this unit to anyone who is looking for a serious remote thermometer.

    You can see them or purchase them at www.fireboard.com/
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  1. Ski-me
    I'll add since I got one too. It's been a great thermometer. I've had a few times that it didn't sync entirely, meaning only part of the info was being displayed. So the temp was showing and climbing on graph, but the high and low ranges didn't change. They stayed the same as the temp probe even though the graph showed a large range.

    I also did have one probe go out. Just starting shooting up in temp. On the weekend too. So I posted on FB I think, and within an hour had a response from Fireboard. Asked about probe and sync issue...he said just give it a reboot and a little time, should be good. That fixed it.

    And a few days later, I got a brand new probe in the mail. No questions asked, no inquiry how I wash them....nothing. That's top notch service in my book!

    By the way, I do hand-wash all my temp probes and don't soak them in water. I do get them wet, but not submerged in the bottom of a sink.

    My experience anyways!

    My "waterproof" container (free)!
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