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Dave's All Natural Smoked Jalapeno Salt

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Colorado Buffalo Salt
  • After 10 years of trial and error concoctions, Colorado Jalapeno Salt has become one of the top new tasting spices world wide. Colorado Jalapeno Salt is the only All Natural Jalapeno Salt available in the world and the unique process of marrying the Jalapeno and the Salt delivers the zesty taste by just shaking the powder on your favorite foods. This is what makes the spice so unique. We have Spiced Table Salt, Smoked Mesquite Table Salt, Smoked Hickory Table Salt, Jalapeno Table Salt, Texas Diablo Smoked Table Salt and many other types of salt to add to your favorite recipes

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  1. richoso1
    "using Dav'e's Jalapeno Salt"
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    Jul 1, 2010
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    Pros - Very compatible with most meats.
    Cons - May be too salty for some folks.
    I have used this product on smoked chicken, Tri Tip, and Tilapia. It's flavor is good and the jalapeno taste will stay with your taste buds for awhile. Also very good on omelettes, fresh tomato slices, pizza, quesadillas, and raw vegetables. Price wise, I suggest the large 17 oz. size, as there is no added shipping charge involved. Sample sizes are available, but you do have to pay for shipping.

    All in all, it's a good tasting product that has many uses with food.

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