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Cowboy Hardwood Lump Charcoal (23288)

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Cowboy Charcoal
  • Sold as each. 8.8 lb. All natural. Consumer rebate on every bag. Great for adding genuine flavor to all foods. 4 to 5 BBQ's per bag. Bagged . Manufacturer number: 23288. Buy Hardware Supplies SKU #: 8129520. Country of origin: United States. Distributed by Cowboy Charcoal.
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    4 to 5 BBQ's per bag
    8.8 pounds
    Cowboy Charcoal
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    Cowboy Charcoal
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    Cowboy Charcoal
    Cowboy Charcoal
    Cowboy Hardwood Lump Charcoal (23288)

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  1. ammaturesmoker
    "Cowboy brand is good. Must pick the premium and no"
    Pros - Great flavor
    Cons - Expensive
    OK....bad reviews here on the lump coal by Cowboy. This is the basic stuff that has a variety of woods in it and even some from untreated lumber mills. This stuff is crap. The trick here is you need to buy the premium. That is the good stuff. Its a southern mesquite. But simply a great flavor.
  2. miked
    "Not as good as it used to be"
    Pros - Burns Hot and low ash output.
    Cons - Inconsistant size of pieces, have found dimentional lumber in the bag
    I have to agree with most of the reviews here that the quality of this charcoal has gone down hill since I started using it.  I found it very good at first with heat I could control easily, but not so much anymore. The size of the pieces in bag range from the size of a quarter to logs the size of my forearm.  I've even found what looked like a piece of 2x4 in there. The heat is not as consistent as it used to be.  I really prefer using lump to briquets so I hope Cowboy does some quality control soon.
  3. chocolyle
    "I'd rather have pine!"
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Available ar HD & LWS
    Cons - Concrete? Whole logs?
    The first year it was ok, after that it went down hill, BAD!

    Coming from gas grilling to charcoal, I was having a bear to get Kingsford to light and the sandy texture to my food was awful! Someone suggested lump to me and low and behold, HD had Cowboy. Compared to Kingsford, it was awesome!

    I'm not sure what happened but after the first year of using it more concrete starts to show up, then full logs in the bag, flavor went down hill. Like it had pine in it. They seem to be a small operation, customer service is pretty much non-existent. They did refund me on my last couple bags, and I did try them one more time. Emergency situation, late on a Sunday and realize we were out. HD, is still open.

    Soooooo . . . . the bag ended up across my lawn and I am done with them. I'll go to McD's next time I run out! Log, concrete and it wouldn't light.

    I did some looking around and I found a great site for lump charcoal reviews: http://www.nakedwhiz.com/lump.htm
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  1. ammaturesmoker
  2. jcurrier
    That's the stuff my local hardware has- its crap, but its available locally so I get it and weed through it.  Supposedly there is some great charcoal that I can get down in Freeport, I just never seem to think of it when passing through
  3. cellingburgh
  4. rayzer2368
    You'd rather have pine - hahahaha - that made me laugh, but kinda true. The last bag I bought had everything but a smoker in it. I found mud, plywood, some sort of creosote chunks, and God only knows what else.Oh yeah, and lots of dust. I won't be buying again. 
  5. geerock
    CNM............. I didn't use the flooring material from the Cowboy's, that's for sure, but there sure was a lot in there. Simply tossed the whole bag after looking thru it. As for the Wicked Good, I've used the lump with good success although Chocolyte is correct on some very large chunks and a bitch to light sometimes. Just tried the new Wicked natural briquettes last weekend and they were great. I'll probably end up using a mix of lump and briquettes from Wicked in the coming months, Happy Smokin' to all!
  6. charcoalnmore
    I have been in the hardwood lumber business for 25+ years and you shouldn't use end cuts from flooring, etc to cook your food. Green lumber can be dipped in anti-stain treatment and you would never know it. Also, the Wicked Good is a great product. You can probably use the briquettes in conjunction with GrillGrates, spacing the briquettes out a bit, using a few less to lessen the heat. The GrillGrates will distribute the heat more evenly and will also protect against flare-ups. Give that a try!
  7. geerock
    I think you are talking about the lump from Wicked. I'm trying the new natural briquettes. But thanks for the info on Natures Own. I've got a Vinny's within 5 miles of here and East Windsor at less than a buck a pound sounds good, too. All the best to you.
  8. chocolyle
    I bought a three pack of Wicked Good direct from them, can't say I am too impressed with it. All three bags have lot of very large chunks in it, one chunk filled up my Weber Chimney starter. Also it is a real bear to start sometimes! Flavor is good and it will get VERY HOT, great for steaks or thick chops! It's like starting an old diesel engine though.
    I have used Nature's Own Basque Hardwood Lump.
    Great stuff! All maple, great flavor, easy to start. Harken's on Rte 5 in East Windsor carries it, $17.00 an 18lb bag. I was purchasing it a the old Vinny's in E. Hartford but they did not have it last couple of times I went.
  9. geerock
    Yeah, I agree with you 100%. Happened to run out of my usual stuff (there's several I'm comfortable with) and got a bag from HD. What a load of crap! Popping all over the place and stuff in the bag I can't even identify although I know it ain't wood. Lots of T&G flooring material. Just plain BAD! Took a ride to Holyoke, Mass and got me some Wicked Good by the pallet for the season.
  10. alexhortdog95
    Much, much better. It burns evenly, hot, and long for those long cooks. Ozark Oak is in Yellville Arkansas - you could probably get a few bags yourself!