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Char-Griller 9040

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  • Model 9040 Elite Electric pellet smoker

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  1. chicken man 911
    "This thing is the bomb! This is my first smoker it"
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    May 15, 2016
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    Pros - This thing is accurate on temp, easy to assemble. Easy to run, best of all the food that comes off it is awesome
    Cons - It won't prep the meat for me and pay the bill at the meat store!
    My neighbor got into a good habit of smoking things every weekend. He then started bringing samples over for me. MY GOD IT WAS AWESOME!!  He bought this grill at HyVee Grocery Stores ( Midwest)

    and my lovely wife happens to be the product manager there so I had her order me one.....I did get a slight discount for the display model ( Last one ).  Now every weekend since we bought this I smoke things on it. My wife says something happened to me when I hit 50......I am cooking alot!  

    This grill is simple and accurate with temp. I have had 2 slabs of ribs and a brisket on it at same time. I did 3 whole chickens this past weekend at the same time. 1 was a beer can chicken on the smoker. Out of the 3 it came in 3rd place. 

    I cannot speak highly enough about this quality. This unit is heavy, it took 3 people to load it into my pick up. It did not come with a cover but for $24 on Amazon I got one. I live in Iowa and I have to figure out how I am going to use this baby this winter.....every weekend!  

    Some might consider this a starter smoker....I say no way. My neighbor has been smoking meat for 27 years. I would not hesitate to buy another Char Griller.
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