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Char-Griller 16619 Kamado Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker, Black

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  • Kamado style cooking comes from ancient cooking methods that used large clay ovens for insulation. Kamados of recent years are made of heavy ceramics. King-Griller by Char-Griller has developed this product for Kamado style cooking using innovative technology to make it more durable, convenient, affordable and lighter weight than traditional ceramic Kamados. This Kamado Kooker can cook anything from burgers to fish to ribs to pizza. Truly the best food you will ever cook on a grill.
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    Lawn & Patio
    Features locking lid, 2 folding wood shelves; easy dump ash pan; double wall insulation, heat gauge
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    47.2 inches
    43.3 inches
    90 pounds
    28.7 inches
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    Lawn & Patio
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    Char-Griller 16619 Kamado Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker, Black
    Repair or replace for a period of 1-year
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Recent User Reviews

  1. eddie haskell
    "Very Happy with this Kamado so far"
    Purchase Date:
    Oct 25, 2015
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Price and seems to be of decent quality
    Cons - None so far
    I was going to go out and buy one of those expensive ceramic Kamado grills having never actually used one or even seen one in person. I have always wanted to smoke ribs, fish, chicken and these things seem to be able to do it all! I stumbled across a review of the Char Griller Akorn and started doing research. It seems like most people that buy them, really like them! I decided to purchase this lower priced unit, learn how to use a Kamado and when it dies, I will replace it at that time with whatever my cooking skills deserve.
  2. dr k
    "Insulated cooking is the way to go!"
    Ease of Use:
    Heat Control:
    Purchase Date:
    May 15, 2012
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - $248, light and manueverable, no spring assisted lid opening device, insulated, elevated rack, removable ash pan, triple wall insulated pit area
    I was limited on the pros so to continue:  no extreme high heat thermal cracking like ceramic models in winter, no chipping, cracking, breaking, shattering, comes with a stand, accessory tray and side trays,  1/4 the price of other ceramics, I can keep temps below 200*F up to 800*F, have had mine three years no issues, (I cover when not in use since it's metal with hollow walls and wood stove insulation needs to be kept dry,)

  3. rkonrad45
    "FANTASTIC Smoker / EXCELLENT Grill!"
    Ease of Use:
    Heat Control:
    Purchase Date:
    Sep 15, 2015
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Low fuel usage, MOIST tender meat, Super high heat available for pizza, seraing steaks, etc., Very HIGH Value considering the LOW COST!
    Cons - Needed a few minor mods to seal perfectly
    This excellent smoker/grill almost makes producing the best smoked meat I've ever tasted too easy. On previous smokers, I was forced to brine and/or inject most meats or they would dry out in the smoker. The Akorn kamado smoker/grill however those extra steps are not necessary. Because this smoker seals up so well, there is a much lower amount of airflow that moves across the meat. The meat stays moist WITHOUT the brine and injections. I have smoked pork roast, beef roast - both sliced and pulled, pork loin, ham, and turkey so far. Steaks, pork chops, hamburgers and pizza at high temps. Everything turned out nearly perfect!

    After adding some Nomex at the top and bottom seals - it is totally sealed when I close it down. I also added a much better thermometer compared to the stock thermometer.

    Highly recommended.

    Bottom line = 95% of the performance of the Big Green Egg at 1/4th the cost!

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  1. gunny r
    Spend the extra and get a good cover for your cooker. I have two that I use for competitions. both are covered. I have had them for over 4 years and they are still going strong. I got a carpenter friend to make a cart for mine.  
  2. one eyed jack
    I've had mine about the same length of time and agree completely.  Best bang for the buck in combo grill / smoker as far as I am concerned.
  3. gerryvan
    I've had mine for about six months and am pleased with it.  Admittedly, I am a newbie to smoking meat.  However, I have had some terrific success with my Kamado.  Chickens, pork loins, pork butts, briskets, and even the Thanksgiving turkey!  All came out great according to family and friends.  The key for me, I think, was getting a wireless meat/grill temp therm.. Those gadgets make it practically goofproof!  I keep mine smoker under the deck and out of the rain/snow with a good cover over it.  Still looks new to me.  Maybe someday I will buy an Green Egg.... those seem to be the Cadillac of smokers.
  4. one eyed jack
    Mine has never been out in the rain and I clean it up some after each use.  After a few mods it is very stable and predictable.   Best $300.00 I've put in a smoker so far.
  5. merlin82plus
    Mine lives in the garage most of the time so I haven't noticed the issues you had. Handles are plastic on mine - so no split wood parts. Side shelves are metal. Temp gauge is accurate, and the thing works great unless you want to maintain temps lower than 240 or 250°... the charcoal tends to get snuffed out too easy when you cut the air flow too much. Close the top and bottom vents and you'll put out the bricquets in no time! I'm glad
    I bought it' but it's not a swiss army knife there's some things it won't do for you. And like you said, it doesn't last long out in the weather.
  6. addertooth
    On the plus side, you have learned just how good Kamado cooking is.  There are many ceramics which have lifetime warranties, which makes the cost per year of ownership lower.  I started cooking with the Akorn, and loved it.  But eventually I decided I loved it so much, a permanent replacement just made sense.  Take a look at Kamado Joe, they come with a two part ceramic diffuser and a two level split cooking system for doing direct and indirect cooking at the same time. 
  7. dr k
    So far so good after 2 years on the red one.  I still see the black AKorns in the stores with no 1-5 markings on the top vent.  Markings come in handy. 
  8. clifflb
  9. dr k
    Oh! Just about forgot.  If you cold smoke with Todd's pellet/tube smokers from A-maze-n Products, the ash pan has a silver dollar sized center piece that the ash pan can hang from to let in air around the ash pan seal so the smoke generator gets plenty of air and stays lit till you put it out.  Cold smoking works great with all vents wide open and the ash pan installed and unlatched.
  10. dr k
    I purchased the Big Red instead of the black Akorn.  They are identical except for the color.  I got mine last Spring @ Menards for $248.  I've seen people seal the ash pan bottom vent w/ RTV Silicone for a perfect seal for low temp smoking < 200*F.  The top vent seals perfectly.  I've seen the lower vent sealing modification on You Tube and thought it was an ugly job.  So I took the ash pan off and sealed the vent to the ash pan from the inside of the ash pan.  It takes very little RTV to seal the small rectangle opening of the ash pan and you can't tell.  That's the only area you should seal.  Sealing the length of the top and bottom of the entire vent on the outside of the ash pan isn't where you make a difference and looks horrible.  I picked up a 30" circular cover @ Wally World for < $6 that works great.  My probe thems are magnetic and stick to the outside of the insulated steel shell w/o overheating.  It's light weight maneuverable and works as I have anticipated.  The 17" Weber charcoal grate with a pizza stone on top of it is a great inexpensive platter setter for your indirect cooking <$25.