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Camp Chef SMV24S 24" Smoke Vault - SMV24S

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Camp Chef
  • While many smokers have just enough power to dry jerky the Smoke Vault 18 24 creates a wide range of usable heat that can be used for smoking ribs fish and turkeys as well as baking pies and breads It is roomy enough for Dutch ovens or your favorite cookware The convenient snap ignition is coupled with a finesse style propane gas valve that translates into 20 000 maximum BTU s of usable heat, Adjustable smoking racks Jerky smoking rack Water pan Cast iron wood chip plate Three damper valves Easy to read door thermometer from 50 to 550 degrees Convenient and matchless snap ignition, Body Dimensions without legs 24 W x 16 D x 30 H Total Height with legs 44 Door Dimensions 22-1 2 W x 28 H Cooking Racks Dimensions 21-1 2 W x 14 D Total Output 20 000 BTU hr Maximum Temperature Reading 550 degrees Weight 82
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    Camp Chef
    Camp Chef
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    Camp Chef
    Camp Chef
    Camp Chef SMV24S 24" Smoke Vault - SMV24S

Recent User Reviews

  1. jond36
    "Best Smoker!"
    Pros - Gas is cheap. Lights instantly, Large Chamber
    Cons - Flimsy fish/ jerky trays, hard to dial in an exact temperature consistantly, Cheaper material than other brands
    Smoker is everything you need as a novice or pro. I converted my smoker to natural gas. Extremely easy conversion explained by the company on their website. Bought the #51 drill bit at Ace Hardware for fairly cheap.

    This is way better than my Smokin' It (Cookshack) smoker and the electrical bill cost so much more than natural gas. After a few smokes my monthly gas bill was still only $13.

    I added charcoal in with the wood and it tastes identical to a charcoal smoker.
  2. unclebob
    "This got me hooked ...."
    Pros - easy to control temperature, plenty of room
    Cons - if you dont have to move it, you're good!
    My wife bought me this smoker for Christmas two years ago. I love it, smoke year round in the northeast, although I have to pick my days during the winter.

    Great for experimenting with rubs and marinades as you can do a few pieces at a time, Have done 6 racks of ribs and three chickens at the same time (extra shelves required).

    Overall a great starter / test set up, plenty of BBQ for family and friends.
  3. meatman2016
    "Great smoker when you get the temp dialed in! Need"
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    Heat Control:
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    Dec 21, 2015
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    Pros - Quality construction, well packaged, large size, easy to convert to natural gas!
    Cons - No wheels to move it
    Nice, well built smoker! Easy to assemble and convert to natural gas. Start to finish less than an hour. Heavy construction with quality parts. 

    This past weekend I smoked the most delicious, moist pulled pork I have ever had. Smoked for 13 hours. Only had to add water to the water pan one time. Added chips a few times and covered the cast iron pan with foil to control smoke and prevent it from burning up. 

    Since there are no wheels and moving it from the covered patio would require additional hands, for $100, I had a friend weld an aluminum angle frame with aluminum plate for a shelf custom made with large locking caster wheels. I now have the freedom to move my smoker hot or cold without getting help. My Dad liked mine so much he wanted a caster wheel frame for his Camp Chef SMV 24 one but then changed his mind to go with a pellet grill. If anyone is interested I will sell the extra aluminum set up for $100 plus shipping. 

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  1. meatman2016
  2. glazin
  3. glazin
  4. nh meat man
    This is a great smoker.  I have used one for the last three years, many great meals from this one.  I used it so much that I built up a coating of grease on the inside and had it flair up when I was using a spray bottle to mop a brisket a year back.  Just saying clean it once a year not like I did.
  5. tom blakely
  6. nucleuscracker
    Got the same model as well from my wife for Christmas and while I've only used it twice with our michigan winter, zero complaints. This brand was chosen as I as able to easily convert to NAT gas from propane.
  7. smoker dave
    I'm picking up mine today. I ordered it about 3 weeks ago and it seems to be forever. I'll let you guys know how my first smoke turns out.
  8. azsmokermark
  9. poseidon
    I purchased this smoker last year after the reviews. I have to say that they have fixed the shipping problem, I received my unscathed, Undamaged. Its a great smoker. You can really load that box up with a lot of product. Easy to control temp. Dial is a little off, but I only use that as a quick guide to see if I ran out of gas and the box is cold. With EVERY smoker you have to make it yours and fiddle with it to make it work better. Just had to add some fire felt around the door jambs to stop leak. All in All, very happy with results
  10. azsmokermark
    While we do not have a lot of wind in the southwestern desert, I have given thought about how to deal with it.  I'm thinking about a skirt of flame proof material secured with ties to keep the wind out of the burner area and force reliance on the two vents at the bottom of the smoker for oxygen for the burner and smoke chip tray.  That may improve the temp stability as well.
    I am also giving thought to mounting the smoker on a flatbed wagon to make it easier to move around.  Build it right and there should be room for a cooler, faux cambro, and gas bottle(s).  I was just given a 2' x 2' stainless steel table top I want to use for a prep area.  Can you picture that in your mind?