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Cajun Injector Electric Smoker

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    Cajun Injector Electric Smoker

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  1. ronaldjallen
    "Really like the ease of use"
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    Aug 15, 2013
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    Pros - set and forget with remote
    Cons - Door latchs rust
    I am really pleased with this smoker so far.  I purchased it in Aug (2013) and so far everything works great.  Smoked my first turkey for thanksgiving and it was great. Used AMAZN pellet smoke tray and it gave the turkey a wonderful smoke flavor. 

    My only concern is all the posts where this smoker has crapped out after a year or so. Has anyone owned this smoker for more than a year and it is still working?  Would love to hear if someone has.
  2. mr smoker
    "Very Poor, I had this unit for 14 months and did a"
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    Oct 3, 2012
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    Pros - looks good, I like the digetal read out and prob
    Cons - the door leaked at the bottom, Heating element went out on Thanksgiving
    I would not recomend this unit. It is made in China. The replcament cabenit cost 55.00 and shipping is 25.00. and you  do the work. they dont just sell the heating element by its self. I will invest into a better unit. I'm sorry i ever bought it.
  3. wrangler3878
    "Consensus?? JUNK"
    Pros - None, couldn't even get through the seasoning step!!
    Cons - could store your jerky outside in the cold without the dogs eating it, frees up a REAL smoker to make more jerky!
    Seems to be common with these machines, bought it at Cabelas on Boxing day (Dec.26) on sale for $200, was going to smoke some lake trout yesterday and it wouldn't run for more than 12 mins before "E2" showed on the display during the seasoning step., Unplugged and let sit for an hour as the ever-so-helpful customer service woman recommended REPEATEDLY!!  Again, crapped out after 10 mins, wasn't using an extension cord, it heated up the chip drawer so I couldn't pull it out with bare hands but thats about it.

    THANKFULLY Cabela's saved the day and let us return it for a full refund, and surprisingly enough they no longer carry that machine!!  I learned my lesson for impulse buying something without researching it first, had I read these reviews I likely would have told anyone lurking around the display to keep walking...Picking up a Masterbuilt at Costco today...
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  1. terryblackwell8
    Gave Cajun Injector Smoker to my husband for Father's Day. We have used it at least 4 times since then. He says it is much easier than charcoal, since it maintains the temp. He gets about an hour's worth of smoke from a handfull of pellets, and it's easy to add more. Built-in meat thermometer is real handy, as well. We've done ribs, chicken, sausage, and don't forget the corn (it's awsome). Can't wait for the pulled pork next weekend!
  2. ragman
    I have had mine for 2 1/2 years and it is still working fine. Although I hold my breath each time I use it.Mostly use the A MAZE-N-SMOKER in mine but sometimes I throw in some wood chips just to get started. I have used this on just about everything including smoking cheese. For years I used an upright smoker using charcoal. My Cajun smoker has a the display going across the front instead of the pop-up that I have seen on the others.It came with two shelves as well as a shelf with hooks on it for hanging things up.I just finished two pork shoulders.They turned out wonderful for me. I can't say I would recommend one but this one has worked good for smoking. And yes I paid $179 for it.
  3. reelboat
  4. cajunman
  5. cajunman
  6. mr smoker
  7. mr smoker
  8. ronaldjallen
  9. billy roberts
    I did a review on my website of this unit. I didn't like it either. Seems like there are some people who dont have trouble with the heating unit. But a lot more do. That company needs to fix the problem.
  10. stanyo
    Got mine for Christmas! I have smoked cheese, some fatty's, a couple pork butts, Chicken, and it has worked flawlessly. I have added an AMPNS so I do not need to add any chips...it also allows me to cold smoke even more effertlessly...