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Cabelafts CommercialGrade Electric Grinders

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  • Make efficient and easy work of all your grinding with our premium grinders. We've improved our existing designs by adding stainless steel necks, screws, plates and blades. And just like the butcher shop's model, these are built to handle large quantities of meat for years to come. Heavyduty aircooled motors are housed in stainless steel and sit atop stainless steel bases for corrosionfree use and easy cleanup. Our motors include internal circuit breakers that are ULlisted and independently tested to ensure their performance exceeds expectations for the highest quality and safety standards. Motors are permanently lubricated for troublefree use. Oval meat trays eliminate hardtoreach corners for troublefree loading. The 1hp, 11/2hp and 13/4hp models have forward and reverse gears. The 1/2hp, 3/4hp, 1hp, and 11/2hp grinders include stainless steel fine (4.5mm) and medium (7mm) grinding plates. The 13/4hp grinder includes medium (7mm) and course (10mm) grinding plates. All include four sausagestuffing funnels and a meatpushing stomper. Necks, blades and grinding plates are dishwasher safe. All grinders are compatable with our optional grinder attachments. Imported. Available: The 1/2hp Grinder is powerful enough to handle household grinding chores with ease, and it won't take up all your counter space. It has an on/off switch, and is capable of grinding up to 46 lbs. of meat per minute. It sports a sturdy No. 8 stainless steel neck and an 111/2" x 8" x 21/2" tray. Weight: 33 lbs. Compact and powerful, the 3/4hp Grinder has an on/off switch, and it is capable of grinding up to 79 lbs. of meat per minute. It sports a sturdy No. 12 Stainless steel neck and a 121/2" x 81/4" x 21/2" tray. Weight: 40 lbs. With 1012 poundsperminute processing capacity, your processing time will be substantially reduced with the 1hp Grinder. It has a twodirection forward and reverse switch, as well as a durable stainless steel No. 22 neck with 153/4" x 101/4" x 21...
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    Cabelafts CommercialGrade Electric Grinders
    1 1/2 hp

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  1. mcherbies
    "Cabelas Commercial Meat Grinders"
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    Sep 1, 2007
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    Pros - Speed, Power, No Hesitation, Heavy Duty
    Cons - heavy (70 lbs), can get hot after extended use
    I had a #32 hand crank that I rigged to a motor.  I decided to upgrade to the Cabelas 1 1/2 hp grinder.  What An Upgrade!!!  This grinder is a beast.  It never hesitates, ripping through meat like it is butter.  Since I purchased it, (something like 5-7 years ago), it has done dozens of deer, 2 whole beefs, and 8 hogs.  It will be doning another beef this year along with 6 more hogs.  You can leave the meat in large chuncks (3 or 4 inches square) or long strips.  My old grinder I had to cut everything into 1 inch pieces.

    Love this grinder and can't even imagine using anything smaller.

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  1. mcherbies
    This grinder is a a 1 1/2 HP. It's chute and shaft are equivalent to my #32 hand crank. I would be able to use my blade and plates off the ol' hand crank...but think I will stay with the Stainles Steel set that comes the the electric. Hope that helps on the size. Basically, if it fits inside the chute, it will pull it into the grinder. I have not had it bind, stop, plug, or even slow down. I usually cut the meat into 3x4 inch chunks. I have some friends that cut the meat into long stripes....idk...maybe 2x3x12 inches?? Get it started and it will pull the rest in to the shaft.
    It is not hot to the touch. Everything is very safe and cleans up pretty easily. The heat that I notice is after grinding for a long time, there tends to be some 'baked' meat stuck to the auger where it attaches to the motor. By long time, I mean, 2 or 3 hogs later, or after 4 whole deer, half a beef. I have not noticed the heat affecting the quaility of the ground meat. It was just on observation. If you used very cold meat, might not be a problem. Sometime we have to grind deer the night we shoot it due to air temps. (Someday hope to have a chiller!)
    I have a friend whose dad purchased a smaller electric model....Think it was the 3/4 or 1 hp grinder. He didn't like it. Said it was tooo slow, etc. I had to remind the friend that his dad used to work in a meat department and the local store....their meat grinder was much, much bigger.
    I have only used a manual #32. Rated at 5 lbs per min..which is only relevant to your arm speed. This grinder is 10-12 lbs per min. I can grind a whole deer in under 5 minutes. It easily takes longer to clean/dry the grinder then to grind the meat. We also have a grinder attachment for our Kitchen Aid. It is OK if you are only doing a couple of pounds. Does tend to splatter juices for whatever reason. I would cringe at doing a whole deer/elk/pig with it. Meat needs to be cut up pretty small.
    So, long story.. hope it helps.
  2. peter gubbe
    I saw where you said the ability to grind bigger strips without having to cut them smaller was beneficial. How hot does the grinder get?
    How much or long can you grind before you notice the heat? Did you ever try a smaller or manual grinder? It really sounds like you grind far more than I ever would.http://healthyeating423.blogspot.com/