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Brinkman Smoke'N Pit Smoke King Deluxe Heavy-Duty Charcoal/Wood Smoker & Grill #805-2500-1

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  1. sskyking
    "A Classic Smoker"
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    Pros - Size, versatility
    Cons - No longer sold, lightweight casters
    I got excited when I saw this pop-up in the newsletter thinking maybe it was back on the market, but when I looked online Brinkman still shows it as no longer available.  It's basically the same smoker sold under the New Braunfel's and CharBroil names... I bought mine about 9 years ago at Home Depot. 

    I use it several times a year for ribs, pork roasts, pulled pork, turkeys and corn on the cob.  I haven't modified mine yet, but plan to.  There are good plans available on this forum for a baffle to keep smoke/heat from escaping between the tower and firebox (I haven't really had that issue) and for improving airflow to the firebox by raising the grate and adding a basket for the coals.  The lid on the firebox could be improved and the firebox damper could be tighter but all in all, I've had wonderful results.

    I can't speak for the NB, but the CharBroil model looks like the mirror image of the Brinkman, as mine has the firebox on the right.  I don't know if Brinkman actually swapped sides of if the published image is just reversed.  Initial setup, I had to go find a replacement rod for the rear axle as the one shipped was slightly too short to secure the wheels.  I also found that over time, the mounting points for the front casters were apparently too lightweight and bent upward allowing the legs to settle on the top of the caster wheels preventing them from swiveling or rolling.  I am currently looking for some new front casters and a way to mount them as sturdier replacements.

    I don't know what I will do when mine eventually wears out as I really love the design more than any (non-prohibitively priced) replacement I've so far seen.  I'd really like to see this brought back out, perhaps with double the guage of steel and a gasket on the door, firebox lid and firebox damper to seal it up tighter.

    Fuel of choice is plain charcoal for a base and split hickory mini logs I get at Bass Pro Shops.  This jewel has a permanent home in my garage and rolls out into the driveway for cooking.

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  1. ranbunctious
    I've got the New Braunsfels version (Bandera).  Good, heavy smoker. Took several attempts to get it right. Smokes baby backs and pork loin that you can eat right off the pit. Spare ribs and brisket needs to go in the oven for several hours after it leaves the smoker. After a few years, the lid didn't seal good, so now I put a concrete block on top of the fire pit to seal. I've had this smoker now for 23 years and still love it. It takes a big fire, but you can cook a lot of meat. I also smoke cheese and nuts with it. Grills good with wood or charcoal for steaks, chops, burgers, etc. over the fire. I get my replacement water bowls at Bass Pro Shops pretty cheap. I plan to still be using my bandera for another 20 years.
  2. linguica
    Thank You, Thank You. The members of SMF are the best. I've twice gone to the Reno- Sparks Rib Cook Off and tried to to talk to to entrants like Rasta Joe' ,Carson City Barbeque, Checkered Pig, and Back Forty BBQ and was treated like a begging child in a thirld world country. Very rude. We spent a lot of money on the trip and would expect better treatment. The members here are tops and I've learned more here in one week than the past forty years of BBQ'ing on my own..............THX.........Paul
  3. sskyking
    It's also known as a "Bandera"... just google "bandera smoker modifications" and you will come up with plenty of hits.
  4. guinjames
    I have the New Braunfels Smoker version and love it. It's ashamed that no one makes this or a similar model anymore. My brother-in-law is a welder and said to send him dimensions and he would build me one just like it. The only thing I would change is put a break in the back and the door so large oval disposable pans would fit with out bending. All in all great smokers ( although the new one would be of heavy stock).
  5. linguica
    Sorry to get you excited, but that model is discontinued and the posted one is mine. The casters would be ok if the unit didn't weigh a hundred pounds. I would like to ask you where on this forum that the directions for the mods can be found.