Black Maverick ET-733 Long Range Wireless Dual Probe BBQ Smoker Meat Thermometer Set - NEWEST VERSIO

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  1. sauced
    "Good thermometer"
    Pros - Accurate, good distance
    Cons - A b***h to program!!!
    This thermometer is very accurate and the distance to the monitor is really good. I have had no problems with the probes as others have stated. is a big pain to program!!!! Actually I gave up trying to program it, the directions sux! I just use one for grate temp and other for meat temp.
  2. jlcotter
    "Poor customer service"
    Cons - didn't work out of the box
    I received this thermometer for Father's day this year. It was purchase a month before that date. When I went to use it, the receiver would not pick up the temps from the transmitter. I contacted customer support and am still waiting to hear something from them. I tried new batteries but that made no change. I finally went to store and got fresh batteries and it is working but no help from the company. Why include batteries if they aren't going to work.
  3. antrocks22
    Pros - two probes, acutarte, easily programmable once you figure it out, good range
    Cons - difficult to program at first
    Received this for Christmas and could not be happier. My smoking area at my house is about 100 ft feet away and was worried that it would be to far. Luckily the range as specified in the manual is 600', although I have not tested this. Do not loose the manual because programming the first few times can be tricky. The two probes are great. I use a 22.5" WSM and usually use one on the grate and the other in the meat. Defiantly worth the money, usually on sale at Amazon. Highly recommend.
  4. gunkle
    "great Thermometer for keeping an eye on things fro"
    Pros - Easy to program (once you understand it), Can use both probes for meat
    Cons - Probes could be more durable, don't like water or pulling
    I have had this unit for about 8 months now and have used it a dozen times or so. The only problem I have had was I got the cable wet trying to clean it and apparently they don't like that. Not sure how to clean it otherwise. It has a very convenient alarm to let you know if the temps go outside the range that you programmed in. I wait till my pit is up to temp before I turn that alarm on otherwise it beeps at you as gets close and fluctuates around the temp while the pit is settling in. The range is decent but could be better, though that could be due in part to my walls being plaster. I would recommend this to someone looking for a dual probe. Just baby those probes and wires.
  5. ricka77
    "It does the job"
    Purchase Date:
    May 2, 2014
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - Easy to setup and use, pretty good range between transmitter and receiver.
    Cons - Feels flimsy, weak screen.
    This is my first review and my first remote thermometer I've even used, so my experience is limited, but I'm happy with how it performs.  I've used it twice, both times in the basic setup provided, to monitor one BBQ and one meat.  The probes are just barely long enough to reach into the meat, then out of my WSM 18, and down to the transmitter.  The probes seem to be strong, as I've tugged  a few times, but try to grab as close to the probe as possible when removing from the meat.

    The issue I have is the screen seems weak, not very strong at all.  And any pressure on it make the screen go blank, like a calculator from the 80's if you're old enough to remember that lovely decade.  It would be nice to have a thicker piece of plastic to cover the LCD itself, but I may be able to get something to cover and make it a bit more pressure resistant.

    Overall, I'm pleased with it's performance and features, and would recommend to anyone looking for a good quality dual-probe setup.
  6. smoking uk
    "i run my smoking by this best thing i bought for m"
    Purchase Date:
    Apr 2, 2014
    Purchase Price:
    Pros - excact temp for meat and grill
    Cons - probes can be delicate never pull from meat by the cable always probe i have replaced one
    Great peace of kit overall very pleased
  7. thomasoreilly85
    "Works Great"
    Pros - For the money it works great, able to walk away and grab a cold one and still know what your meat is doing.
    Cons - Probs dont like getting wet.
    A great step in the right direction from Maverick,  following the footsteps of the ET-732, the ET-733 has more to offer as far as pre sets.  If your looking for a thermometer that does the job, and offers you the ability to walk away with the wireless readout than this is for you.