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Amaze-N- Pellet Smoker

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  • Produces smoke for up to 11 hours on only 15 oz of Amaze-N-Pellets.

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  1. campfire218
    "A-mazing difference"
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    Aug 8, 2016
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    I use a Masterbuilt smoker and was tired of loading chips every 45 minutes. Bought the Masterbuilt cold smoke attachment first and hated it. I will save the reasons for a different review. Tried the A-maze-n tray and loved it. Have cold smoked bacon, fish and cheese. I've hot smoked ribs, brisket, sausage, and about a million other things. This thing works wonders. The MES would burn up half a bag of chips for a rack of ribs. A small handful of pellets will burn for hours in this tray. Can't say enough good things about it!!
  2. gstone
    "Great little gadget!"
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    Nov 8, 2013
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    Pros - Simple, works great, inexpensive
    Cons - Limited to available pellet wood types
    I really love my Amaze-N-Pellet Smoker. It's sturdy and well-made. When I need to do a long, cool smoke I love it's "set it and forget it" simplicity.  I'm working with a self-made 60-gallon wine barrel smoker, so it's a sort of primitive set-up that doesn't allow for a lot of finesse for temperature and air-flow control.  With the Amaze-N-Pellet Smoker I don't need to worry about it; I sometimes start it before going to bed and just let it go all night, up to 11 hours.  Sometimes I'll fill it again for an even longer smoke.

    I listed "limited to available pellet wood types" as a con, but it's not really, because you can get pellets in pretty much any wood you'd want.  Once I added some finely broken up pieces of Scottish peat, just sprinkled on top of some apple pellets.  Amazing sausage!
  3. ernestwells
    "Great results"
    Pros - easy to use, works well
    Cons - none that I have found
    I also bought the Amazing maze on the scratch and sent sale, did find some flaws, but, who cares. I gifted one to a friend who I visited in Bellingham, WA. While there, we used his Masterbuilt electric smoker to cold smoke cheese. With a loose door closure and only the Amazing maze lit from one size, we were able to produce some very taste varieties of smoked cheeses. 

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  1. tjmitche
    I use mine weekly for about every kind of cheese you can imagine.  I usually just set it inside my weber with the cheese and come back 6 hrs later to fetch the cheese.  2 weeks later the cheese is ready to eat. Taste is fantastic, especially the Gouda!
  2. scorchedporch
    I use mine all the time for cheese, salt and - believe it or not - Ice (for the most incredible Bloody Marys)
  3. gary s
    This thing is great, don't know how I got along without it. So simple yet does a fantastic job.
    Great Item.
  4. crankybuzzard
    I have 3 of these and 2-18" tubes. All are used regularly since they work SO WELL!

    I'm not real gentle with any of my smoker stuff. If it's hot, I drop it, if it's in the way, I knock it off the table, etc... These things are built well! With my 3 mazes, I'd guess that I've gone through an easy 50-75 pounds of pellets in each. I do custom BBQ upon request from select customers and I cold/warm smoke over 200 pounds of almonds each year. That's a LOT of almonds and a lot of smoke!

    As for customer service, I called Todd today and asked if I could buy a tube that was 16" instead of 18", as usual, he was more than ready to do what was needed for a customer.

    I'll buy more soon, not because mine are worn out or broken, but because my son has a home of his own now and wants to take mine!
  5. ernestwells
    With any of the smoking aides, cold smoking becomes a lot easier. I have adapted a 
    Webber Smokey Joe kettle with a 32 at tamale pot insert, bottom cut out, and placed nuts and bolts into various heights on the Kettles tamale pot insert. Using extra grates for the Kettle, I am able to make multiple layers of shelves. This makes a great cold smoke environment with plenty of space and layers. Cheese for longer smoke time go in first, shorter time to the top. 
    Had not thought to pre smoke meats, will give it a try. Bacon will be my first victim!
    Thanks for the comment.
  6. addertooth
    The other pellets (smokehouse hickory) continue to be consistent performers with good 10 hour smokes.  The pitmaster pellets, even when microwaved, or toasted in the oven at 350 for an hour, continue to have burn issues.  I use a blowtorch for over 2 minutes, and then blow on the bed for 2 minutes, let them burn for ten minutes (which uses half of the first row) during lighting.  I chalk it up to the Gen II MES 40 smokers having less air flow, even when all vents are totally open, all trays fully removed, etc.  Thankfully, my unit has a 1200 watt heating element, so having it more open to the air does not cause major temperature dips.  It is important to note I have had the pitmaster pellets go out, even after being microwaved/toasted in my Kingsford grill, which has a ridiculous amount of air gaps (and the vents wide open). 
  7. wbrian
    If you microwave your pellets for a little bit 1-2 minutrs), they stay lit better.   Honestly, once you get the hang of lighting them good enough, you won't need to anymore...
  8. phillip p smith
  9. rich runge
    I purchase one and first run was smoking 2 10 lb butts. I filled it up with the blend mixture. I lit the smoker with a butane torch put it in the smoker and it burned for 10 hrs. The total cook time was 16 hrs. It was great I watched it for a few hrs to make sure it was going. I went to bed and let it go. When I removed it there was nothing but a trail of ash. This was done on Mes Smoker. 
  10. tropics