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AcuRite 00994W Digital Cooking Thermometer

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  • The AcuRite Digital Meat Thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature of the food you are cooking with the oven door or grill lid closed. The commercial quality stainless steel probe measures internal food temperature while roasting and features a 3 ft. 600ºF heat resistant cord, perfect for monitoring food in the oven, grill, fryer or smoker. Programmable alarm automatically alerts you when your target temperature is reached - simply select one of the USDA recommended temperatures from the quick reference guide printed on the thermometer or set your own temperature. The compact design features integrated probe storage and soft-touch buttons. Stands upright for countertop use or magnetic backing mounts on the oven door. One-year limited warranty. It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.

Recent User Reviews

  1. antrocks22
    "This is a work horse"
    Pros - Durable, hasnt been burned out, has lasted me 6 years and still going strong.
    Cons - bare bones. no bells and whistles.
    I bought this when I first started smoking in college. I am  not sure where I bought it from or for how much, I am thinking Home Depot but I am not 100% percent sure. This little baby is a work horse. I have bought some reasonably priced thermometers, nothing super fancy, only to have them crap out after a few uses. This one just keeps on going. It is bare bones. Only tells you the current live temp and a set temp. However once you get up to your set temp it will start beeping at you. To avoid this is just set this temp up to around 400 and go off of the live reading.
  2. dougmays
    "Decent basic probe, annoying alarm"
    Pros - Works well, long battery life
    Cons - Alarm cant be turned off permanently.
    This was the first Thermo i purchased when i started smoking 5 years ago. i dont recall what i paid for it but i liked the magnet on the back and length of probe cord. One thing i was never able to figure out is how to get the alarm to never turn on. The presets are made for grilling more so then smoking so temps above 165+ usually set of the "done" alarm. You have to manally set the alarm max temp very high to get it to not chime every 15 mins whats your meat is "done".

    Overall its a nice cheap starter Termo

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  1. antrocks22
    So to add to my initial review of this therometer that i wrote 5 days ago. While I was using this today it fell on the ground and died. Very sad day but i got almost six years of use out of it.
  2. boykjo
    I agree... Ive had mine a long time... Works like a timex or the energizer bunny.. Left it out in the rain and it still keeps going