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  1. helljack6

    Dual Chickens in the UDS

    Well, it's a great Thursday and I'm getting together with some friends that I don't get to see very often so I figured I would do some chicken. Just one problem, never done poultry in the UDS Fleet before! So I ran to the store first thing this morning and got two 4lb birds and quickly dropped...
  2. helljack6

    April 1st and I haven't posted anything in a LONG TIME, Dual Brisket High Heat Smoke/Cook

    So I wanted to show my semi skills with one of my many UDS cookers so I'm doing a dual high heat brisket cook. Briskets loaded into the smoker at 10pm local and i'm expecting them to be done aroun 6am for foiling and resting until about 10-11am. Cooking these in the 270-325 range with a failsafe...
  3. helljack6

    HOOORAY For me!!!!!! Found a tank!

    So happy!!!!! Found an empty 200 gallon tank today so i can actually start building my first reverse flow offset smoker!!! It's the red one!!!! I'll start a new thread once the building process begins!!
  4. helljack6

    Unorthodox Dual 55 Gallon Drum with "Side Firebox" Concept

    Ok, so I've had a few ideas. I have almost all the hardware to do it now, just looking for feedback as far as build concept, fuel consumption efficiency and over all temp control efficiency. Be brutally honest as I can only do this once before the 15th of April as I'm using my smokers to do a...
  5. helljack6

    It's been a while....fatty time

    So I thought I'd try my hand at rolling a "poor man's" fatty. The reason I call it that is because I only used a couple pieces of bacon each way to make the wrap to roll it in. Using an egg roll bamboo rolling mat really made rolling these things easy. Not cooking until tomorrow at work, but...
  6. helljack6

    Brisket Thursday!

    Well, it's been a few weeks since I cooked at work and everyone was itching for some food so last night after I got off I went around and was able to find an 11lb Packer Brisket. Took it home and put it in the fridge. Came to work this morning and fired the UDS up with about 25-30 coals and let...
  7. helljack6

    Wireless Internet gets a boost

    Saw this while surfing around looking for information as I usually do all day. http://www.dailywireless.org/2009/0...n-its-official/ "IEEE standardization will ensure interoperability and high speed. It will theoretically connect at 300Mbps, about six times the theoretical 54 Mbps peak speed...
  8. helljack6

    Rib Primer

    There's been a lot of discussion lately about how ribs should be cooked, should you foil, should you cook 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 based on spares or babyback, should you flip or rotate, bone side down or up, membrane removed or not. I offer the following as a primer, especially helpful for the many new...
  9. helljack6

    New User Name - Formerly Nutzman

    ALL: Due to a consistency issue (me just being more anal retentive than anything) I had one of our moderators change my user name. It's still me just using my normal internet handle, don't nobody freak out. The asian is still alive.
  10. helljack6

    Friday Smoke

    Trying my first Boston butt, small simple and to the point, about a 3.5lb one and smoking some eggs for the first time as well (Irishteabear's been telling me I need to try them, so here we go!!!) So I started the smoker this morning with my NEW nifty 13x13x12 firebasket, it holds LOADS of...
  11. helljack6

    UDS Question, this puzzles me

    Ok you UDS gurus, this one is right up your alley. I've built several UDS recently, and I would like to think I at least have an understanding of how they work. Each of my first 4 drums was built using four 1" intakes using either 3/4 nipple valves and caps/ball valves or flexable magnets over...
  12. helljack6

    Special BB Ribs

    Ok, I'm very proud of what you're looking at. Today I did BB ribs, and I did them exactly how Mr. Mills told me to do them, I followed his instructions to the letter as much as I could given the differences in our equipment. I smoked these babies at 210 for 5.5 hours, no foil, no flipping, no...
  13. helljack6

    UDS #8 Design

    Ok, so I sat around pondering #8's build. I'm wanting the best of both worlds as far as a UDS and an offset smoker, so here's the design that I'm working on right now, your input is welcome. Bear in mind, this is a rough draft sketch, things are still forming tho I do have an idea of parts that...
  14. helljack6

    High Heat Brisky

    Well, I got a wild one this morning and decided it was time to do another cook at work so I picked up a 14.5 packer brisket and fired the UDS once I got to work and off we went. Using the following technique: "target of 325/345, foil somewhere between 2:20 and 2:40 into the cook.....do not use...
  15. helljack6

    Spareribs SUNDAY!!!

    Ok ya'll, you know the drill/deal. I've spoken to him and now i'm putting knowledge to use. Got two racks of spareribs going on the smoker holding 210-220. Spraying with apple juice during the sweat periods. I'll post pictures when they're done. I have to admit, i'm kind of curious and even a...
  16. helljack6

    I have "seen" the light

    Ok ya'll I hope you enjoy this bit of information as much as I enjoyed getting it. I had an opportunity to speak with the "ledgendary" Mike Mills today via the phone. While some probably aren't impressed and some others may not know who he is, allow me to shed some light on this topic. Several...
  17. helljack6

    Uds #6/#7

    So, after a long wait, I've finally brought myself to building UDS #6 and #7 of my fleet. #6 is now built and smoking and #7 will be an identical clone. Some of the most notable changes for these two from their brethren are: - Single 2" inch intake drilled centered at 2.5 inches from the bottom...
  18. helljack6

    Ongoing long burn tests

    Well, I didn't have a lot of success with regular charcoal over the past couple of days so I changed gears and tried lump. Fired the UDS at 530pm last night and brought it up to 240ish around 615pm and started the clock from there. From 615pm through 1130pm the temps did nothing from slowly drop...
  19. helljack6

    UDS help please

    Ok fellow UDS users, i've got a situation that I can't seem to overcome so i'm reaching out. The setup: 55 gallon drum Standard 2 inch Bung exhaust extended to 6 inches Four 3/4 equidistant drilled holes with 1/2 x 6 inch black steel intakes Three 1/2 end caps One 1/2 ball valve The Fuel...
  20. helljack6

    Babyback Spareribs for Sunday

    Ok, since today's cook was good, not great, decided to follow it up with a Sunday cook of babyback spare ribs, cause they're so easy to do! So here's the pictures of the prep and i'll update with pictures as they cook. One thing I wanted to ask, I have them on a broiler pan in the fridge...
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