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  1. polishmeat

    What does the bend look like on perfectly done ribs

    Also, keep in mind that the meatier the ribs, the less bend you will have, and that could be a little misleading, as the cooked loin meat prevents the bend from happening as usual.  I've seen this most prominently when the butcher leaves a good amount of the loin meat on the slab.   The bend...
  2. polishmeat

    100th post karma Giveaway

    I'm In!!! Martin
  3. polishmeat

    baby back ribs

    Just for trimming sake I would imagine. I sometimes cut this flap of meat off as well. It just cooks quicker and will dry out faster than the rest of the slab. I think this is what you're asking
  4. polishmeat

    California Tri-Tip

    I bet that was tasty! One question - do you prefer the well done vs medium rare? Thx Martin
  5. polishmeat

    Michael from Chicago!

    Welcome aboard!  I live in the Southwest Suburbs, where abouts are you from? Martin
  6. polishmeat

    baked Apples, on the weber

    We used to roast apples skewered onto a stick over a fire.  yummm, that looks good with the pecans, butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar.  
  7. polishmeat

    Crispy Smoked Thighs

    Wow, I bet that skin takes on that flavor really well. 
  8. polishmeat

    Burbs of Chicago

    Welcome! Where abouts do you live?  I'm in Burbank, IL. Martin
  9. polishmeat

    Chat Room Questions

    Very true Bob, I've seen this also.  Sometimes people don't realize there's no one in the chat room, or think that's it's always "manned".  
  10. polishmeat

    massive amount of meat for FLORIDA and miami football, (MEAT SHOTS)

    Dude did you really go through 3 kegs between 25 people?  unless there were a lot more than those in the pics, that's unbelievable!
  11. polishmeat

    Buying good quality cured meats online

    I would highly suggest Nueske's.  I've gotten their various meats (Bacon is best) at the store in Wisconsin, but also know a few people who mail order it.  Great products, you wouldn't be disappointed.   Martin
  12. polishmeat

    How much to charge per pound of smoked pork butt.

    A reputable BBQ joint by me charges $10.95/lb for pulled pork.  The only reason I know that is because the mother in law was thinking of purchasing it for a party, before I talked her into me doing it for her.    You'd want to be in that general range 8-12, but that takes everything into...
  13. polishmeat

    Craigslist SCORE - WSM for $40

    Thanks you guys!  So far, really good input.  I just need some alone time with this thing, so I can get used to how she cooks, adjusting temps, etc, etc.  Martin
  14. Craigslist SCORE - WSM for $40

    Craigslist SCORE - WSM for $40

  15. polishmeat

    Craigslist SCORE - WSM for $40

    Hey Guys! Was browsing Craigslist during a break at work, and just happened to come across an ad, 20 minutes after the guy posted it.   It's the 18.5 model, and going from the date code (DU), it's from 2002, so missing the thermometer, and I'm sure some other bells and whistles.  Here are...
  16. 20130820_101032.jpg


  17. 20130820_101012.jpg


  18. 20130820_094307.jpg


  19. wsm.jpg


  20. polishmeat

    First Attempt at smoking - Pork Ribs

    Looks great!  I also enjoy the Blair's sauce, damn hot, but use sparingly and the taste is f' awesome
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