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  1. brokenwing


    Hey everyone its been a while!  I was going through the freezer, and found a corned beef brisket.  I soaked the brisket in cold water for 6 hours, changing the water twice.  I then rubbed it down with mustard, and black pepper, and hickory rub.  It is now on the smoker, with a temp between 240...
  2. brokenwing

    Scary Moment

    I have a electric Brinkman Gourmet smoker.  I have used this smoker the past 6 or so years, and have made some excellent meals with it.  Its oldfaithul considering I paid 65 dollars for It and it lasted this long, versus the masterbuilt which made it just a little over a year.  Anyway as the ham...
  3. brokenwing

    Nice Ham Dinner

    I smoked a spiral sliced ham, which is my favorite as always, with a glaze of BBQ sauce, and Honey.  Jeff posted this recipe a few years back, and I use it when ever i Smoke a ham.  Old faithful was used today to smoke the ham enjoy the pics. Smoked Ham with Baked Potatoes! Plated up...
  4. brokenwing

    First Time Making Sausage!

    Over the weekend my sister and my mom were at a yard sale, and found a Krupp's meat grinder.  The gentleman has been using it for venison but moved up to something better.  He wanted 20 dollars for it, so I said why not.  It works great! I decide to do a simple breakfast sausage for my first...
  5. brokenwing

    Garden Tour (Pic Heavy)

    I wanted to share some pictures of my small garden with you all, hope you enjoy. Brandy Wine And Better Boy tomatoes Zucchini And Lima Beans
  6. brokenwing

    UDS Chicken

    Well while messing with my uds, trying to get the temps right, i figured i would throw on some chicken breasts so the fuel was not wasted.  I must say i have been using a electric smoker, and wow what a difference.  It was the best BBQ chicken i have made.  You could of cut it with a fork, now...
  7. brokenwing

    UDS Problems

    Hey everyone, last summer i built a uds, and have never used it.  Well today i got my butt in gear and fired it off.  I only lit 8 coals, and put them in the basket.  With darn near all three valves closed, I'm running over 280 degrees.  I think my problem is the kettle lid i put on, it does not...
  8. brokenwing

    Spiral Sliced Ham with Qview

    Well I absolutely love spiral sliced hams, and using the info from one of Jeff's newsletters a while back, here it is!  Spiral sliced ham with a grill mates cowboy rub, and a sweet baby rays, mixed with honey glaze. This is the 4th one i have done, and can not get enough.
  9. brokenwing

    MES is shot

    Hey everyone, i have not posted in a while, i spend most of my time in the chat room in the evenings with all the members.  Anyway a while back I had to take the smoker apart and replace the wires due to a burnout.  Well i fired it up today, and let it get to 230 degrees.  I put a precooked ham...
  10. brokenwing

    New BBQ Show

    Its called Best In Smoke, on Food Network Channel!  Premieres May 8 at 10 pm.  I dont know if it will be any good, but I will be checking it out.  Anyshow about bbq draws my attention lol.
  11. brokenwing

    Fixed the MES, but have a question

    Just when i thought my Mes was done, i went to the appliance shop, he tested the element and said it was good.  Bought hi temp wire, and connectors for 11.00 dollars.  Came home wired it back up, still need to get self tapping sheet metal screws.  Where I am scratching my head is, the MES...
  12. brokenwing

    Mes will not heat up

    Hey everyone its been a long time, life has been crazy.  Anyway since i have not smoked anything for a while, i thought i would do some spare ribs.  Threw them in, and went out to my favorite fishing hole to come back to a cold smoker.  I put the ribs in the oven, and drilled out the back of the...
  13. brokenwing

    Look at this antique!

    I am always browsing craigslist to see if they have any good deals, and i stumbled across this!  I thought i would share it with you all. http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/atq/2182757345.html  
  14. brokenwing

    Family requested some pulled pork, so here it is

    I went to the grocery store, and got a 8 pound Boston butt, with the bone in! Brian sent me some rub in a care package, so I'm going to rub the pork down with some mustard, and apply Brian's rub! Here she is after a nice bath in mustard and rub! Off to the smoker!  I have the amazen...
  15. brokenwing


    Now i know this will sound crazy, but anyone get real bad headaches from using cures.  I'm highly allergic to MSG, but other then that I'm good.  A few years back i got a headache from eating chipped deer, and was wondering if it was from the tender quick.  Well tonight i finished my bacon...
  16. brokenwing

    care package

    Hey everyone, i just wanted to share what i received today in the mail from Todd, and Brian.  Todd sent me some of his country brown sugar cure for my upcoming bbb projects, as well as extra for another pork bellie I'm doing.  Brian sent me all sorts of sausage cure from summer, to Italian, to...
  17. brokenwing

    New years day Ham

    This was roughly a 8 pound spiral sliced smithfield ham.  Jeff last year did a write up for a Easter ham, that i pretty much follow and love.  I smother it with mustard, and put on a good coat of lysanders hickory dry rub.  Then into the smoker until it reaches 140 (this is precooked, temp is...
  18. brokenwing

    Cureing Bacon

    I just picked up a 8 pound bellie today, and i am going to to cure and smoke it for some good old bacon.  I have some cure coming from Todd, but i also want to try doing it with 1 tbs of TenderQuick per pound.  My question is my TQ has been sitting around for 3 to 4 years.  That stuff does not...
  19. brokenwing

    I got a huge suprise today!

    My uncle always sees that i have something in the smoker.  After he tasted the q, he fell in love.  He works for a stair bulding company, and has acess to all sorts of wood.  Look what he bulit for me.  I have oak, hickory, cherry, pear, mulberry, maple, and beech.  Plus i have another box full...
  20. brokenwing

    Is cherry wood safe

    My uncle works for a custom stair bulding company, and brought me home a whole bag of cut up cherry wood.  It has no glue or anything in it.  His boss told him that cherry wood has arsenic in it, is this true or false.  I smoked a ham with it, and it tasted good lol.  I am really curious now, i...
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