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    Quick Brisket Question

    Fat side up or down when smoking?
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    Brisket - Two Stage Cooking?

    I've read a number of threads where folks needed to start their cooks very early in order to finish by a certain time. I'm curious if splitting a cook has been considered - say, 5 hour smoke on day one and then a higher cook temp the next to finish things off. Anyone?
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    Wanna see something cool?

    Halfway through my rib smoke last night the grille stopped working. Cracked it apart this aft and this is what I found. The motor was sitting on a 45* angle due to the broken shaft and therefore could not turn the auger. It turned itself 90 degrees, bending the metal shelf under it. Pretty...
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    Stewing Beef for Burnt Ends

    Yes? No? Figured since they are already cut up it might be a viable cheap(r) option...
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    Pricing out Brisket - Yeesh

    Here in Winnipeg, brisket isn't usually seen in the big grocery stores, so I thought I'd swing by a butcher to snag one. I keep reading the raves here so I wanted to try it. The woman presented me with one that had about 2 inches cut from the tip. No biggie I figured since it was a fair size...
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    Quick Question - Pork Shoulder Wrapping

    Hi folks, I'm doing my first shoulder and have reached the 163* mark. Am ready to wrap. I would like to know if you folks leave the wrapping on for the rest of the cook or do you remove it when it reaches close to finish temp? Thanks, Mark
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    Louisiana Grills CS680

    So, I have a chance to get a used CS680 - only a couple of years old. Does this unit have a true PID? Thanks, Mark
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    New Pit Boss Controller

    Please delete.
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    Pit Boss 440 - Only 3 Weeks Old

    Pit Boss Model 440 - used 4 times so it is like new and properly seasoned. We bought this at Peavey Mart and paid $499 plus tax ($569 total). Buyer will receive receipt from Peavey Mart for warranty purposes. The model we have has side shelf and allows you to fold the legs for easy transport...
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    Smoked Cheese on Pizza

    I spent a bit of time reading the posts here and my interest is piqued. I would be most interested to hear from folks who used smoked cheese on pizza. Could you notice the smoke flavour? If so, was it strong? Did it add to the complexity of the pizza ingredients? What smoked cheese did you...
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    Suggestions for Smoking Pork Sirloin Steaks

    Hello all, I read a number of posts here about pork sirloin - nearly all were roasts. I know it isn't the fattiest pork to do up, but I'm looking to minimize dryness. The steaks are about 1" thick and I was thinking of doing a smoke-wrap-smoke with them or something similar. Does anyone have...
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    Super noob question

    Hi folks, I'm trying to convince my wife to let me purchase a pellet smoker. So far I have schmoozed her with some of the things a smoker can do, but she has to be confident that we can also cook normal steaks and burgers (non-smoked) on it as well. Which brings me to my question: Does one...
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