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  1. smokin stang

    Snake Bitten Chicken Brine and then some

    How much rub did you add to the 4 cups water, 1/2 cup kosher salt an 1/2 cup brown sugar?  Also, did you soak over night in this brine?  Seemed real salty to me with 4 cups water to 1/2 cup kosher salt. Thanks
  2. smokin stang

    By request: Snake Bitten Chicken

    Turbinado sugar is what I used.
  3. smokin stang

    Comment by 'smokin stang' in media 'DSCF0184.JPG'

    Hi, Can you see a difference by rubbing mayonaise on the skin as far as achieving bite through chicken skin? Thanks, Dave
  4. smokin stang

    Green Wood

    Anyone see a problem using green wood as long as you burn it down to red coals in a seperate box than your pit and then add it to your pit adding a piece of seasoned wood every now and then? Any problems with creosote or taste doing it this way?  
  5. smokin stang

    Boneless Country style Pork Ribs

    roughly how long and did you spray them?
  6. smokin stang

    Boneless Country style Pork Ribs

    Can anyone tell me what the best way to smoke these individual pieces on the smoker ? Is there a method like the 3-2-1 for example?
  7. smokin stang

    re: chickens

    The taste of the mustard should go away as it does with ribs
  8. smokin stang


  9. smokin stang

    Checking Temperature on Chicken

    Where is the safest place to check the temperature on a chicken and make sure it is done? If your temperature reads 165 in the breast is the whole chicken done?
  10. smokin stang

    Smoking multiple chickens

    If you bump the temp up to 350 degrees and cook the whole chicken for an hour or so how will the short cook time effect the smoke flavor vs. cooking the chicken for 4 hours?
  11. smokin stang

    Smoke Hollow

    Good Point Debbie! I forgot to tell shorty to calibrate his thermometers in boiling water first.
  12. smokin stang

    Smoke Hollow

    Shorty, I have two taylor digital thermometers which I use one for the chamber temperature and the other one for the internal temperature of the meat.
  13. smokin stang

    Smoke Hollow

    Shorty, Did you check the internal temperature with another thermometer other than the one on the door? I would do this first before I cut up my smoker, then smoke some quarters until the internal temp of the chicken reached 165 or so. Don't panic if you can't keep the temp at 225. You...
  14. smokin stang

    Smoke Hollow

    Shorty, I would season it with lard or cooking oil first then I would throw some chicken halves on. Check the temp with a gauge other than the one on the door because mine burned way to hot.
  15. smokin stang

    Barbecued Whole Chicken

    What kind of wood did you useBill?
  16. smokin stang

    Water Pan

    PC, They probably were not as good as yours but they worked for me. I did add the water pan after 1.5 hours of smoking due to heat spikes.
  17. smokin stang

    Water Pan

    Hey Rodger, The conversion is working rather well. I have noticed the heat spikes without the pan but the split breasts should turn out very nice.
  18. smokin stang

    Water Pan

    PC, Nothing special, I just sprayed the split breasts down with pam, applied some rub and grilled 18 on the charcoal grill. I am doing the same thing with 8 more on the smoker without the water pan.
  19. smokin stang

    Water Pan

    Does everyone agree that the water pan is pretty much just for heat stabilization and not for making the meat moist? I was going to smoke some split breasts today without the water pan.
  20. smokin stang

    Super Poll XLI 2007

    Chicago has great defense but they have a youngster running the show in Rex Grossman. I am going with the more experienced Colts because of Peyton Manning and I think the Colts are due for a ring.
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