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  1. rc4u

    coleslaw with other roots

    when I make coleslaw I cut the cabbage then shred some turnips n rutabaga, little small diced onion n same with peppers n lotsa carrots and then spray some lemon juice over to keep color[like I do with potato n sweet potato]. and I usually make enough to fill little over half a 5 qrt pail, It...
  2. rc4u

    pork butt on rotisserie!! good stuff fast

    ok I know my name is not x , or x, but listen if you haven't tried a shoulder on your rotisserie your missing out. smoke was perfect and the rod in the center just makes cooking fast at 260.
  3. rc4u

    season then freeze

    while back on triple d tv show I seen a chef that seasoned then froze his items. I did this with a rack of ribs and some chops and other pork I cut from a bulk purchase from sams. $1.43 a pound. I used jeffs rub for the ribs and some other steaks. I used other seasoning for some of the other...
  4. rc4u

    using food saver marinate dish to save time??

    has any body used there marinating dish that you can buy for like high mountain dry season with cure?? it still gets moisture and thought instead of waiting 24 hrs that the vacuum would do just as well like marinating.seems to me it would draw cure and season into meat as good or better that...
  5. rc4u

    Beef Round Whole Knuckles??

    ok i bought this at local market certified Herford choice and no solutions added...how should I smoke or cook this...originally I was going to ground it as ground beef was more money...it is 10.90#'s I do have a meat slicer...I have never smoked a roast like this..Any suggestions.. I have done a...
  6. rc4u

    ok i have always put butt on a rack but would in a pan be better???

    since I have always put my butts on a rack to smoke with a pan under they turned out great .. NOW others have smoked in a large foil pan... what is the debate on this?? I have two going in at 11pm tonight.. and if I don't get good answers I was going to do one each way... I used bilbos rub this...
  7. rc4u

    has nyone put viniger in Jeff's sauce/

    Before I try it was wondering if anyone has modified the sauce of Jeff's with some vinegar?? or anything else...I do like it now but sometimes I think with PP it would be good finisher.. jeff
  8. rc4u

    best grilling method on my weber genusis..

    I have been using the indirect method on my grill..its a weber genesis and it has three burners front to back..when I look online it says these are side to side burners with controls in front, well mine is not and has side controls..its labeled as EP320 model...anyway this is what I have been...
  9. rc4u

    how long to have the smoke rolling???

    how many hrs does the smoke need to come out when smoking butts....I thought 4 hrs was enough but then I just keep adding till 7 hrs....thanks jeff
  10. rc4u

    HELP!! does he mean a toe or a really mean a clove?????

    in Jeff's sauce recipe he says two cloves of Garlic...which is a bunch of Toe's ....does he mean a toe or the big clove...making my sauce and rub now for tomorrow's  smoke of baby backs and st loius and spares....ribs of course...thanks jeff
  11. rc4u

    lots of grilled and smoke with freinds.but first solo PP

    well this morning at 10:45 my smike hollow 44 was to temp at 230... put in the 9.7# butt rubbed and stored in fridge last nite and out to counter to warm for and hour... and the smoke was just perfect with apple n' hickory...one burner going...I added 2 chunks after and hour and 20 minutes later...
  12. rc4u

    new to group....

    hey all.. name is jeff..been self employed since '79. was a home builder and remodeler till 2003 now I have a retail hobby store for radio controlled trucks n helis n planes ect..... live in bis nd. little about myself...in 7th grade I was the first guy to wear bellbottom pants and puff...
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